Thursday, June 30, 2011

30th June 2011

Thursday 30th June '11

Today is the last day of June. So fast. Unbelievable.

Started on the animation today and created some troubles as well. ^_^""

Fiola advised me to use Window Movie Maker to create my animation because..  T_T

The only computer in the building that have AfterEffect software... is undergoing maintainance...XD No more After Effect. Might as well since I'm not familiar with that software anyway. I just need to combine together all my animations that I did in SolidWorks so a simple WMM is enough. ^^

The tough part of the process is not combining them but to make them. Did them part by part in solidworks motion study. Not an easy task... haha.. 1st time attempting animation in all my life as a student.. haha.. Did not even try to do any animation or simple walk through for interiors.. Worth a try.

In the afternoon, went down to the workshop to laser cut my logo and other small pieces. Started around 2.15pm and finish around 4.30pm... @_@"""

Cut a 8mm acrylic and it is a long process...haha... Then, 3mm MDF. Problems arise as the computer get stuck and such.... in the end.. the whole cutting process took few hours to complete..haha...

Working hard.. the laser.. haha

But failed... it missed the 'G' and 'N'.. T_T 
(It's engraving on top of the MDF...^^) 

Finally, after about 2 hours...XD 

And after cutting the acrylic, I need to polish the burnt marks. Cause the acrylic is some left over, so the plastic covering had been tore off.. No choice...

8mm thk clear acrylic 

The burnt mark 

Like snake skin already.. ^^" 

The marks are so hard to remove and I almost give up when M came along and brighten up my day! ^_^

He tried to use the polish to rub the surface but not doing much difference. He then tried to use 1600 sandpaper and water and rub them. Then, apply the polish. Fantastic result. He was then so kind to help me get a large piece of sandpaper and stick them down to a flat piece of wood for me to rub the other pieces. I've brought them home to rub. Save time and my leg strength.. haha

The sandpaper I brought home.
(Going to rub them right after I finish blogging..^^)

The polish that I will use after I rub them with sand paper..
(Very smelly... T_T)

And then... I then thought of something stupid that I've done.

How in the world am I going to stick all the tiny alphabets together on the plinth? Standing? Silly stupid.

Created a big problem. This is what people always say as a chinese proverb. Do more, wrong more. Do less, wrong less. Don't do, no fault. XDDDDDDD

As if I don't have enough problems to solve..haha..


Btw, spend so many hours at the laser cutter, chat a little with G. He mentioned that I look a bit shy shy when I'm first there, but now, I'm much better.. XDDDD

I wanted to tell him, I'm still shy now. XD

Afterall, it's not been many months.. hahahaha..

Oh, and K mentioned that our English is not bad. Since we can get his sense of humour.. XDD

I wonder if that's a compliment.. haha

And..G said, everything you do looks like penguin feet... XDDDDDD

Papa Penguin

Mama Penguin

Happy Feet

Well, they are a family afterall.. so I now have Papa penguin, Mama penguin and Happy Feet. ^_^ 


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