Thursday, June 16, 2011

16th June 2011


Today is Thursday! 16th June '11.

Began the same as usual by reaching Uni around 9.30am. Walked into the empty computer room and turn it on. It is as if the computer actually belongs to us already. We need to log in with our student no. and password, and then stuff that we saved on that particular computer will appear. Since no one is at Uni, we use the same one each time. So? That computer began to be full of our traces.. hahaha..

Went down to the workshop and start the day.

Sand my 6 little moulds until they are pretty.

Speak to K about my rod and he cut them for me straight away. Very fortunate. ^^ But it is hard work.. to drill a 5mm diameter hole on a 8mm diameter wooden rod.. XD.. Thanks a lot.. ^^

After that, sand the rod until it fits my box.

It's about lunch time by the time I sand them down. Therefore, decided to leave the workshop earlier and back to our homebase - the computer room. Check my measurements for the box's bone and covers and etc. I've cut them earlier on a laser cutter but problems occurred. The measurement is not accurate due to the unevenness cause by the cutter. The edges is rough and my holes is not perfectly cut. No.. It is not good at all. Therefore, decided to cut them again at another laser cutter. This machines cut perfectly. I'll show you!

Rough edges - need alot of sanding and it'll make the sizes all wrong

Beautifully cut. Perfect sizes. ^^

To cut the pieces of hips, there is not without problems. First, the computer doesn't read my dxf file correctly. All my shapes are wrong. >_<" Therefore, technician G need to copy and paste them and edit the size again. Throughout this process, I'm afraid my sizes will not be good again. However, the end result is ^_^

While waiting for them to finish, I almost fall asleep.. 

Finish cutting after about 30minutes! Worth the wait though! 

After that, the day is perfect for me. Since I'm so worried about the measurement before lunch, now it is settled, I'm so relieved! 

Another small thing that's bugging me is my plinth. Gave my drawings to K for him to made about 2 weeks ago with my other classmates. However, I noticed some other student wrote something on the back of my drawing for K. I'm afraid he might not notice and bring it elsewhere and my drawing is gone. These few days I'm in the workshop, I saw K making the plinth. He made those simple box-shape plinths first. Since mine is a bit... special I know he will not do it 1st. However, I've been looking at the stack of drawings of plinth he had to make and mine wasn't there. T_T  I knew it...

So, I ask him about it this evening..and very true.. he look for it and say it's not there. I knew it I knew it. I've already printed another for him. See? I'm so well prepared... ^_^"""

Then, ask technician A about some steel rod and plate to fit my magnets. He's very friendly. First time ask for his help. He found a rod for me and start to tell me how to cut them to the sizes I want. Then he stop and think. He say if I'm not in rush for the rod, tomorrow he will help me to do it on another machine which require lesser work. As if I cut them on the saw, I need to sand both edges.. and I need 12 of them..which mean I have 24 edges to sand. He jokingly said he will not add more troubles to my life.. wahhahaha.... that's so nice of him! Will find him first thing early tomorrow! ^_^

Back to the computer as the workshop is closing around 5pm.. While waiting for Fiola to finish, I tried on my solidworks animation again. I guess I need to work on the animation soon. I've left it for a week.. haha.. Still need to edit my video interviews and add on the animations. ^_^

Tomorrow is Friday. I'm hoping everyone mood will be great. If the technician moods are great, your work will be done quicker! ^_^

Had some ready-made and hot chicken as dinner. Lazy to cook. Delicious. But not satisfied. Need some exotic food. Maybe Nasi lemak will be great...wahahaha...Oh.. and those asam laksa and curry mee! Oh no.. have to stop this thought.. 

It is now 8.50pm. Sun is setting far far away. Traces of pinkish orangish sunlight is there. Today weather is not that warm. Workshop is cool as well. That is good. 

Btw, I noticed since the temperature had risen a little, my handwashed clothes that dried up within a night doesn't anymore. Even as small as a sock. Usually, I washed them at night. By morning, it has dried and ready to wear. Now, my socks are still damp... >_<"" 

Since going to the workshop require safety boots.. which required socks... I'm currentl lacking of socks... ahahahhahaha....Maybe I should just wear leggings... Just a little lazy to pull the legging up my leg.... XDDDDDD

Stop that.. 

Ok.. today thoughts are a little mixed up. I'm quite happy with the progress but at the same time, I'm also very worried about not having enough time. I'm going to attend a summer school next whole week. Which means I've lost a whole week in the workshop.... Should I attend or should I not? 

Still have to finish dissertation, print them and bind them. Finish animation. Finish some renderings for posters. Finish my 6 troublesome little models. 

Sounds like a lot to do. 

Can I finish them on time?

7th July 2011......

After that, I guess life would be carefree.... 

It's only few weeks left. Few weeks left as a student. Time flies...................................................

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