Friday, November 27, 2009

Working life after 3 weeks!

I know I promise you guys I will gif an brief summary of my new working life. But life's too hectic for me to cope. When I have the chance, I would rather just sit and watch tv or just sleep. I'm too tired to sit infront of the computer to on9 at home since I'd been infront of this soo superb inventions that hurts eyes for 10hours +.

Anyway, with my explanation above, you may guess how my working life is going through.

Not really busy everyday at office to be honest. It's just that siting and looking at the computer is enough to make me sleepy and tired. Really. After 2 weeks, my eyes become itchy everymorning... terrible. My violin teacher even comment that I have super black eyes. OMG..

Ask whether I enjoy my life working?

Who enjoy working?

OK. So I hate working life. It rob me of my time spent with family as I now only see them a few hours before and after work. It is still very raw to me as I have been at home always.. even during college life, I still have so much time of my own.

Besides that, it also rob me of my time practising my music. Okay. I admit I don't practise much eventhough I have the time. But still, when I'm most busy, I will turn to music. Which unfortunately, I don't have the time for it. Don't tell me I can play in the middle of the night when everyone is cozying under their blankets dreaming of 'chow gong'....

And, another reason. I miss walking. Since working, I have been sitting down for almost 10 hours. Except for lunch time when I will walk for 1 minutes to the restaurant, I will be sitting down. Oh, and you may deduct the total of 10mins spent walking in and out of office to my car, and from my place to the toilet. Means I still have sat for 9 hours and 49mins. If I work later, it will become 10 hours. Get my point?

I don't like walking. I prefer driving. BUT! When you don't get to do any excersing but just sit, sit and sit! you will get fed up as well! I just feel like a stone sitting there looking at the monitor. It is just DAMMMMM bored!!!!!!

Someone told me I should go teach piano. Coz I told her eventhough my saturday is super busy.. I enjoy life lik that.

9am - 11.15am --> teaching piano (seri petaling)
11.30am - 12.30am --> guzheng class (OUG)
12.30am - 1pm --> lunch , rest, (home)
1.15 - 2.15pm --> teaching piano again (seri petaling)
4.15pm - 5.30pm --> violin class (seri petaling)

so my timetable for this saturday is pack. Just looking at it seems tiring enough. But I kinda look forward to it. I am not a person that can sit at a place for hours. I like to move around.

Who knows. Maybe after sometimes of me getting schedule like above, I would prefer sitting down whole day again. No one knows. But right at this moment, I enjoy schedule above. At least I won't fat mou.

Okay, end of complaining session. I don't really want to complain actually. Since getting a job is really a happy occasion for me and my family. And it helps my family financially as well. As well as a symbol of me grown up to the reality (which i don't want to face). And also, the office located so near to my house which I can reach within 15mins. Without any jam everymorning. Unlike going to KBU takes 1 hours.. with jam..

I really should be happy. But too bad. I'm only happy when I leave the office. Maybe I'm still not suited to the working life yet. I hope I will as soon as possible. As I will be spending soooooo many time there, I should be feeling great. Or else, how else am I going to continue????!!!!!