Monday, November 26, 2007

A little small teeny weeny update..

Got it from Ryan's blog.. haha..

wanna give it a try??

Friday, November 23, 2007

A little happy..

Just feel like expressing my feeling right now..

coz the few days ago, I just feel so stress and worried..

of what???

of coz the Models la..

just today, I went with Hooi Ling to college.. and see Ms. Chua..

at first I just feel so worried.. but after talking to her.. I feel so light hearted!!!!! yea! doesn't waste my energy making the model until 3am this morning..


and then, today went out with my primary school friends.. they are still the same.. haha.. cheerful and talkative..

however, they are so slim now.. T_T

I also have to work hard to take off all those FAT!!!!!


sory ya.. these few post seems a little boring.. but I just need a place to let out my feeling.. as I'm feeling a little tight these days.. thanks for bearing with my annoying complain and thoughts.. haha.. promised u guys I will blog about something interesting in a few days time.. haha..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Richard Clayderman - Mariage d'amour

Don't you just love hearing him play?? It's just soooo romantic and passionate!

His playing is sooo smooth.. flowing..

When can I play like that? haha..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


hmm.. for the past week.. so much things had happened.. haha..

well, there's good, there's bad..

that's for sure..

coz, that's what we called LIFE..



anyway, 1st thing 1st..

thanks for u guys support over my previous post.. really appreciate it.. *muaks!*


so, if anyone is wondering, i manage to blrup* out 2 models.. which I have no confidence at all.. but the tutor seems quite convince.. and I am in quite a pleasant mood..


I found out that the tutor was convinced in everyone concept and idea as well..


and then I began to worry.. haha.. things that goes so smoothly in tutorial might not be that good as you think.. just wait until presentation time.. haha..


then, some other thoughts..

I love BOOKS!

yep.. when books are in front of me, I can't resist the urge to just go and grab it..

One of my favourite fantasy is to have a room that I can design it to be my personal den complete with book shelves.. which are of coz.. full of BOOKS!!!

well, everyone got different interest.. some may love jewellery, some computers, other handphone, and also maybe clothes and accessories.. and me.. I love books!

not to say I don't like other things..

but when you put one rm100 clothes/bags/jewellery/accessories/etc.... and 1 rm100 BOOK in front of me.. guess which will I buy..

yup.. the Book!

coz that's my fav!

Some ppl say that I have a lot of money la.. sure can buy la.. they say they no money.. cannot buy.. and then just turn around and go and buy clothes.. *swt..

coz they love clothes! and I love books!

Then just why must it be that I have lots of money to spend on books and not say you have lots of money to spend on clothes?

I just don't get it.. WHY in the world is buying books means that I am wealthy? You guys spend money as well, you just don't spend it on books.. that's the only difference.. you may spend it on your favourite item as well.. so, does that make you wealthy as well? DOES IT???????????

Frankly speaking.. if buying a book mean to eat lesser for sometimes, I guess I will still buy it coz the book is just too tempting.. haha.. crazy feller..

This maybe coz buying a book give me the satisfaction that I can't get else where.. just the same as you spend ur precious money on something you love so much..

anyway, it's just some thought I can't understand.. I do have my worries about money.. Just don't think that I have all the money in the world when I buy more books than you do..

maybe next time I should just go buy books alone.. (if ever I can go alone..)


hmm.. going to meet up with 2 of my precious and most treasure primary schoolmates in friday.. ! (guess where? the place I went almost everyweek.. 1U la of coz.. haha..)

so long time never meet them.. haha.. a little worried also.. coz so long never meet sure will not really recognise and not that close already.. and may also have some communication problem.. coz during my primary we speak almost 90% english.. and then, just when I enter secondary.. almost 90% cantonese.. haha.. therefore.. hmm.. better brush up my speaking skills..(but can I do it in 1 day? '_' )


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nonsense! (skip if u wish)

Sometimes, I will think..

Why do I actually in the 1st place choose to do this?

Why must I pressure myself?

Why must I forced myself to continue?

Why can't I just let go and let it be?


I'm stubborn..

I hate to give up eventhough I can't perform well, eventhough I'm lazy..

When I decided to continue my piano lesson since I'm about 7, I did not plan to stop until I finish my grade 8..

When I started my violin lesson at 14, I had already know I will not give up until I've taken the Grade 8 as well..

When I decided to take up Interior Architecture and Design, I know I will not regret and give up no matter how hard it is..

However, I sometimes will ask myself,

Why must I forced myself if I feel that I can't do well in it?


It's true that I don't really did well in my piano.. partly, I did not practise enough, and also I might not have the talent you need to have..

and I might also say that I did not spend enough time on my violin practises as well. It's because I'm lazy and busy.. when I am free, I'm tired.. when I'm not tired, I'm lazy, when I'm not lazy, I'm busy.. since college life started, I even have lesser time.. therefore, the violin lesson did not really go well.. and when I spend sometime trying to get the perfect pitch.. I'm so fustrated.. coz no matter where I press, I could not get it in tuned.. this due to less practise..

therefore, I'm so stress.. and I started to think, why don't I just stop everything, and just continue with my college life.. but then, I'm stubborn.

I did not want to just give up like that.. I believe one day I may get the tune I want.. furthermore, I do have the interest in it.. It's only the matter of time, and if I stop now, I am sure I will regret sooner or later..

And also, one could not just live with the college life and no other right?

but you may ask

why must you choose something so stressful?

It's really fustrating when the exams are near.. and I need to get the pitch right, memorise the scales, brush up my sight-reading skill and also be more good in the aural test.. all these are just too much for me.. I admit that in the 1st place I did not really put much effort in it.. but I just can't put a full-stop in the lesson just because I'm lazy...

do I make sense?

okay, I guess I do not..

but nevermind.. I just feel like rambling some idiotic things...

I'm just tooooo stressful at this moment and I feel I need to let it out...!!!!!!

at this precious moment when I'm typing these nonsense, I ought to have been working with the models.!!!

ya.. it's those modelssssssss.....................

it's driving me crazy..

and leads me to think..

why if I hate to do this do I aim to complete this course?

why if I do not like to build models or draw or sketch or whatsoever, do I need to continue struggling?

well, I guess it's because that's my choice..

I've made the choice and I'm going to prove to not just anyone, but only to MYSELF that I'd make the right decision..

and I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Went to Antalis to buy paper today...

at first i tot there is a shop..

and got racks and racks and racks of paper display for u to choose...

and there got cash register...

and many people...

in the end..

silly me...

it's a office building.. not shop..

it's only sample for u to choose.. no racks..

it's has only a clerk who use calculator and coin box to kira ur total.. no cash register..

it's only has a few workers and us choosing paper.. no people buy adi..


but then, really eye opener la... many types of paper.. haha... and I bought so much.. hav to apply for bankruptcy adi.. *sob*

anyway.. I've to sayy sorry to YY...

I'm not angry lo... only very worried.. haha.. I ntg geh.. not ur fault la.. u only go there once.. i wun blame u lo.. dun sad ar... i very 'loi gau' geh...


later need to spend more to buy more again..


anyone wanna learn piano?
come let me teach.. need to earn money adi..


Monday, November 12, 2007

Kiara Park

Went to Kiara Park last week to do research for the new project Kindergarten... and took hundreds photos of trees... haha..

anyway, relax.. this is not a post talking about the park...

I just wan to share some photos which I took tat day.. haha..

See the hole? wat else u see? haha..

Going up the stairs at Batu Caves.. jk la..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tutorial session!

wow.. really 'ENJOY' today tutorial...

really 'LOVE' tat tutor!!

'CAN'T' wait for the next tutorial with him!!!!!

p/s.. it's nth... just ignore this post.. argh!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lantern dear Lantern!!!!!!!!!!!

so, here's the pix for the lantern festivals.. oopsie.. nope.. lantern competition presentation..

alright.. remember the post I write about making lanterns?

well, here it is... all completed..

Our group were favour by most lecturers apparently since they voted ours as the winner... which means still some more touching up to do before sending it to the Duabelas competition at Perak.. aih..

and then, both Foong Wai's and Ryan's group were chosen too.. tie for the place.. so both have to touch up as well.. haha..

in the end, what we thought as the final became another beginning..

so, enjoy the pix..!

George's Group...

Ryan's Group...

Foong Wai's Group...

Our's group..

The shadow created...


Just feel like adding some confetti.. haha.. like celebrations.!!

What comes into ur mind when u saw this???

George's group lantern.. from top view.. scary huh??

The motif on their group.. like it..

Foong Wai's group lantern's candle..

Ryan's group slim lantern.. interesting form!

The Big Happy Family...

The GREEN group.. finally.. a group pix wif the hard work lantern.. yea!!!

Green girls.. 1st time take pix wif Maya.. she's great poser.. haha..

The photo says all...

The four of us together again...

Blurrrr....... haha.. can't stop laughing after I edited it.. swt...

Friday, November 2, 2007


Do you SMILE??

alright.. I knew it the moment I ask that question..

It IS a SILLY question.. ya ya..

so what?

Answer me.. DO YOU SMILE????

Well, generally.. we do.. all of us smile..

we smile when we are happy.. we smile when we saw something funny... we smile when me want to greet some one.. we smile when we saw some one we knew and love..

we smile all the time..


why.. and I mean it..

WHY do we smile?

when does people in this world since long long long long long time ago start smilling when they are happy or they meet some loved ones???

and how does they found out that smile can cheer some one? or smile is a way to show we care and a sign of respect?

why does smilling have such great effect????


however, I went to look at Wikipedia, and I found out that, smile actually did not mean happy in the beginning.. during 30millions years ago.. research found that monkey actually smile when they are in fear.. well, maybe not really smile.. but it's like baring all its teeth.. well, that basically the initial smile.. haha..

anyway.. biologist seems to belief that smile had actually evolved from there into various way.. and most importantly in human..

maybe it's from there smile slowly evolved into a sign of happiness, love, pride..

hmm.. how can a sign of fear evolved into a sign of happiness?

haha.. well, my imagination is....

the human who meet the monkey..

and then, human was a little afraid.. coz human had not meet the monkey before..

and then, the monkey who saw the human, was also very afraid.. as it saw that the human was armed..

anyway.. as said.. when monkey are afraid, they bared their teeth.. so, that's basically what they did..

and then.. the human who was afraid.. now saw the monkey with its teeth..

the human look at the monkey and....................................

it tickles the human to see the monkey's teeth.. and this interested human so much that the human try to imitate the monkey..

that's the birth of smile.. smile of funny.. haha.. the monkey saw that the human meant no harm because when the human smile, his face became more pleasant and kind.. the monkey then walk.. or rather.. climb away.. haha.. so.. the human was so relief..

he then knew that when he smile.. like the monkey.. the monkey walk away.. the then look at himself in the river.. and saw his smilling face..

and he thought

'hmm.. I look quite handsome this way.. I'll keep to this face expression.. '

and then.. he walked back to his village in that manner.. and everyone who saw the human

and.. that's how smile became a sign of happiness..

haha... yea.. great.. happy ever after..!!