Friday, November 2, 2007


Do you SMILE??

alright.. I knew it the moment I ask that question..

It IS a SILLY question.. ya ya..

so what?

Answer me.. DO YOU SMILE????

Well, generally.. we do.. all of us smile..

we smile when we are happy.. we smile when we saw something funny... we smile when me want to greet some one.. we smile when we saw some one we knew and love..

we smile all the time..


why.. and I mean it..

WHY do we smile?

when does people in this world since long long long long long time ago start smilling when they are happy or they meet some loved ones???

and how does they found out that smile can cheer some one? or smile is a way to show we care and a sign of respect?

why does smilling have such great effect????


however, I went to look at Wikipedia, and I found out that, smile actually did not mean happy in the beginning.. during 30millions years ago.. research found that monkey actually smile when they are in fear.. well, maybe not really smile.. but it's like baring all its teeth.. well, that basically the initial smile.. haha..

anyway.. biologist seems to belief that smile had actually evolved from there into various way.. and most importantly in human..

maybe it's from there smile slowly evolved into a sign of happiness, love, pride..

hmm.. how can a sign of fear evolved into a sign of happiness?

haha.. well, my imagination is....

the human who meet the monkey..

and then, human was a little afraid.. coz human had not meet the monkey before..

and then, the monkey who saw the human, was also very afraid.. as it saw that the human was armed..

anyway.. as said.. when monkey are afraid, they bared their teeth.. so, that's basically what they did..

and then.. the human who was afraid.. now saw the monkey with its teeth..

the human look at the monkey and....................................

it tickles the human to see the monkey's teeth.. and this interested human so much that the human try to imitate the monkey..

that's the birth of smile.. smile of funny.. haha.. the monkey saw that the human meant no harm because when the human smile, his face became more pleasant and kind.. the monkey then walk.. or rather.. climb away.. haha.. so.. the human was so relief..

he then knew that when he smile.. like the monkey.. the monkey walk away.. the then look at himself in the river.. and saw his smilling face..

and he thought

'hmm.. I look quite handsome this way.. I'll keep to this face expression.. '

and then.. he walked back to his village in that manner.. and everyone who saw the human

and.. that's how smile became a sign of happiness..

haha... yea.. great.. happy ever after..!!



1 comment:

foong wai said...

ghahahahah your post made me smile!
very interesting theory! lol >.<

well, as to why we smile... it's instinctive isn't it?
if you read abit about freud's theory, we have a sort of program within us since we are in the womb.
the program governs our instinctive actions: why we back away when in fear, why we cry when grieving, and can probably apply to why we smile too!

but my guess is, it's because human beings are a social species, and to socialise we need expressions. it helps us to relate and connect to other humans right? imagine talking to a robot with no expression, feel so disconnected. so, to spread feelings of goodwill and friendliness, smile!
and the world smiles with you :D