Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a drop of update!


Little update!

Back from lunch at 1.30pm.. very thirsty.. no.. I did order a drink.. but I still feel so very the thirsty.. glup down tons of water and now I'm a little 'jeong' ! lol

Ask dad when he off for CNY so we can go to Balakong artshop to stock up my art supplies so I can continue with my craft.. ^.^ No new yet however.. so I just have to wait..

Nope.. It's not coz I don't want to go myself but it's coz he feel it is too dangerous for me to go there since I do not know tat area AT ALL and there's too many 'dangerous' ppl lurking around that area.. Lol..

So, I just have to wait.

And now I am also waiting.. for waT? GUess!



Blogging from office now. Waiting for everyone to get really really hungry so we can go for lunch! I'm already damm hungry! help~~

Anyway, d'Gurlz and Momo Princess will be joining a bazaar at Subang Parade on Feb 6th and 7th, Saturday and Sunday! Would u guys come and gif me a little support? ^.^

Just appearing at my booth I will be satisfied ya! Lol

Alrite.. I'll be updating REAL soon.. meanwhile, hop over to my new blog about my minis.. dun worry. Cassie The Missy is still in operation! I'll not abandone it!

Continue to check me out ya!

See u guys next weekend! ^_^

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's finally year 2010!!

I still can't believe we have leave 2009 behind and shaking hands with 2010. We have get to know 2009 for a year, and now we have to leave her behind. I guess 2009 is hoping we won't forget her and the memories we shared.

Anyway, I am sure 2009 will not be forgotten as there are many happy memories that we shared. And 2010 will be a greater friends as each friends have different characteristic. Now we are still shaking hands and getting to know each other. In a week, we will become bosom buddies. ^^

Therefore, let's make good buddies with 2010 and hope that we will shared super great happy memory!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!

Welcome to earth 2010!! It's a pleasure meeting you!

And 2009, it has been a great moment to be with you. We would not forget you! ^^