Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Sum Up The Week!

ok.. I'm back.. for 2 weeks..haha..

lazy to upload pix and talk about my redang trip la.. u know wat i wan to say..

wah.. so happy..
wah.. so nice..
wah.. so great view..
wah.. this..
wah.. that..


cut the crap..

you know i super enjoy myself and that is all tat matter.. haha..

just visit my profile in friendster and facebook.. thousand there.. haha..


busy searching for job this week..

send various resume..

listen to my frens getting job..

and i am feeling a little worry not getting any..

and also half feeling happy coz can holiday longer..


and then, i got a call from Pentago..

interiview today.. with Lay Yan and Sharon..



half happy.. half worry... half sad..

happy coz at last i got work.. (and i have been told that i can learn many things there..)
worry coz the work there is something i haven done before.. (landscape.. )
sad coz my holiday ending lo... (8.30am - 5.30pm ++ mayb OT)

anyway.. looking forward to the work actually... haha...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dumpling eating day!

alright.. dumpling festival is here again..

and me, same as i guess, everyone else reading this, eat dumplings!!!


hmm.. dumpling festival to me since i know what's a dumpling, means EATING DELICIOUS DUMPLING!


anyway.. i now know that dumpling festival was held to honour a loyal officer and poet, QU YUAN and it falls on every year 5th day of the 5th Lunar calender..

hmm.. let's see..

this Qu Yuan was a very loyal officer in the court of Chu Kingdom in China then.. but you know.. as always happened to all loyal and great people, people get jealous of this hero and thus plotted against him which causes the king not to rely on Qu Yuan's wise advises and thus kicked him out of court..

then.. Qin Kingdom invades the kingdom which causes many hardship to the people then for about 20 years..

loyal ex-officer Qu Yuan was depressed and sad seeing his beloved country slowly destructing.. due to uncapable officers and ..

therefore, to show his protest of the corruption and injustice.. he decided to throw himself into the river.. it is his noble act of showing his loyalty to the country..

the people who heard of this sad incident was deeply disturb..
they love and respect Qu Yuan for his great and kind action towards the country

the people started to use boats to search for Qu Yuan body.. fishermen beats the drum as loud as they could and make all sort of noise while beating their paddle hard into the water just to scare fishes away..

villagers throw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves so that the fishes will devour the rice instead of their hero, Qu Yuan's body..

and there started the DUMPLING FESTIVAL in order for the people to remember the great hero Qu Yuan one generations after another..

which then leads to us.. today have these delicious dumpling to eat.. haha...
guess u guys all know what's in a rice dumpling.. haha.. lazy to explain..


before eating, take a beautiful picture 1st..

opened up dumpling..

preparing to put in my mouth!!!!!

before signing out.. have to say bye for a few days as i am GOING TO REDANG!!!!!!!!!!


my holidays!!!!!!

don't miss me ya..!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Life's Like That..

it's always the same..

everyone who is anyone always think the same at sometime..


u get it?


bored of working, bored of eating, bored of drinking, bored of playing, bored of sleeping, bored of EVERYTHING!

How come we get bored?

Why will be get bored?

What makes us bored?

When will we be bored?

Who are not bored?

Which is the solution to bored?

we get tired of doing everything after everyday
we don't like to continue the same routine after years
we want to have new things in our life
we love excitement
we want to be fresh

well, maybe not everyone, but to tell the truth, who want to be 'stale'?
i mean, maybe we don't like to have changes everyday..
maybe we won't like it if our plan were interupted by certain changes..

but we could not omit the truth that we want to be FRESH

that is why we want to buy clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery ..
or even, cars, houses, etc..

if we want to be stale, we would stick to the same clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS..

and we would NOT get bored..

and yadda yadda.. of coz, you will say.

no money how to be fresh? you think i love to be stale ar?

okie dokie..

i know that is the fact ok, it's just an example..

you wouldn't even be eating the exact same dishes everyday would you?

soya chicken everyday?
belacan kangkung everyday?
ABC soup everyday?
(sory for lack of variety.. these just came to my mind.. he ha..)

for YEARS?????????



okie.. i crap enough for a post.. hahahahahahaha.. ciao!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A super diper great service!

went to change my IC today.. hehe... my dad had been over me about this matter for many many months adi.. so today he purposely take leave and drag me over to JPN to renew my IC.. haha..

anyway.. tot will just need about 20-30 minutes..


ended up few hours..

this is due to erm.. according to them, is the wat their internal problem..

tat me and my dad IC have overdue.. swt.. which means.. when we went to change IC which is when we change address, they say that we still haven pay the fees.. swt..

and then, the ppl there today who check our IC, say..

'' apalah.. kalau belum jelaskan, tentu tak dapat IC.., apalah dia orang sedang buat.. aih..''

and she go on and on about this dunno who who did our IC and did not update our account.. haha

therefore, she had to telephone ppl there and wait for their response.. and this and tat..

so she say, '' balik la dulu.. kalau sudah boleh, nanti saya telepon u.''

so kind.. she really so good and patient.. help us do evrything..

and then about 2 hours later, she really called

''mr XXX ?, IC kamu sudah boleh, nanti datang ke kaunter saya siapkan..''

sooooo great service!!!

thanks to her, we successfully did change our IC.. after many troubles she went through i suppose.. haha..

anyway.. i wonder what happened to my dad and mine IC.. coz my whole family went together to change.. but oni ours got problem..


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures time..

suddenly feel lik posting some pictures..

dunno wat came over me..

anyway.. just ignore this post if u think i am crazy..

haha.. (well, tat's wat everyone told me! :P)

Pavillion Tour 2008.. hehe

Lunch at Pavillion.. forgot the name.. but it's the sushi restaurant.. haha

full adi so take pix!

*hee hee*

Four of us now so seldom together adi.. *sob

Sunway with Hooi Ling, Guat Peng early this year..

Sunway... nice looking decorations!!!

Me & Guat


Threesome!!! miss the time we spent together!

A violinist performing.. cool.. many ppl take pix of him also.. but dunno who is he also., haha..*bad

Yien Ying's Birthday at Seoul Garden


Sushi Zanmai and the cupcakes.. haha..

The cup! *hehe

The chopstick *hoho

* remember to take the cup and chopstick pix but din take pix of food.. swt

And the infamous cupcakes which was promoted all over KBU for the last few weeks.. hehe.. good job!


Genting trip during Chinese New Year!


Perasan betul -;-

Smile again!!

A big big big family of tortoise or izzit turtles..?


* uh-ah-hem excuse me..

*don't i look cute???

My babies...


ps.. going midvalley.. hehe... bye!


i always enjoy the time spent while watching the tv with my family in the evening, which we always sit together and talk and laugh..

we spent time together, eat and laugh at the most silliest matter, which to me shows family warmth... it is one of the quality time where we get to sit together around the living room...

however, i always HATE it when the tennis/football/golf/F1/motorGP / watever sports, u name it..

that is because, the channel will be change to these sports channel and then my mom, bro and me will have nothing to do the whole night.. FOR A FEW WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! my mom will become a little bad mood as according to her:

'doing housework for whole day, want to sit down and see some tv also cannot..'

and me? wat else, walk here, walk there, see here, see there! brooding about how many shows i had miss and how sh0uld i catch it up!!!!

especially these few weeks WHEN I AM SOOO RARELY HAVING MY PRECIOUS HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!

i am soooo..!

'SHE' love that sports.. and said that it is important to watch.. she will not ask our opinion before changing straight to these damm sports channels!!! and especially during her beloved ROGER PLAYING THAT STUPID TENNIS... I really dun mind watching, he's great.. it's just tat we wan to watch certain programs as well, and she's just sitting there BOOKING the whole tv until today..

which thanks to the STUPID RAIN, delayed the matches until today also haven finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST HATE SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S TAKING OVER MY TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ARGH!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!