Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Action Day

Yup! Just like the title above! I've just register my blog to participate on BlogActionDay! To promote more awareness on the changing of our precious earth climate! Stay tune to it on the 15th October 2009 on the post about it.

Btw, you guys can help as well. Just proceed to
BlogActionDay to register and Voila! You help spread the awareness.

For me, I think this kind of activities shows how much people on the Earth are united when it is for a good cause. Therefore, I want to be part of this big united community which helps each other during times of needs.

Smile together and help each other.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Many time had pass
I'm still the same

Everything had change
I'm still the same

People changed
I'm still the same

Everyone and everything around me is changing while I am still the same
Still as naive as a 3 years old
Still as stupid as a pig
Still as crybaby as a newborn
Still as spoiled as a brat

I know I need to change
I know I have to grow up
I know I have many responsibilities
I know I need to be mature

Life's Like This
Everything keeps changing
Life's goes on
It will never stop to wait for anyone nor anything

I would have to catch up with time
Not the other way round

I have to run fast
I have to pick up my pace
I have to have a goal
I have to meet my goal