Friday, December 31, 2010

Summary of my 2010

2010 is a very meaningful year. Many things had happened and many things had changed and since today is the last day of 2010, I think is's quite appropriate for me to sum up what happened throughout the year.

This is the 1st time I sum up my whole year. Maybe I'm starting to appreciate things more..

January 2010

Starting of the new year. 2010 is suppose to be a perfect year because 10 is always perfect. Isn't it? It's the 3rd month of my working life and I'm beginning to get along with my colleagues. It is also my birthday month and I had a surprise birthday cake from my colleagues. So touching, since I'm only there for 2 1/2 months but they still celebrate my birthday.

Pandan Layer cake, NICE! 

And then it's celebration with my besties from college. Since we all started working, we haven't been seeing each other very much.

Oh, and how can I forgot a reunion with my secondary pals. We only see each other about twice a year since we stay far and different timetables..haha.. so we really cherish the time when we meet. It's a really valuable friends I can have.

This is also the month which I confirm being a part-time piano teacher. Started replacing classes for another teacher who was on maternity leave and was suppose to end at Dec. But the centre call and ask me to continue teaching as the teacher wants to be at home with her child more. So I'm a happy teacher. ^^

February 2010

It's the Chinese New Year month and more things happened!

Since CNY is coming, d'Gurlz (our online boutique) decide to have our 1st ever bazaar at Subang Parade. Nope, business isn't good and it we did not earn any money at all. But we did have a lot of fun. Managing our stores and doing a different things than what we do normally (sitting at office whole day) is really great fun.

And then, since it is CNY, my boss decided to have the 'sao gong' dinner at Delicious. Special huh? Food is damn expansive but since it is free we all eat happily. ^^

My ex-collegues.. ^^

My 3 ex-bosses..

What's more happier than getting a bonus? Eventhough I have work not even 6 months, my boss gave me a bonus as well. It's not much but it meant a lot to me!

Oh, and CNY is the time when supplier and others sent hampers and gift to the office. And we receive 20+ and our office did the yearly routine. Each of us can pick a number out of the hat and grab a hamper back home, plus a box of mandarin orange. Damn heavy okay.. I have to grab mine down the leave, down the stairs and inside my car.. Nearly faint. But it's very exciting. haha
the hamper

CNY come and like usual we decorate the house and go back Tapah, my dad's hometown. Eat delicious food and go roaming around the cave at Ipoh. It's always a fun time because daddy have long holidays and whole family can get together.
Cave at Ipoh

March 2010

March is a charity month because boss decided to do charity and go to visit a old folks home.
The red shirt are us! 

It's also another great month because I went to Genting to see Sammi again!

One of the nice pix I'm able to snap of Sammi!  ^^ 

April 2010

April fool's day come and go. Did not trick anyone nor do I being trick. Nothing much happened in April but times flies. Working in the day and teaching at night. And also around this time that I decided to take part in the Asian Piano Competition in Hong Kong. A very big decision. I did not take part in any of these before and am damn excited. But things don't go smoothly. Many emotional matters comes in and I started to regret.

Been practicing a lot since we need to get through the audition 1st. We have to make a video of our duet and send it to them. Nerves are getting me. There are times when I nearly cried and the teachers seem to be dunno-what-to-do-with-you-two..

Around this time, I have been thinking of going oversea for studies. It's actually an escape from the normal routine and I really wanted to experience life abroad. Another big decision and I couldn't make up my mind. Parents were supportive and ask me to make the decision.

May 2010

Another besties gathering with SiawCheng and HuiTeng.

We have a company trip to Tasik Kenyir at May and I'm actually quite reluctant to go at first since it's 7 hours+ drive from KL and it's a public holiday........ but it turn out to be quite alright.. minus the boring and not so good sleeping bed.. haha

The scene is beautiful but all we can do there is just..sit..and relax..... =.=" 

nice view huh? imagine seeing them for 3 days... =.=" 

May also saw us make our 1st recording for the competition audition and you couldn't guess how terrible it is to go through it. We can't play well enough for teacher to approve our video but time is running out. We nearly decide to just give up. Luckily, we did not. 

Debussy Petite Suite no. 4

Oh, and the 1st time I go with my colleague to LCCT for a site visit, and I slip and fall right at the main gate of LCCT... =.=""""

June 2010

It is a real tough thing to search for a nice gown, black colour. I went high and low looking for the perfect one and finally just settle on an Okay one.. T_T

June is the month which saw us performing our duet at Panggung Bandaraya. My first live perfomance and it did not went really well coz I'm really nervous. Nervous until no pix.. a regret. Haha.. Me and my partner, CheeKwai were wearing formal gowns and in high heels. I'm having a lot trouble stepping the pedal with my heels and it make me more nervous. However, I do enjoy my 1st performance eventhough we did not play very well. I think our teacher aren't very pleased as well.

By this time, I have already decided to go Nottingham for MA studies and submitted my application. It's all waiting time now. Busy with my application and busy with practice and busy with teaching. Nearly break-down.

Oh, and there's one weekend, after my guzheng class, I was locked inside the shop with my teacher for about 15mins. The maid LOCKED the gate without realising there's still people inside.. so funny..Luckily the boss live nearby and come straight away..haha..

July 2010

I went for MPYO audition for violin. It's so scary that I thought I would just forget about it but in the end, I go for it. Cause I know I would regret if I did not at least try.. I failed it though..haha..but still, at least I try. So I'm happy. Haha..

It's my big month. Finally, we are going oversea for the piano competition. My 1st competition and it's at Hong Kong. Very exciting. The competition place isn't very grand though and a bit messy because everyone seems to be confuse by what they are suppose to be. I'm quite dissapointed though. But still, it's a very nice experience.
the cert that prove my effort

However, I got 1 thing that I still feel 'sting' until now. I know I'm being childish but well, it's me. During the competition, one of the judge (who will not be judging us because she's recommend us) is the teacher of CK's teacher and she know her very long already. So, after our performance, she approach us who are standing a side and she speak to her about her playing. About her good and bad. And totally ignore me. She doesn't know me at all. But frankly speaking, I feel hurt. We are both playing the duet together and we are both standing side by side and she only look at her and speak to her without once looking at me. Alright, I'm being stupid right? Don't mind me then.
Our competition number

4 of us.. 

After the competition we walk around HK and Macau and it's another story because it's too long. Haha..
going to Disneyland

Oh, and because of this trip, I take 2 weeks unpaid leave.. T_T

But I have already gave in my resignation letter since I have already receive the offer letter from NTU. ^^ By end of July, I have already ended my 9 months working life.

August 2010

Eventhough I'm not working 9-5pm job anymore, I'm still teaching until end of August. By this time, I already getting very emotional because I know I will miss my little students and I'm not really sure whether I made the right decision.
farewell.. i miss you guys a lot... T_T 

I have gained so much and now I'm letting all of it go. Being a piano teacher had never been my dream but since I get the chance to teach, I'm loving it and I don't know if I go UK and back, will I get the chance to teach again? I don't know if I will regret.

However, things had been decided and I couldn't go back now. The whole month I'm seen busy preparing my departure and meeting up with friends to say bye. It make me so emotional. And also very busy. All because of the stupid visa regulation which make me go here and there and there and here...........

September 2010

Another emotional month.

My grandma leaves us forever to another world. It's not very sudden but it does come as a shock. And then it hit me that I will never see her again.

A very very very big month for me because I'm leaving behind my family and friends and all the things I love and hate to another new place. Taking the plane to UK is really very challenging because I know I will not see my them for the next many months. I still not sure whether I'm up to this challenge or not. All I'm excited is going to a new place. All in my mind is like, travelling, going for a holiday, seeing new things and buildings which I've always wanted to see. Studies? Oh ya, and study. ^^


October 2010

Settling down in Nottingham is not really tough because I love the cold weather and I still feel excited over my new life. However, getting back home and not seeing anyone nor talk to anyone, especially my family is depressing. Luckily skype save me from crying of homesickness.

I'm still exploring the UK life and I love walking all around, just looking at people life and things that's happening.

NTU's Arkwright building

November 2010

Things start to get a bit bussier. Assignment are not a lot but since Dec 6th is the presentation, works need to be done. Luckily, because of my carefree attitude, I don't really get stress until the final few days.. LOL..

1st time see snow!

Really white! 

Planning of going London during Christmas break.

December 2010

This is the month full of festive mood.

My 1st real presentation in UK and it went well. I pass my 1st stage and then it is holiday.

Go to London on the 17-21 dec and enjoy sightseeing there. London is really an interesting place to be. Finally, after 3 months in the UK, I went to another place besides just Nottingham. I'm happy.

London tube map! Very important

Tower Bridge 
Big Ben

Sit on the snow! 

Coming back from London, I make the fast decision to go Manchester on the 23rd, dec. It's a spontaneous act and we are just there for half day but we manage to visit Man Utd and walk around the city and look at the Christmas decor. Interesting day as I finally meet someone cheerful and happy. ^^

Manchester United

Around the city with my tour guides.. haha


Well, it's finally the end of the 2010. I don't know why but always, the end makes me sad. It's like it's slipping away but I still have a lot to do in 2010. I don't know.

To sum up, I feel 2010 had made many changes to my life and I have gained a lot a lot experience. The most memorable have to be taking part in a piano competition and coming to the UK to be ALONE..

I do like 2010 a lot though. It's really an eye opening year for me.


So, we are having a steamboat session tonight. Simple dinner, nothing much. Just the 3 of us and I doubt we will do anything crazy. Haha.. So, see if I get to snap any photos later and will show you guys my 2010 dinner..haha..


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memorable London trip

Went to London for a short trip last week and the highlight of the trip have to be the BIG BEN!

Think of London and think of Big Ben.  ^^

Use 1 hour to put few snapshot together to make this long panorama.. ^^

We take the Underground tube to go to Westminster and once we reach the exit, the 1st building we see is this..House of Parliament!

It was really very very grand and seeing the Big Ben right in front of me, I'm damn excited.. Haha.. It's so beautiful and seeing something which we always see inside books or tv, and now we are seeing it real life.. I'm really speechless. Say me naive. Haha..


Luckily, the day was beautiful. With a touch of sunlight and blue sky or else, the picture wouldn't be as nice. And the best thing is it is not snowing or we can't take a lot of photos or even enjoy seeing the Big Ben.

I really can't get enough of this building and was reluctant to leave this place. However, we still have a few places on our list today.

The next stop is Buckingham Palace. Another attractive place. But too bad, the day we went doesn't have guards changing ceremony.. MUST go another time.. haha..

Before reaching this Buckingham Palace, we pass by a big park and it's another beautiful place..full of snow. We spent a lot a lot a lot of time here because the place is TOO beautiful.

See the beauty? 

I think it's because of the snow that make me feel so mesmerized.. if it is normal green I wouldn't be so crazy about it.. haha

Blue sky, white snow

I am a happy girl that day! ^^

I always wanted to sit or lie on the snow but since many people walking around, it seems so foolish...but I really can't resist.. haha

When I stand back up, I am all wet.. T_T

There are many many squirrels at the park, asking for peanut. If you held out your hand, they from a distant will smell that you don't have food and they will turn their back from you.. =.=" Realistic squirrels.. 

The park from another view.. 

Oh my gawd.. it's really very very very beautiful.. ^^

Next to the park is the Buckingham Palace.. 

Nothing much happening here as there's no changing of guards ceremony and the palace is tours.. so only can see from outside.. haha

Quite far from the palace as the grounds are closed. But it's still nice to be at London's landmark.. Haha.. At least now I can tell people I have been there.. ^^

Oh, I still haven't tell you about another important thing that make the day purrrfect!

At night, when we are having dinner, my friend suddenly said "why don't we just go to the theatre there and see whether still got tickets or not?"

She meant the musical, Phantom of the Opera! 


No plan at all, but we just go and 'zhong choi' and WE GOT THE TICKETS! Mind you.. it's £40 per person.. T_T  but really.. it's WORTH it if you LOVE the PHANTOM and MUSICAL... it's sooooo fantastic.. Best night I've spent in London.

We bought the tickets at 7.30pm and the show start at 7.30pm.. exciting hor? ^^"

Ps. btw, we ate Sushi that day as well..delicious.. Japan Centre at London. Must go again. Affordable and delicious. We bought some Japanese grocery there as well coz it's much cheaper than Nottingham.. haha..

All in all, my London trip had been a good one. At least I have seen most of London famous buildings.. I am satisfied! ^^ But I will be going there again.. I hope! ^^

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's snowing again

It snow the for the 1st time in my life at Nottingham on 27th of November. Waking up and saw everything is white is really breathtaking. Straight away, I put on my jacket and grab my camera and run down to the door.. as if the snow will lost if I waited. Out of the door, shivering, I snap pictures of the snow all over the compound.. everything's white. Satisfied, I tried to touch the snow with my bare hand, and found that it is just like ice kacang. In my Facebook, I kept telling people that imagine yourself inside a big bowl of ice kacang.. haha..

Anyway, the whole week is full of snow, either snowing or not. The pavement became slippery and wet. Walking to class makes things worse as I admit, I did not prepare for the snow yet, in terms of shoes. Therefore, my shoes are slippery and I walk like a penguin learning to walk.. 15mins walk became 30mins walk. And that's not the worse. Worst of all, I slip and fell twice. Once, there's no one around and therefore, it's alright. The 2nd time, it's right infront of the Uni gate.. oh my gawddd........damn embarassing k..

I hope I wouldn't need to fall for the 3rd time.

It stop snowing for a week and the snow all melts and everything gone back normal.

However, the good time never last.

It is snowing NOW!

When I saw that it is snowing, it kinda lift my mood a little, but then when I think of the consequences, I get worried.

1st. I'm going London tomorrow evening. And if it kept snowing and disrupt the train service, then what am I going to do?

2nd. Since I will be in London for the next few days, I will be going for sight-seeing everywhere, which means lots of walking to do. I don't want to slip and fall RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LONDON PEOPLE...

3rd. Since it will be snowing, it will be wet everywhere..

4th. Snowing means the temperature will go down..more..and more.....

5th. Snowing might cause some London attraction to close..

There.. 5 top consequences I can think of right now.

However, snowing means I'm in a different place. I'm experiencing something I wouldn't be able to right at Malaysia.

So, I've decided to enjoy the snow..


I've gone crazy.. I just notice...

Anyway, see you guys after I'm back from London. Hope for lots of photos ya.. ^^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid me..

Now, I always realised that I couldn't live without Facebook. But today, I realised another thing!

I also couldn't live without MSN.  T_T

My hotmail account had been block due to stupid spammers so I need to verify my account before I can log in to MSN as well.. However, my so-clever-mind had led me to delete all the stupid spam messages, including the message by hotmail asking me to verify my account. So, without that email, I couldn't verify and I am lost. I send error message to their customer service.. twice..without any news.

So I endure a hardship yesterday. No able to communicate using MSN, I don't know where to contact people.. haha...

This morning, bright and early, my so-clever-mind suddenly remember that eventhough I had deleted the messages but it should still be left at the BIN..

So I quickly went there and search and true enough, the rubbish lady haven't come and throw the rubbish. So I rummaged through the bin and found my dear verification message. Fast fast recover that file and verify it.

Finally, I got back my account.


Stupid long process that should have been completed ages ago... I must be getting ancient.. T_T

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Japanese Name

I always wonder what Japanese name I could have. It seems such a nice type of name. And out of boredom, I found this website that translate my name into Japanese.

Hamano Kumiko

Sounds nice?


My authentic japanese name is 浜野 Hamano (seaside field) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome to my little dwelling for the next few months in UK

After a brief (ok, not-so-brief) post about my typical day, I just realised I still haven't properly introduce my little room to you all.

So, here's it is.

I put effort to clear all rubbish before snapping picture of my room you know.. haha.. So don't complain that it is messy k.. ^^"

This is the road leading to Victoria Hall (the place I'm staying). 

Forgot to snap photo of the front gate though, but there should be enough photos to give you a rough idea of my home. Haha

This is behind Victoria Hall. 

Not quite sure who lives there but it seems quite nice as well. The more modern building is the GlassHouse, another student accommodation. Down the road at the right side, is a shop operated by Malaysian, selling oriental food stuff. A little expansive though.

Victoria Hall, side view

The exterior of Victoria Hall. Very easy to recognise since it is all brick. LoL..

The right side bottom is the front gate and the stairs leading up

We pass through the front gate with a 'key' and up 3 flights of stairs. A nightmare when I first arrive with my damn heavy luggage. =.="

The 2nd flight of stairs

Finally, the 3rd flight

This is what you see after climbing the stairs

The Blue arrow is Flat H or Block H, which is where we do our laundry. There's a room of washing machine and dryers for us to use anytime, paid of coz £1.50 each.

Another view 

There are many blocks here.. er..did not count them though.. haha.. but it's pretty neat place. However, at times, it tend to get a bit noisy when people party. You know what I mean. Haha

The corridor leading to my flat

Out of the corridor is this view

Same bricks, same colour

My block

Block F

And luck is, my block is the furthest away from the stairs. Which means I need to walk more when it's raining or when I'm lugging something heavy with me.. like back from Tesco. Haha.. We need the key to get in here as well.

Alright, this tend to be a super long post again so I decided to skip the stairs part leading to my room AGAIN..(actually, I forgot to take photos of them.. ^^")

My flat

So, this is basically my flat. It is through just now that big door, up 2 flight of stairs, through another 2 doors, and this is what I see after opening the 2nd door. Right side, 1st door, is the kitchen. I already show that in the previous post. ^^

The kitchen door

My room! 

This is my room. Room 5. In the previous previous previous picture, it is the door on the right side, after the kitchen door.

The Key 

This whole bunch is provided by them. I did not add anything to them yet. Haha..There's a black key behind tat blue key chain.. it's not shown here though, but that black thing is the key to all the other doors beside my room door. I guess everyone have the same black thing to access all the doors except our own room.

Sneak peak at my room


After clearing some mess and making it look good in photo, here it is! My little room. Complete with bed, bedside table, study table, rack, wardrobe, mirror, noticeboard, heater, en-suite and blue carpet.. Which means I need to vacumm them everyweek.. =.="

Mirror and notice board
 The big poster is actually a planner and since I have nothing to pin up, I just put it up there.. Btw, this notice board is also actually my clothes hanger.. Haha.. I hang my towel and etc etc up on it as there's no other place for me to hang.. I couldn't hang them wet inside the cupboard..right? Haha..

In order for the picture to look neater, I have taken them down.. Haha.. to save me from embarressment.. LOL..

My study table

Right infront of the window. However, at night, it is really dark as the light  is behind me and it's orange.. t_t

I hate orange lights.. anyway no choice, I bought a lamp. Spot the black lamp on my table? But, it is also orange.. but at least it is brighter..

The racks are on two side of the table, one side filled with files and books and medicine and keys. The other side filled with foods and plates and lotions and hairbands and comb and make-up.

These are books from library.. 9 loan altogether..

Did not manage to read them YET though.. haha.. been putting it off since.. I borrow them.. about 3 weeks ago.. lol..

We can renew them through the Uni website. We as student got our own homepage where we can access the notice boards, email, timetable and etc. I just realise last 2 weeks that we can renew books there as well. And stupid me have been carrying that thickest book around to renew them.. =.="""

My bed and laptop

Well, the bedsheet obviously brought from KL. Oh, and the bedside table is not positioned at there initially. It was by the wall. But I have decided to sleep this way after 3 weeks cause that wall is the toilet wall which is not that good.. according to my family. So, just terbalik and sleep..and because my laptop tells my bedtime story, it has to accompany me to terbalik also. Haha.. I quite like the arrangement though.. And the drawer can be extended to put my mouse. Perfect! ^^

Books at the foot of my bed

Since there are empty spaces at the end of the bed, I decided to put some books there. Save space. Haha.. These are books that I bought from I just found out that it is a lot cheaper to buy books from Amazon as the price is about half of what the bookshop sells. And within UK, it is free delivery. ^^

The Pink arrow shows my academic reference books..mostly on materials and product design
The Red arrow is The Time Traveler's Wife which I brought from Malaysia (finish reading) 
The Blue arrow is You are The One That I Don't Want by Alexandra Potter (finish reading)
The Green arrow is A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore (haven't start to read)
The Yellow arrow is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (reading currently) 

The coridor leading to the door

The left side is my wardrobe. And towards the end, is the en-suite.  In case you are wondering what is en-suite, it is actually toilet or bathroom. Haha.. I don't know at first and when I'm browsing for accommodation, I ignore the en-suite thingy..then only I know it is that important. Haha..

The en-suite


 Yup. My equipment for bathing. Note the numbers of shower thingy I have? Haha.. I alternate between at least I can choose according to my mood. Lol..

Shower cubicle

Quite small as I keep knocking into walls while turning. Or maybe I'm fat???

I tried to keep it clean

This part of the toilet doesn't have an outlet and the floor is level with the carpet. I forgot that and the first few weeks, when I tried to clean this part of the toilet, I spray some water on the floor and without noticing, the water flew to the carpet right till the wardrobe area. When I notice, it is already a mini flood. Panic.

I spent 2 rolls of tissues and 1 whole day cleaning that stupid carpet. And using my hair dryer, I kept blowing them to make them dry. It smells as well. Luckily, after 1 whole week, it dried completely and the smells gone.. Thank goodness.. It is a nightmare I tell you... Terrible experience.

I was so afraid that I ruined the carpet.. Wondering what would they do to me if I really ruined them.. fine me? ^^"

Anyway, I think that it is damn stupid that the floor is level with the carpet and no water outlet. So, they don't expect people to clean this part of the toilet???


So, that's the end of our little tour here. Any question? You have been very patient with me, reading my craps.. Haha


ps. By the time I finish writing this post, it's already 1.30am. Starting to feel a bit sleepy. Maybe I should sleep. I have French on 12pm.. Night guys. Muaks!