Sunday, July 18, 2010

Counting down

Counting down to the second I'm going to travel through air the 2ND time! ^.^

I will be flying through AirAsia on Monday 7am to Hong Kong for the Kawai Piano International Competition. I am not looking forward to the competition but to the holidays I am going to have. I wish all my worries previously is useless and I will be enjoying myself thoroughly.. I wanted to enjoy as I paid a lot for this trip. Not
to mention money but my time, my effort and my emotions.


I am emotionally wreck this pass weeks.. Due to practicing and others factors which is not suitable to reveal. However, I just hope everything will be going smoothly and it would be a good experience for me.

So, I need to prepare and get some rest now before waking up around 3am later. So, wish me luck.. a lot of luck. And wait for my photos. This time I bring my DSLR and hope to bring back lots of photos for you all.

I will be back at 31st July! Don't miss me ya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Nuffnang?

Yes. I have been serving Nuffnang for quite a long time already. Back then, I'm not so active in the blogging world, nor am I very active now. However, since working, I have an urge to blog so much. I guess this is only the place where I can completely be myself instead of being a good student/designer. When I gets tired of it, I can rant my heart out here, knowing that my dear blog would never avoid me.

Oh.. I've been away from my initial topic already. Ok..

Nuffnang ads. At first, I sign up for Nuffnang is because I wanted to earn some money while I'm a still a student. And I found that Nuffnang is actually very straight-forward and easy for me to manage and understand. Therefore, I've been a loyal nuffnang-er for about more than 2 years.

Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. Advertiser choose certain blogs to put their advertisement and aim to the loyal blog readers. As simple as that. When readers found some interesting advertisement and click for more, that's where I earn the money. See? Simple and straight-forward. Installing and registering for it is also very simple. But for years, I did not earn any money from Nuffnang.

1. My blog have very very little traffic.
2. No one click on my dear dear ads.

When no traffic come to my blog, Nuffnang did not assign any ads to me and my Nuffnang ads corner will be..

Like this

Instead of displaying beautiful advertisement, it became just the Nuffnang logo. How am I going to earn any money if there's no ads for people to click?

On the other hand, how can Nuffnang assign ads when there's no one coming to my blog?

This is really a major problem.

I have to generate more and more traffic to my blog from now on. Brush up on my writing skills, photography skills and humour skills.. ^O^


And another point I enjoy being a Nuffnang-er is because of this

Automatically I became an exclusive Nuffnanger if I do not have any other advertisement from SEA on my blog. This enables me to get more priority in ads and earn more from each clicks. It make me feel.. well, exclusive.

But, no matter how that exclusive status is, I am still not earning from these ads. I have a few amounts inside my account now, but it is still a long way until I reach the amount when I could cash out my earnings. And this is after more than 2 years serving Nuffnang. I started to feel like a fool. Saying I serve Nuffnang but not getting paid by them. It's not their fault but I can't help complaining.

Maybe I should really find a way to attract you readers to continue reading. Any suggestion of what interest you all? Leave me a comment as to how I can improve my post.

I know many 'famous' bloggers with few hundreds or even thousands loyal readers for everyday, proof read their post again and again and edit again and again before clicking the 'publish post' button. However, I did not proof read my post but click post right after I finish. Then only would I check my post and edit my mistake. And I don't spend hours drafting out a post. I am not going for professionalism and I did not aim my blog's post to be as well. All post is true from the bottom of my heart and reflex the true me. Which is what my blog is all about.

Should I change the way I write my post? Shouldn't I write according to what people like and not what I like?

PS. Since I have been blogging quite regularly these few weeks, Nuffnang had been putting up various advertisement on my blog. And everytime I saw an ad, I will be so happy. Thank you Nuffnang for making my day! (psstt...I'm not buttering Nuffnang.. nope! I'm not... >.<)

PSS. My preparation for the Kawai Piano Competition @ Hong Kong is STILL NOT DONE! I still couldn't play my part well enough. Have to practice more these few days. I flying to HK on Monday! On airasia again. I wonder when I am rich enough to fly with MAS. Maybe Nuffnang can help me.. *wink* *hint*

Wish me luck guys. Pray that I wouldn't make any stupid mistake on stage. Pray that I don't blank out due to nervousness..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Debussy Petite Suite No 4

Debussy's Petite Suite for four hands, No4. 

Debussy perform his Petite Suites on February 2. 1889, wayyyyyyyy before I exist. This composition consist of 4 movements and the video above is No.4, Ballet. His style of composition range from late-romanticism to early 20th century modern music. Petite Suite was composed for four hands by Debussy himself originally but Henri Busser later on rearrange the composition for orchestra.

Anyway, back to the video. Petite Suite is designed to entertain and brighten up the audience. Fun and simple melody throughout the music, it is a type of dance music. Debussy composed the music to be energetic and always on move. It makes me want to move around and be happy.

Doesn't it make you wanna dance? LoL..

Anyway, this video quality is not really good but I think you can still hear it. My review of the music is not very detail so you might not be able to get the full idea of it. However, just listen to it. It may cheer you up listening to a cheerful music.

Warning! Everything I write is just my stupid opinion. (>.<" it might not sounds as good as I said..)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Musical Architecture

Musical Architecture

Was browsing through my hard disk and found some of the works I done during my final year. This is the poster for my dissertation which is about Musical Architecture.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Practice Practice Practice

That's how I spent my weekend.

Dedicated all my free time to practicing for the competition. However, I still sucks. Luckily, I enjoy playing the piano (for the time being), if not, I would be so depressed spending all my time infront of the piano. I wonder why does I play so badly? My fingers really.. stupid.

My teacher would always tell me to watch my hand shape. I try to. And when I watch my stupid fingers, my notes all went hay wire.. And I become even worse.

When people practice, they get better. When I practice, I stay the same. Maybe my method of practicing is totally wrong or I did not spend enough time to practice. Either way, I'm going to screw up during the competition if I did not get any better this week.

The competition date is out. We are playing on 21st July, 2010 at Parsons Music, Treasure World, Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon.

Don't look at me. I don't understand the address as well. But according to the letter, we get to practice for 1 hour at another location on the 20th. So wish me luck guys..

Btw, the letter for the competition spell my name wrongly. I wonder if there's a problem. Hmm.. I point it out to the teacher and she says should be alright. I hope she's right. I don't want to meet any problem there nor do I want my name spell wrongly everywhere..

No photos for this post. As I am writing this note out of boredom. I just need to rant. Might post about my Disneyland trip later in the afternoon is I have the mood. Haha.. Until then~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hong Kong Part 7 - Foods @ Hong Kong


One of the most enjoyable occasion while travelling would be food! Therefore, I have decided to dedicate one whole post for foods I've encounter at Hong Kong. There's more actually but some of the food is just so tempting that I've forgotten to take photos.. Haha..

The steamboat pix above is a treat from Cizzy's uncle who's at Hong Kong. He treated us to this famous steamboat restaurant which I've forgotten the name. Nevertheless, this restaurant is so pack with people and if her uncle did not make a reservation, I think we would have to queue for hours. (One special thing about HK, people are willing to queue. And almost all restaurant are full with people queuing.. Either the place is really that popular or the restaurant is small or the chef is slow. ^.^)

Mix pork Rice

This mix pork rice I think I've posted it before. Let me explain a little more here. This is eaten at a fast food restaurant. Yup! Not your average McD or KFC but HK fast food chain sells rice/noodles/porridge/western/etc. And they are delicious and flavorful. Besides that, each fast food chain have many many varieties for your delicate taste buds. Another point is, you get serve pretty quick as like all fast food chain, it is self-service. So, prepare to queue for ordering, queue for paying and queue for your food. But believe me, it's worth the queue. The workers there are always very swift. You wouldn't have to wait very long. It's really annoying as I've forgotten all the names. When I go HK again, I will be sure to jot down every place I went!

Snacks at Shopping Centre

Alright, don't bomb me. I know I so stupid. I even forgotten the name of the shopping centre we went. =.=" But I remember the taste of the food very clearly. This chicken wings are so tasty. Even tastier than my beloved chicken wings at Seri Petaling which I love so much. Besides that, people who knows me well know I don't like vegetables. However, this cheese baked broccoli is so damm delicious that I have helping after helping. I'm not sure whether it is the cheese or the ham, but the broccoli is really yummy. Another items we have is the fruits tea. I think I have lychee tea and Cizzy peach tea. Both equally nice. The lychee taste is so prominent but did not fully cover the tea taste. And most importantly, it is not too sweet. I don't like very sweet drinks. Haha...

Lunch @ The Peak

These photos you should be familiar. If not, click here >> Hong Kong Part 4. Or alternatively, you can select travelogue at Navigator at your left sidebar and select.

This is the 1st time I ate a lunch after waiting for nearly an hour. New experience but I doubt I will wait another time. Haha.. But this food is really nice as well. I guess if time permits, I might really wait for it.. Haha..

Vegetarian Snacks

Vegetarian Kueh

While we went to some temples, we ate lunch there just to taste their vegetarian snacks. They look so inviting.  However, I guess vegetarian is still vegetarian. I guess I couldn't ever be a vegetarian. Haha.. The taste is not bad but it doesn't make me go GOO GOO GAA GAA over it.. ahaha...

Wanton Mee

Finally, the infamous HK Wanton Mee.. how can we miss it. True to the rumours.. the wanton mee there is really delicious. Soup is just right and the wanton is big and full of prawns.. Not like the ones we have in Malaysia, full of pork, not to mention tiny. This wanton mee is eaten on the day we depart into Disneyland. Haha.. Before that, we have another wanton mee for supper but that's not really nice. The mee taste is very bland and the soup have too much MSG. Luckily we are able to eat one decent wanton mee during our trip. Haha..

I guess that wraps up the food post. ^.^ Writing about all these post makes me go all hungry. I think I have to go find food now. =.=""

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hong Kong Part 6 - Ngong Peng Shan

Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station

I guess I really have to finish up my post about my Hong Kong trip end of last year. I still have a lot more to go and there's still so many to share. However, I'm running out of time as I'm going to Hong Kong again next week. So, I will try to finish up all about this trip 1st before I go there for the 2nd time.. Haha

Cable car as background

Next attraction on our list is Ngong Peng Hill. We are going to take the cable car up. This cable car is much more bigger than our Genting's. Can fit about 8 person if I'm not wrong, and there's still place to move. Haha.. One of the specialty of the cable car which was just added in is the crystal cable car. What you mean by crystal? The floor where you will be stepping inside the cable car is TRANSPARENT! 

Yup.. you can look down at the wide sea when inside. Kinda scary but sounds interesting. The price for this cable car is a little more expansive than the normal ones. So, to save money, we choose the normal cable car. 

Inside cable car

Fei preparing to snap photo

CC being our photographer

View from cable car

Saw the photo above? Note the long long stone walkway from the land to the sea? Doesn't that remind you of some ancient TVB drama.. where those ships land and depart? Haha.. look similar to me.. hehe

Some view from cable car

Mind you, this cable car is extremely long and high. From the pictures above, you can imagine how high it is.. Haha.. Quite comfortable ride actually and really enjoyable view and cool air. 

Buddha Statue

This is the a sneak peak we get of Buddha statue while still inside cable car. So huge! 


Cassie at Ngong Peng

China Village

Upon reaching, this is the village view that greeted us. So different from the modern building we just came from. Feel like I'm in some old China village. Haha.. Very nicely decorated and the floor is extremely dust-free  rubbish free.. haha.. 

Nice landscape 

Cassie at Ngong Peng village

Of course we waste no time and start to snap snap snap! We are so fascinated by the buildings. Those buildings are actually shops selling souvenir and food. Those souvenir shops sells really nice things.. some very interesting but those are expansive. If you have a chance to visit this place, spend sometime browsing one shop will be good. Because almost everyshops sells something similar. Choose the biggest one there and spend there will be good enough. Haha..

Oh.. And we ate Bing Tang Wu Lao there as well.. Some kind of fruits which added caramel.. If I'm not wrong la.. Did not manage to take a photo of it though cause we are too excited to makan. Haha..HKD10 per stick if I remember correctly.

Cc photographing from opposite bridge..

This is the place she photograph us..

Look at her? Haha

Good pose Fei Fei

Cassie posing at bridge

Damm good poser..


Cassie at another side of the bridge..

I guess all of us are addicted to the bridge.. We spent soo many time at the bridge taking photos.. Haha

One of the beautiful shop Sign board

Cassie and Cc are here!

Cassie at village street

Cizzy with Buddha at the background

Can you spot us?

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

What I wanted to snap was just this signboard. Usually, one single snap will do. But, with friends like this, you need at least 3. ^.^"


Saw the poster? Doesn't the faces of the emperor and empress look so familiar??!!! I'm shock to see the faces there.. LoL...

Tao Foo Fah

Before we walk up the hundreds step up to Buddha, we stop for Tao Foo Fah. This is my 1st time eating Tao Foo Fah with brown sugar. Not yet melt. Did not snap any photo of the sugar but it taste.. um.. special. haha.. not exactly to my taste cause I need to add a lot a lot of sugar before it become sweet enough for me. But I did not regret trying it. Haha..

Fei at the beginning of the steps

Journey of hundreds steps begin. Cc's mom doesn't want to climb so she decided to jaga our bag. This is a very good thing cause without the bag, we climb much more faster and easier. LoL.

We snap and talk and laugh while climbing and before long, we are panting like what my dog did after 3 runs around the garden.. 


Anyway, we managed to get to the top!!! And of course. A victory shot! Haha.. It's super duper windy up there and our hairs are flying like crazy. Coollll air is sooo nice.

Some other God statues

There are few God statues up there and we took pix with them. There are so many people up there that we need to snap fast and next.. Hahaa.. Decent pictures are a bit hard at times like this.

Cassie at hill top

See my hair? So messy already. Comb also can throw away.. Haha.. Nevertheless, the view up there is really breathtaking.. Enjoy ourself there just staring at the green green hills.. 

Up to down

See? After we come all the way up, we need to go all the way down again. LoL.. Although going down is normally easier, but we still lag abit before going down.. Trying to avoid the obvious.. Haha..

Some snap shots 1

Some snap shots 2

Alright, that wraps up our trip around Hong Kong. Next post will be us at Hong Kong Disneyland! Stay tune for MANY MANY MANY MICKEY MOUSE!!!