Monday, July 5, 2010

Audtion done. Question Start.

Finally went to MPYO audition last Saturday. I'm auditioning for violin. It has been a good experience.

No.. I did not play very well nor do I answer the conductor questions well. I guess it's due to nervousness and lack of experience.

Walking into the waiting room, and there's 3 others girls.. obviously younger than me alot.. warming up themselves. Only one word to describe them. Pro!

They start warming up their pieces and I dare not play mine already. They memorize everything and play it perfectly. I feel like I am watching a performance rather than waiting together for audition. OMG.. haiz.. only then I notice I am sooo ignorant about things. I know I would not get into the orchestra but just to get an experience. I did not practice enough and that's that.

However, I noticed another thing. Those coming for audition are just secondary students but their knowledge on music is soo much wider. I have been in the dark for so long. I never know that music knowledge is so wide. When I notice, it's a bit too late.

One of the first questions the conductor ask me when auditioning, is :

"Why do you choose violin?"

Ok.. I'm stunned like I'm shot.

Why? I never really think of it. I guess I want to try something different from piano and around that time, I read a story and the main character played the violin. And I'm sold. I decide I want to learn the violin. That's simple.

But why do I continue with the violin until now? What actually make me continue eventhough I have no time for practicing?

Do I really like violin or I just don't want to give up half way?

I really don't know the answer.

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