Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The city of Lights..

i-city's trees

I went to i-City to see lights. I have heard so about the fascinating lights there for quite sometimes already and finally found the time to pay there a visit. My first impression on that area is : 

1. It's still under construction
2. i-City is so far from home
3. How come the indoor carpark is not brightly lit?
4. They charge parking fees
5. There's a limited amount of NATURAL & REAL trees

I reach there around evening before it gets dark. However, many 'trees' are already brightly lit. Looking at the colourful 'trees' I'm quite excited. There are all so pretty and magical. I wasted no time and went straight to photo taking session with my family.

I'm a DiGi supported.. =.="

My brother is also a DiGi supporter! Look at his WONDERFUL expression! LoL

Yea.. besides the colourful 'trees' there are also many cactus available. The orange 'trees' makes the surrounding like autumm. And plus I'm wearing a scarf that day, does it makes me look like I'm overseas?

Does it??!

After we snap enough of autumm-like-trees, we went to another area which is where most photograph or advertisement we see in TV were shoot.


It's already dark by the time we walk there. I greatly excited that I finally get to see the so colourful forest I've always seen in advertisement. And I'm not disappointed. The view is great. Colours are beautiful.

Only one thing that bothers me a lot. Too many people. I can't seem to get a decent photo with all the people walking and photoshooting themselves.. haha.. and then, it starts to drizzle as well. So we kinda leave early.

Fall down tree

By the way, I saw a 'tree' runtuh already. I squat down and shoot this special 'tree' and my mom kept talking to me loudly that

"the tree has fallen adi ga.. not like that in the first place."


She thought that I thought that the 'tree' was placed like that. OMG..

It's snowing

As it begins to drizzle, we walk back to the building and found this snowing shop lot. It's cool as air-conditioned was open. Or should I say, it's the snow that makes us cold? LoL..

Anyway, this room is all blue and white. Quite interesting though and I enjoy the cool air very much.

CNY is here

After experiencing winter, we walk into summer. And celebrate CNY. Tanglung lights were hang all over and oranges 'trees' are all around.

Mewwy Christmass

It's time to say bye bye. We are all hungry and want our dinner. So, we left after about 3 hours there. All in all, I enjoy being there, as a photographer. Snapping photos there are fabulous. I'm still trying out taking night time photos and I fail miserably actually. Need to really improve my technique. 

However, if you are going there as a nature lover, you might not be so satisfied. I don't think I have seen REAL trees enough to count on my 10 fingers. Even if the city is decorated by lights, can't it have some REAL trees? It seems so bare and unfriendly. Very artificial. I would like it more if there are some nature around me with the lighting as compliment. 

I have no objections to the 'trees' made out of lights. Just add in some real greenery would make the whole area much friendlier. And I think that make the area more environmental friendly as well. Real trees gives out oxygen which means, the place would have better ventilation. Commercial area nowadays lack of it and it would be nice if there is a similar amount of real trees to the fake trees. 

Oh well, maybe the area is still in construction. Hopefully when the area have been fully developed, then real trees will dominate the area instead of fake trees. 

Everything is fake nowadays. Now, even nature is fake. What else is real?

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