Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hong Kong Part 7 - Foods @ Hong Kong


One of the most enjoyable occasion while travelling would be food! Therefore, I have decided to dedicate one whole post for foods I've encounter at Hong Kong. There's more actually but some of the food is just so tempting that I've forgotten to take photos.. Haha..

The steamboat pix above is a treat from Cizzy's uncle who's at Hong Kong. He treated us to this famous steamboat restaurant which I've forgotten the name. Nevertheless, this restaurant is so pack with people and if her uncle did not make a reservation, I think we would have to queue for hours. (One special thing about HK, people are willing to queue. And almost all restaurant are full with people queuing.. Either the place is really that popular or the restaurant is small or the chef is slow. ^.^)

Mix pork Rice

This mix pork rice I think I've posted it before. Let me explain a little more here. This is eaten at a fast food restaurant. Yup! Not your average McD or KFC but HK fast food chain sells rice/noodles/porridge/western/etc. And they are delicious and flavorful. Besides that, each fast food chain have many many varieties for your delicate taste buds. Another point is, you get serve pretty quick as like all fast food chain, it is self-service. So, prepare to queue for ordering, queue for paying and queue for your food. But believe me, it's worth the queue. The workers there are always very swift. You wouldn't have to wait very long. It's really annoying as I've forgotten all the names. When I go HK again, I will be sure to jot down every place I went!

Snacks at Shopping Centre

Alright, don't bomb me. I know I so stupid. I even forgotten the name of the shopping centre we went. =.=" But I remember the taste of the food very clearly. This chicken wings are so tasty. Even tastier than my beloved chicken wings at Seri Petaling which I love so much. Besides that, people who knows me well know I don't like vegetables. However, this cheese baked broccoli is so damm delicious that I have helping after helping. I'm not sure whether it is the cheese or the ham, but the broccoli is really yummy. Another items we have is the fruits tea. I think I have lychee tea and Cizzy peach tea. Both equally nice. The lychee taste is so prominent but did not fully cover the tea taste. And most importantly, it is not too sweet. I don't like very sweet drinks. Haha...

Lunch @ The Peak

These photos you should be familiar. If not, click here >> Hong Kong Part 4. Or alternatively, you can select travelogue at Navigator at your left sidebar and select.

This is the 1st time I ate a lunch after waiting for nearly an hour. New experience but I doubt I will wait another time. Haha.. But this food is really nice as well. I guess if time permits, I might really wait for it.. Haha..

Vegetarian Snacks

Vegetarian Kueh

While we went to some temples, we ate lunch there just to taste their vegetarian snacks. They look so inviting.  However, I guess vegetarian is still vegetarian. I guess I couldn't ever be a vegetarian. Haha.. The taste is not bad but it doesn't make me go GOO GOO GAA GAA over it.. ahaha...

Wanton Mee

Finally, the infamous HK Wanton Mee.. how can we miss it. True to the rumours.. the wanton mee there is really delicious. Soup is just right and the wanton is big and full of prawns.. Not like the ones we have in Malaysia, full of pork, not to mention tiny. This wanton mee is eaten on the day we depart into Disneyland. Haha.. Before that, we have another wanton mee for supper but that's not really nice. The mee taste is very bland and the soup have too much MSG. Luckily we are able to eat one decent wanton mee during our trip. Haha..

I guess that wraps up the food post. ^.^ Writing about all these post makes me go all hungry. I think I have to go find food now. =.=""

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