Friday, June 25, 2010

Hong Kong Part 4 - The Peak + Madame Tussauds

When in Hong Kong, how can we miss the Madame Tussauds gallery? It is a must visit place. We went there on our 2nd day first thing in the morning. Fully charge my battery and being the super excited me, we proceed to start our 1st full day in Hong Kong. ^^

This post will only cover the trip to the Peak and inside Madame Tussauds gallery. Too many photos to share so just photos and less words ya! ^.^

Scene we saw before we reach

When nearer to the entrance of the tram station.. I was stunned.. See the people? Those are not normal people! All of them are queuing up for the tram to the Peak! Luckily we are considered as early so the queue is STILL acceptable.. I think we've only queue for about 30mins before we are able to saw the tram. ^.^

Note the chinese wordings as well? Haha.. I still can't get used to the chinese wordings instead of Malay words.. haha..This is the line to control the queue.. Luckily the air is cool so it is not stuffy eventhough there hundreds of people pack inside the queue area.. haha

See all the heads? There's ushers helping those who are blur to buy tickets 1st and tell us more about what we can see up at the PEAK.. haha...

There are really friendly actually.. So it's nice listening to them telling us about the offer that day.

Of coz.. How can I miss out Jackie Chan at the entrance?! Haha

See? We finally see the tram. However, due to the capacity of the tram, we only able to board the tram after seeing it for 3 times i think.. haha..

Coming! It's coming!!!! Haha.. Finally it's our turn!

View from the tram.. Mind you.. the tram goes up the hill in nearly 90degrees... soooo scarryyy.. haha.. but very very interesting ride.. If I am not wrong, the whole ride takes about 15mins only..haha

Reaching.. We are inside the building now.. Tram building.. Look at the view of Hong Kong from here?! SOOOO pretty! Haha.. We are dominating the world!!! Woo Hoo!

First thing 1st! Went straight to the Gallery. OmG!! Who's standing there welcoming us???!!!!!!!

Michelle Yeoh!!!

Not to forget we are treated like celebrity.. Reporters snapping pictures of us non-stop..! The click click sounds sooo nice to hear! ^.^

Lang Lang!

He loves me so much he requested me to snap a pix with him. See how grateful he is?! 

Winter Sonata's 3 new leading actress!

Twins asking me to-sing-along with them.. Of coz I say yes! That's why you see me next to them on stage!

Not to forget Miriam Yeong.. She keeps laughing at us non-stop.. I don't understand why.. 

While we are still walking to meet our idols.. We saw Mr Yao Ming playing basketball and we thought we would like to play with him.

 But he said "No, you guys are too short.. "

Anyway, we had the opportunity to meet the royalties as well. They are soo friendly. See our group pix together? 

Umm... I was scared by this fellow.. I was just walking by and he sooooo happy and cheerful snatch me to snap photo.. I still wondering who is he? Anyone? 

And of coz, Little Mozart. He seems to be so absord in his violin that I do not dare to ask him to accept me as his student!

(I should have insisted as I need to play his sonata in D in 3 weeks time..=.=")

Marilyn Monroe seems so happy.. Laughing.. I couldn't help laughing as well...

OMG.... no wonder Monroe keeps laughing.. she met her twin.. 

Beatles! They played their best for me! See how I match with them?!

After snapping photos with our idols, we are hungry. Mind you.. there isn't a restaurant/cafe that isn't FULL HOUSE.. and I don't mean the FULL HOUSE @ NZX... =.=

We walk for soooo long.. finally decided to queue AGAIN for a restaurant.. forgot the name already.. but it's worth the long wait.. the food is great!

Preparing for a delicious meal!

Please.. don't ask me for the name as I had already forgotten.. haha

Spaghetti with pork chop

Me enjoying the started!  Yummilicious!

Me with the main course!

Us enjoying the drinks! ^>^

After that, we walk around to browse for souvenier.. And we snap some interior pictures!

The escalator leading to the top of the building!

View from escalator! The exterior.. Many people brings their dogs for jalan jalan there.. haha

Being crazy adi.. I wanted to snap the beautiful flowers actually.. but these two thought that they are flowers.. =.=

The tram behind is old tram for exhibition..

The background look like we are at some western countryside.. haha

We stay until sunset.. 

Finally done this post.. I've been neglecting it for 2 months already.. Haha.. Sorry ya guys.. I miss out a lot of details as well.. Due to my inattentiveness in the trip... I totally forgot the names of the places.. haha..

Anyway, I hope the next chapter will be up SOON! Hopefully before I went to Hong Kong AGAIN! haha

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