Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brand New Leaf

Alrite peoples.. I've finally change my layout AGAIN.. this time with a more greener feel..

Still in the midst of updating the design. So bear with me if anything weird pops up or you see something that's not suppose to be there.. Haha..

I am already very very hardworking. Juggling between my music career and design career.. Just last Saturday, I went for the Chopin competition Open Day to perform a duet with Chee Kwai. And the result is depressing as disaster struck. We played.. I mean, I played badly. Did not synchronize together at all. Partly due to my fault of being stage fright and the GrandPiano soo different feel from my Petrof.. Anyway, we've vow to practice very much harder for July competition when we will be flying to Hong Kong. 2 weeks there and I am aiming to play my best and shop my best!

Oh yes! I am going to shop till I drop. The 1st time there I did not browse many things as winter is approaching and therefore many winter apparels and blah blah.. this time is summer.. so should be many interesting items..! I'm really looking forward towards it. Haha..

And of coz, I'm preparing to sweat. Haha..

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