Monday, June 28, 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

This is the 1st time I'm writing for a Nuffnang contest! But this movie is too interesting to skip.. 


Cause it remind me of something that I cherish so much that IF it is stolen... I guess my life would be.. 



My mind might not be very big. Neither is it very smart. But I love it dearly. I kept all my valuable inside it. No.. These valuables couldn't be bought.. not even with everything in the universe. It might be useless piece of information for you, but to me, it is my life.

I have had this secret since............well, forever.. I've never known myself without it. I guess it became my deepest secret since I'm alive, as I don't remember a time when I don't have it. It is part of me. I might be lonely without it.

Ok..I guess I had been ranting a lot but I still haven't mention what is the deepest secret in my mind. But then, how can I reveal it here? When it is so important to me that I'm afraid it will be lost once I write it out. I'm afraid it will be stolen. If so, would anyone be able to get it back for me? I'm so afraid of it. 

Yes, go ahead and call me sissy.. I am not as daring as you might thought. I don't do things I don't have confident. I don't share what I can't share. If I want it to be safe, I keep it private.

Therefore, this secret shall remain in my memory as the deepest secret of all time. 

Afterall, what is a secret?

Something no one know. 

Only me. 

Good Luck..

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