Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Stage Super Siao

D'Life Performance Center (Hooi Ling 2009)

I'm thinking of the competition in 2 weeks time..And I have started to be sooooo stressful.. Due to the extra lesson given. I'm starting to become a nervous wreck. Honestly, I'm not afraid of performing badly infront of the judges as from the beginning, I join this competition just for the sake of experience. Little do I expect the teacher will go from crazy to mad to gila to siao...!!!!!! 

If she did not stop siao-ing soon.. I am going to be siao very very soon. 

I am really under a lot pressure these days.. And I wonder what am I actually doing. Why am I doing it? For what?!

I'm regretting a lot already. I thought I would enjoy the process.. I wouldn't ever dream that I will want to shy away from the process now. 

Help me someone would you?....

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