Sunday, October 31, 2010

Books that I'm reading

Since arriving in the UK, I have not read much fictions. Only The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffengger which I brought with me from Malaysia. I did not spent a lot of time reading as I spent all my free time watching PPS.. Plead guilty. 

The Time Traveler's Wife

Anyway, since I'm reaching the end of the book, I plan to buy a few more. Suddenly, I just feel like reading. Don't get me wrong. For my assignment, I need to read a lot. But they are all academic, and it's tiring me out. I need some fictions. Haha..

So when I passed by WHsmith yesterday, I went inside to have a look and when I saw ALLLL those books, I nearly faint.. with craziness! I miss MPH so much. I did not realised how much I miss my fictions until I met them all. 

In the end, after browsing and browsing and looking at the cover for the prices which fit me, I choose her. 

You are the One I don't want by Alexandra Potter. I just love her stories. I have read almost all her novels and imagine me when I saw this new title which I have not read. @_@

Her fictions are really romantic and fantastic. I'm not giving a review here as I could go on and on and spoil the surprise. Go to the bookstore and look up on her books. It's worth reading.

You are the One that I don't want

PS. I have ordered another 2 fictions from and I found that it is so much cheaper to order on9 then to buy in bookstore. Since I'm in UK, I get free shipping. Haha.. Isn't it great? I will be bankrupt-ing soon.. =.="

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am dissappointed

Situation 1

A: Hi! Where are you from?

Me: Malaysia

Situation 2

B: Oh.. You are from Malaysia.. So what language do you speak?

Me: Erm.. English? and a Chinese at home. But we study Malay as well.

B: Wow.. so many language.. that's cool..

Situation 3

C: 你跳下去吧。。 哈哈。。

D: 跳下去? 我不是笨蛋。。

Me: hahaha....

C & D: *look at me*

C: you understand me???

Me: Ya.. haha..

(they never thought I know Chinese.. they thought Malaysia have some kind of different language.. LoL.. I sure can be a good spy.. hehe)

Situation 4

*In French Class*

E: Bonjour! Je m'appelle Fang Fang. Je suis Chinoise. (Good day! My name is Fang Fang. I am Chinese) (She is from Shanghai)

Me: Bonjour! Je m'appelle Mei Theng. Je suis Malaisienne. (Good day! My name is Mei Theng. I am Malaysian)


I am in a class where over 60% students are from China. All over China.

During tutorials, I wanted very much to let my tutor know that I am not from China. I am a Malaysian. When in French class, I would not say I am chinese but I will introduce myself as a Malaysian.

I am proud to be a Malaysian.

Over the time, I have always see some clips about how our political party debates various issues. Frankly, I don't pay much attention to them. I always have no interest in them. How they fight over economy and blah.. doesn't catch my attention. However, there is this one clip, circulating in FB which I assume people who play FB will know which clip I'm talking about, makes me feel so disappointed.

I do not know for sure the intention of the speaker, but it make me sad upon hearing it. Generally speaking though.

I wouldn't go into details about what that clip is all about as I do not want to talk politics, (cause I know nothing about them.. =.="). All I wanted to express here is that, listening to the leader talking like that really make me feel sad.

I am proud to be a Malaysian. Aren't we all always stressing that we are neither Malay nor Chinese nor Indians nor others? We are Malaysian. When we are introducing ourselves, we introduce ourselves as Malaysian. We don't go about telling other people.. "Hi! I am Chinese" or "Hi! I am Indian". We say "Hi! I am Malaysian." Obviously, people who saw us, will know we are Chinese or Indians or Malay. We do not need to stress them and we don't. So, why do we need to separate ourselves like that?

Aren't Chinese important to Malaysia? Aren't Indians important? I thought we are all equal. I thought beside Malay having Bumiputra status, and I agree they have the right to it, we are all Malaysian. We have the same background. We live together. We share the pride and glory of Malaysia. We are ALL born at the same place. So why are we being separated?

I'm always really sad when I saw news about discrimination. It isn't right at all. So what if we speak different language? We all understand each other cause we all have similarities. Why stress 1Malaysia if our leaders are not showing the society what that means? We choose our leaders and we hope they would guide us. Are this they way they are guiding us?

It's really disappointing.

I thought by learning history in schools should instil some 'sayangi Malaysia' value into us. But I guess I'm wrong. Maybe then, we should just scrap history. At least, students will be less tired remembering all the facts that doesn't mean anything more.

Tell me, is this our future? We are changing. But is it for the better? Or worse?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 30

It has been 30 days since I reach Nottingham, UK. Time do flies don't they? At times, it seems like there are so long until the day I can fly back to Malaysia. On the other hand, without me realising, I had already been on my own for 30days. I pass each day by itself. Spending the morning mostly browsing Facebook to check on my friends, play so games, eat some breakfast and then prepare to go for class. If I have an evening class, I will then skype with my family before going for class. During night time, I would feel the emptiness in my room when all my friends had already sleep. I will then watch drama until I'm sleepy.

This had been a routine for the pass 30days. I started to feel that I did not come here to study. I come here to experience life alone. I spent the days sleeping, eating and watching pps. That's all I do.

Without realising, I had been living like this for 30days. How can I continue to live like this? I have to make up my mind to be more responsible. Not just eat and sleep.

However, I really do not know what can I do besides all that. Right now, my assignment aren't really tight yet. And I've been slacking a little. I start to wonder what will happen when deadline approach.

After 30days, I start to think of the times when I could just wear a short pants or skirt with a t-shirt and go out..whether shopping or studying. However, for the 30days here, I have been putting on heavy coat and scarf before walking out of my room. In the beginning, it seems fun. Now, it is a drag. I feel really frustrated with the weather. Walking in the cold wind is bad.. but reaching the Uni building which is warm is more bad. Cause it make me colder after 2 hours inside and I need to walk home again.

I miss the time when I can just go anywhere I like anytime. I wanted to go shopping and eat anything I desire and spent the time laughing with my friends.

Shopping here just isn't that fun. All because I need to watch my purse, or rather, my card and all things seem to be heavy and bulky. I couldn't buy any ornaments I found cute cause I couldn't possibly bring them back to Malaysia. Some coats I found and I really like but it just doesn't make sense to buy so many coats as I only need them for 10 months. Back in Malaysia, I wouldn't even thought of wearing them. Besides, the coats are really heavy and it would be problems when I'm packing that time.

With all this worries, how can I shop with enjoyment? Not to mention I walk inside this shopping centre everyday. This building serve as a 'tunnel' between my home and Uni. What fun it is to go during the weekend? I walk in it everyday which in another words means, I shop everyday. There's nothing special about weekend now beside it means housework, grocery shopping and watching drama whole day. Sunday doesn't seem special now since it is the same as any other day.

This doesn't sound good right?

I hope this depress mood is just passing by. I wouldn't want to spent the next 10 months depressing. In actual fact, I feel much happier when I am outside either walking all around without motive or in Uni. At least, I'm with people and there's things happening. Inside my room, I would just facebook, blog, drama, eat and sleep. This beside making me depress, it make me fat and lazy.


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Know what?

Ever since I know how to read and write, I've always dream of being a writer. Not those dream you have when you sleep okay? ^^"

When I'm in school, I will often write short little stories. And I mean it.. really really SHORT. Maybe just a page or 2 or 3 long. Haha.. The storyline will mostly be my own fantasy. I write it out of interest and when I read them again years later, I found that those stories are really innocent, and stupid. *blush*

I would think of re-write it again but then, when I take up my pen, I couldn't start. Those stories are my childhood's work and I couldn't write the same thing again with correct grammar and etc. The style is different and thus, I did not alter them. Put them back into my cupboard and take out another notepad and start a different story.

However, all my stories are like essays we write while in school. Just 2-3 pages long. Nothing much to shout about. Therefore, I often wonder how does those people write and write and could publish it into a book? I could never do that. =.="

I read articles about how to write short stories/novels and I noticed that first, I have to know my storyline very well. And then, develop my characters. Then I know my problem. I know my storyline. I know my character. But they do not know me and therefore, my character couldn't communicate with me so my storyline could go on forever. They are stranger to me. They would just appear and say Hi, and then Bye and that's all.

This is sad.

I always wanted my story to be able to receive real critics but I do not even have any story for people to critic. Isn't it pathetic? I often wanted to do something, but after a night, I will lose my interest. This is really my weakness. Could I possibly amend it?

Like now.. while watching drama on PPS, I suddenly had the urge to blog..all because the character in the drama blogs. =.="""

This is terrible. I could be distracted very very easily. This is no good.

Maybe..Just maybe, one day, you would see my story somewhere.. in print!  ^.^

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Note 1

Random Notes 1

  1. Everything you do seems sillier when you are alone than when you are with company. Especially in public spaces. Even little things such as sneezing might attract more attention when you are alone.
  2. When coming back from the outside, bath straight away to avoid freezing.
  3. When there is homework, all I want to do is just slack. When there is time to slack, all I want to do is to continue.
  4. Being in the company of the locals make me feel like a aborigines. 
  5. Thinking about my research and watching drama cannot be done together.
  6. I have eaten grapes continuously for at least 2 weeks.
  7. Shopping is more enjoyable if I can use what I bought. 
  8. Being in a university is a lot of fun, yet, sometimes I wonder why I wanted to come here.
  9. I want to go travelling around Europe but yet to find companions. I wonder if I can just go alone?
  10. I walk around the City site alone for 2 hours this afternoon, I feel freedom, yet, I am not completely satisfied. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Water, Oh Water

Walking to Uni for class isn't as pleasant as you think. You would say "oh, the weather there so nice, walk also more comfortable lah~"

I would say you are too naive.

Try imagine yourself walking down the street, wearing a jacket complete with scarf and handbag over your shoulder, carrying a bunch of books from library that's due, along with the damn big A3 sketch book, a pink file, and a thick note book with pens dangling on it, while the COLD wind keep blowing at your face until you thought your face had drop on the ground and look for it only to notice it had gone freezing..

Then after 15mins, when you arrive at the building, and rush inside to the class which still need about 5mins walk away from the main building, and finally step into the room, sit down and pant. Starts to take off your jacket and scarf because you starts to feels hot after the rush. While getting back your breath, you feels thirsty. Turn to your bag and do a treasure hunt inside your bag for the 'gold'.

Your water.

Which is when you notice, due to this morning coldness and maddening rushing, you forgot to put that stupid water bottle which you had already fill up to the top into your already very heavy bag.

So, all the time during the class, you couldn't quench your thirst. In the beginning, you don't really feel very thirsty, but after you realise you did not have any water with you, you start to feel a bit thirsty. When you keep thinking why hadn't you be more careful you become MORE thirsty. Until the end of the class, you are practically DYING of thirst.

Then you realise the important of water.

We practically abusing our water. We don't ever notice how precious water it. Being in a country where water is always there, always clean and safe to drink, we don't notice how lucky we are. In the world, there are billions of other people who doesn't have this luxury. People drink water that are brown in colour. Those are water that are polluted. It contains virus and bacteria which could led to sickness.

This is a very important issues around the world. Water is a daily basic need. We can go without food for days, but we couldn't survive without water. We use water for almost everything. Imagine those places where the water are coloured. Imagine them using those water for their daily usage. Everyday, there would be children dying of unsafe water and unhygienic living lifestyle. They drink the 'coloured' water, they get sick, they got no one to cure them, they die.

Cleanliness of the water could be done. It might not be an overnight project but it could be improving from time to time. Eventhough you might not think we can help make a changes, we can.

Just by simply NOT throwing anything besides the nature into the SEA and RIVER, we could already applause ourselves. Small gestures do help. Don't waste water while washing your face. Don't waste water by playing with it. Don't throw waste into the sea. Couldn't we all do that?

Imagine us without water for an hour when we are thirsty, would you be willing to drink water which are 'coloured'?

Many people around the world drinks them everyday. They doesn't have a choice. Even then, those water do not come easily like us, with taps + filters. Women have to carry tons of water on their back and walk and walk and walk before reaching their house, providing water for her family. Not to mention that the water she brings back are polluted. Does she have a choice?

*This post is writen in conjunction with Blog Action Day 2010*

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do I survive?

I'm really weird. I always feel like blogging at the odd hours. Especially during the night before tutorial. *wink*

So here am I today, blogging to avoid researching and reading..

(Oh, and by the way, in order to let me have some memories, would you leave a comment at my comment box and not my chat box? I know I sound desperate for comments right? Pathetic.. But, when I need comfort, reading you guys comment do help and if you leave them at the chat box, they will be gone after sometime..  ^^")

Today, I am going to show you guys how I live in Nottingham. Do I live with burger and fries? Or do I live with bread and cheese?


October 1st, 2010

October 12th, 2010

October 14th, 2010

Found some similarities?

Haha.. Yup! All of them are placed in a PINK plate! ^^  Oh.. and all of them contains Chicken, Rice and Egg.. and Potatoes..

Well, as you guys probably know, I love chicken. So, it is normal that I should cook chicken. Isn't it? And what else can chicken mix with? Potatoes... LoL..

The 1st plate of rice I ever cook is in the 1st pix. That's my 1st plate of rice I ever ever cooked. But luckily it turn out well although I put too many water that day. So the next time I cook rice, I put lesser and it turns out well. ^^

The soy sauce chicken is also my 1st masterpiece. I just dump everything I have into the pot and boil. I think I boil these chicken, potatoes, ginger, onion and egg for about 2 hours +.. =.=" But I like the taste.. Not sure anyone likes it or not la.. Haha..

The 3rd time I cooked the chicken, I don't have onion and ginger with me. I'm just plain lazy to buy so just cook with the soy sauce and put more potatoes in. It taste well. I like it with rice. Without rice, it will be tooooo salty.. My fault.. Haha.. Next time will be better.

Therefore, my next target is curry chicken. LoL.. Yup, with chicken and potatoes as well. Haha..

Oh.. and I often eat grapes as well.. Haha..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Days at Nottingham Trent University

I guess I have forgotten to blog about my classes in NTU so far so now, I'm going to talk a little about what am I experiencing in NTU, for the past 16 days.

The first week is a total chaos. I have no idea which classes to go and where the hell there are. But, weird enough, I enjoy it. Xian says that she can't stand it. She doesn't like the feeling of insecurity, of not knowing what and where. However, I tend to enjoy exploring this little place. I mean, it is once in a life. Even I'm going to spent the next many months here but the feeling of being NEW is only ONCE! ^_^

So, the first week, with the help from Xian's friend, Carine, I manage to find my way to my module administrator and she provided me with the information I need to know. Eventhough I get those timetables, but things are always changing. Which makes me go crazy. I do not know whether which class I'm suppose to go to as it does not written clearly and I have no one to ask. (Xian and me is in different course)

Anyway, I manage to survive the first week well and make some friend at the end of the week. We are the late comers. Haha.. As you guys know, I am late for a week and therefore, everyone already know everyone and started to do some group projects. Luckily for me, there are also few late comers as well and we stick together since we do not have group. And that's how I get to make some friends and feel much more happier.

Going into the 2nd week, I'm much more sure of my time table. Confusion started to evaporate and I know I should check my email every hour of the day as changes often happened.

Monday - 4pm to 6pm - Generic Lecture (Whole School of Art and Design  MA students together)

Wednesday - 11am to 1pm - Language Support Class (Separated into Groups.. I'm in D)

Thursday - 2.30pm to 4.30pm - French Part 1 (I've enrolled in a French class.. ^_^)

Friday - 9am to 12pm - Product Design (Lec, Tut)
             2pm to 4pm - CAD (Solid Work cad class)

This is mostly what I will be going through for the coming weeks. There is always changes here and there and there are some open lecture series which I can join and I will join. LOL

Oh, and fyi, I have gather up my courage and enrol in a French class. This is 100% optional but I thought since I will be here why don't learn something new? (I need to pay though.. ) Furthermore, I don't think there is a better place to learn a foreign language than in a foreign country..although I'm not learning in France.. Haha.. but I think it's still better than learning in Malaysia right?

And on Wednesday, I would have the language support class which is English class in brief. The lecturers are so afraid of us getting annoyed or what, she keep saying that "everyone of you here have good English background I'm sure since you are here, and this class is just to support you all in your language and essays and to improve them more. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that your English isn't good but these classes are to make them even better."

Personally, I don't really mind that we're having English class. My English certainly need 'polishment' and since I'm in a English speaking country, I should really grab the chance and 'eat' as much info I'm feed. Haha.. Furthermore, I realised that I could always write in English but when speaking with them, I always feel my voice fail me. I would stop half way or err.. ahh.. something like that. I couldn't speak fluently. I guess I have neglected my English for too long. So, you guys back at Malaysia, don't forget to speak in English. Speaking in Cantonese everyday really spoil my English. T_T

Hmm.. about my course, Product Design, there isn't any REAL lecture about it yet.. I hope to get more lecture soon. Anyway, I just found out that my fellow classmate in product design all have background in product design. Only me from interior. I feel a bit.. worry. Haha.. (FYI, there are 50% of the students in School of Art and Design MA studying fashion and most of them doesn't have a background in fashion. So why does mine all have background in product design???  =.=")

I'm currently enjoying my lesson though. So far, the 2 tutorials I went to are nice, informative and fun. I hope I will still feel fun after a month and when deadline is creeping nearer.. Haha.. there's a 1st assessment right before Christmas..

Oh, btw, since arriving at NTU, I have been looking high and low for a piano. I even went to the Student support counter to ask for it and they direct me to the student union and I went and ask the office lady and she direct me to the student-in-charge and he gave me the music society president and ask me to email him to ask. In the end, I did not do that but email directly the Director of Music at NTU and he told me there is practice room at Clifton campus.. quite far from my City site.. but at least I know where to go if I really need it. Haha...

However, last week, I'm rushing to an open lecture in Bonnington and I'm nearly late. It start at 5pm and when I reach there it's already 4.55pm but I do not know where the lecture theatre is. Once I'm inside the building, and I'm looking frantically left, right and top, I hear the piano sound. Someone is playing the piano. And it is very very near. I thought it's coming from the 2nd floor and I rush up the stair. But the sound started to fade. So it's not there. Being very urgent as I'm late for the lecture but I still want to look for the piano as it is an opportunity I couldn't miss. Cause by hearing the sounds I could find the piano. Without the sound I wouldn't know where to look. So I choose to follow the sound of piano and ignore my time. ^_^"  I walk back down the stairs and walk to my left. The sound is getting louder. I'm getting more excited. I push open the door and there it is. Right smack at the corridor is the piano. Someone is playing a sonata and he sounded great. I wanted to stop and listen but then I look up and I saw the lecture theatre I've been rushing to.

Well, well, well. So I found my piano and my lecture hall. If I don't follow the sound, I wouldn't find both. ^^"

 I believe that the God of Music is helping me. ^^"

Xian say I think too much. Haha..

I still haven't get the chance to play on that piano yet but at least I wouldn't need to go to Clifton campus to get my hand on a piano. Oh.. I'm so happy. ^^

Oppsss.. I just realized that this post is getting too long. There's so much to say. Haha.. I hope I did not bore you guys. For those that read right down until this word, I really appreciate that you are so interested in knowing my life here. It shows that you care. Let me know you read this by leaving me a msg k?


Monday, October 11, 2010

Google translator is the best!

"So far in August, a lot of things happen, there is music, an evil, pregnant, in their hearts, just want to feel, do not want to say. "

I went to one of my favourite blog just now, (I will not reveal which but if you happened to read my blog.. I hope you don't mind me taking your words ya... ^_^) and she writes in chinese. I can read some and some words are hard. The words she choose to write is so difficult that I had no choice but ask Google to translate it for me. And this is one of the sentence I read which makes my eye goes BIG and ROUND...

I don't understand so I select to see the original words. And this is what she originally written..

"从八月至今,很多事情发生,有,有有喜,在心头,只想感觉,不想说出。 "

And I went

And then

And thus I plan to blog. 

It's really a wonderful translation. 

For those who doesn't understand, 有喜 in chinese means happiness and often when someone is pregnant, they will say 有喜 coz it's a happy occasion. I never know Google really translate that. Haha.. 

The correct translation of what she writes is suppose to be there is joy, there is sad, there is happiness. Ya ya.. I know joy and happy is suppose to be different, but in chinese writings it's a different expression. Haha.. Oh well, I'm not a qualified translator, I'm just translating what I understand. Haha..

Anyway, thumbs up to google. I thought Google often direct translate a word.. not expecting it to translate 有喜 into pregnant. Google is not wrong. It's too smart. ^_^

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dear friends,

I am writing to inform everyone that I am procrastinating. Everytime I have some assignment due or needed to practice for exams or whatsoever, I always find the mood to blog. I feel that blogging at this time is very very important. Like what my lecturer in today language class said : everytime there is a deadline, cleaning the house suddenly seem to become very very very important. It's so true.

Last Sunday, I suddenly make up my mind to vacuum my floor, pack away my clothes and organize my table. Finding more things to do so that I can avoid sitting down and starting on my mind-map.

This is absolutely unforgivable, since I'm the one who make the decision of studying. Why am I avoiding the assignment now???

This is a nightmare. It's not that I don't want to do.

But can you tell me what in the world is a Grantt Chart?


I know what is a Grantt Chart.. but how in the world can I make my own Grantt Chart when I don't know for sure what to do???

Help me friends..

the procrastinator..


Monday, October 4, 2010

After 9 days at Nottingham

This is the plane that brought me from KL to Nottingham.. ^_^

Alright... I exaggerated a little.. This is actually the plane that brought me to Manchester from Amsterdam. Haha..

Today is my 9th day in Nottingham. Being away from my family is really lonely. I realised it the 1st day. Thanks to the majestic internet, I get to meet my family everyday. At least, I feel I am still connected to the life at home.

So, I promise that this post will be more cheerful than the previous. So, I'll try to keep lesser words and more photos + description ya..  ^^

This is my 1st meal in my room. I don't really like it though. The soup.. or more like the gravy is too thick and it taste quite bland eventhough it smells good. Haha.. Anyway, the 1st night is really.. sad. I'm tired.. of the long journey and jetlag. After reaching my room and dumping everything in, we went out for grocery. After that, we went back to our own room and I made this cup mee. And I feel sad. I'm alone. That's the 1st time I feel so lonely.

This is my dwelling for the following 1 year. The 1st week sees me walking up and down, in and out of Nottingham. Being so busy settling down. I'm busy going to the Uni to settle my enrolment and announce my late arrival to the coordinator, finding my way around the Uni buildings, looking for my class and busy finding the right people to ask questions.

Besides that, I'm busy with going to Tesco and Wilkinson to buy my things as well. I'm looking for daily food, grocery like salt, sugar, pepper, dark sauce, oyster sauce, etc etc, floor mat, cups, tissues, pillows, etc etc.

Everyday after a hectic day rushing around the Uni, I will pass by Tesco or Wilkinson to get my things and will then lugged a heavy and super heavy and damn heavy plastic of goods back to my room.

That's my 1st week.

This is the road taken by me for the week. Walking to and fro for 2 days, I already got myself familiarise with the road and did not get lost.

This plate of rice was cooked by yours truly, ME! This is the 1st ever plate of rice I ever cooked. Yea.. I did not need to cook at home. Really.. I feel myself successful as this plate of rice is edible and it taste not bad. Haha..

I once bought some little mandarin oranges here. And it taste really really really great! So sweet and juicy. I just have to buy it again.

This is the view near the Old Market Square. This place is always crowded with people and mind you, it's a really great place to hang around.

This is me at the square. See those people. There really like it there. And so does the pigeons. All the 9 days I have been in UK, the only bird I saw is the pigeons. And they are damn fat!

They walk around, fly around and eat around. They aren't afraid of people. No wonder they are fat.

See all those nice nice buildings there? I'm really in cloud 9 when I saw them. The moment I arrive at Nottingham train station, walk out and saw my surrounding, I have already fall in love with the city. It really is a nice little place. It's like a dream come true, being able to see these buildings, and actually walk into them.

NTU have some of these old buildings as well and sometimes I just feel like Harry Potter.. LoL.. Pictures of NTU later, as I still haven't snap them yet.. haha..


"where's the water mama?"

If it's not for the buildings I will feel miserable. Actually, I don't feel miserable during the day as I have things to do, people to talk to and scene to see. It's only the night. When I am alone, nothing to do (but assignments), family are asleep, inside my room, I will feel bad.

Anyway, don't worry. I will be alright. I am going to get many many new experience and learn many many new things here and come back to Malaysia as a brand new me! ^_^

ps. I've started to do my assignment already last weekend. It's still the beginning and as you guys know, the 1st word/step is always the hardest. I couldn't seem to make up my mind on what topic to focus on. And now I have to do it alone. Haha.. Ling ling.. you better on9 more..

See ya!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am lonely.

I have been in Nottingham almost a week already. Things kinda happened very fast. From KLIA to Amsterdam to Manchester. All in 15hours. Reaching Nottingham before 4pm on 26th September 2010.

Now, I am officially an International Student majoring in MA Product Design in Nottingham Trent University. Coming here is a dream I previously wish for. Departing to Nottingham is excited and in the mean time, I feel depressed. I wouldn't be able to be with my family and friends for 1 year. I couldn't see my favourite toys/books/piano/etc etc for 1 year. I know I will miss everything tremendously. Especially my family. The longest I've been away from them is 2 weeks.. that's when I went for holiday in Hong Kong.. Even that, I will keep thinking of going back home. I hope I know what am I doing now. Coming to UK for furthering my studies.. am I really here for my studies or am I here to see what how does the British live? I don't really feel like working on my assignments now actually.. I am homesick. I miss my family. Sometime, I think if I am here with just one of my close friend, I wouldn't be so lonely.. at least we can laugh together and cry together. But now, I am here with no one. Everyone tells me that I would be able to make friends but I don't think those friends are the ones I have back in Malaysia. It's different. That's because we have different backgrounds. I feel different.

I heard one of the other student said that day..

"I come to Nottingham only for 1 reason. And that couldn't be achieve in my home country. That is to be a foreigner."

I feels that she said it very well. I come here to be a foreigner. To learn and experience new things. But all I wish for is only a friend.

Sorry for the depressed update. I am really upset now. I just need to rant it all out.. I hope I can overcome this or I wouldn't be able to do any work...

Pictures are available in my facebook.

I promise that my next post will be something cheerful or I wouldn't post it for you guys to get worry about me. Sorry.