Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do I survive?

I'm really weird. I always feel like blogging at the odd hours. Especially during the night before tutorial. *wink*

So here am I today, blogging to avoid researching and reading..

(Oh, and by the way, in order to let me have some memories, would you leave a comment at my comment box and not my chat box? I know I sound desperate for comments right? Pathetic.. But, when I need comfort, reading you guys comment do help and if you leave them at the chat box, they will be gone after sometime..  ^^")

Today, I am going to show you guys how I live in Nottingham. Do I live with burger and fries? Or do I live with bread and cheese?


October 1st, 2010

October 12th, 2010

October 14th, 2010

Found some similarities?

Haha.. Yup! All of them are placed in a PINK plate! ^^  Oh.. and all of them contains Chicken, Rice and Egg.. and Potatoes..

Well, as you guys probably know, I love chicken. So, it is normal that I should cook chicken. Isn't it? And what else can chicken mix with? Potatoes... LoL..

The 1st plate of rice I ever cook is in the 1st pix. That's my 1st plate of rice I ever ever cooked. But luckily it turn out well although I put too many water that day. So the next time I cook rice, I put lesser and it turns out well. ^^

The soy sauce chicken is also my 1st masterpiece. I just dump everything I have into the pot and boil. I think I boil these chicken, potatoes, ginger, onion and egg for about 2 hours +.. =.=" But I like the taste.. Not sure anyone likes it or not la.. Haha..

The 3rd time I cooked the chicken, I don't have onion and ginger with me. I'm just plain lazy to buy so just cook with the soy sauce and put more potatoes in. It taste well. I like it with rice. Without rice, it will be tooooo salty.. My fault.. Haha.. Next time will be better.

Therefore, my next target is curry chicken. LoL.. Yup, with chicken and potatoes as well. Haha..

Oh.. and I often eat grapes as well.. Haha..


Min Kim said...

Make fried chicken next time! XDXDXDXD
Pink plate LOL You bought it from there huh?
You can actually make soup with the same ingredients you used though lol

siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

did u just add the comment link or waht..i couldnt find it the other day!!! xD

Cassie the Missy said...

KimKim : Yalor.. That's y next time want to try soup.. haha.. and yes.. the pink plate bought here geh.. LOl.. Fried chicken need alot of oil and work lo.. lazy.. go out buy and eat better..haha

Cassie the Missy said...

SC: last time also got ge lo.. u 'ngan dai tai kou long' haha