Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Days at Nottingham Trent University

I guess I have forgotten to blog about my classes in NTU so far so now, I'm going to talk a little about what am I experiencing in NTU, for the past 16 days.

The first week is a total chaos. I have no idea which classes to go and where the hell there are. But, weird enough, I enjoy it. Xian says that she can't stand it. She doesn't like the feeling of insecurity, of not knowing what and where. However, I tend to enjoy exploring this little place. I mean, it is once in a life. Even I'm going to spent the next many months here but the feeling of being NEW is only ONCE! ^_^

So, the first week, with the help from Xian's friend, Carine, I manage to find my way to my module administrator and she provided me with the information I need to know. Eventhough I get those timetables, but things are always changing. Which makes me go crazy. I do not know whether which class I'm suppose to go to as it does not written clearly and I have no one to ask. (Xian and me is in different course)

Anyway, I manage to survive the first week well and make some friend at the end of the week. We are the late comers. Haha.. As you guys know, I am late for a week and therefore, everyone already know everyone and started to do some group projects. Luckily for me, there are also few late comers as well and we stick together since we do not have group. And that's how I get to make some friends and feel much more happier.

Going into the 2nd week, I'm much more sure of my time table. Confusion started to evaporate and I know I should check my email every hour of the day as changes often happened.

Monday - 4pm to 6pm - Generic Lecture (Whole School of Art and Design  MA students together)

Wednesday - 11am to 1pm - Language Support Class (Separated into Groups.. I'm in D)

Thursday - 2.30pm to 4.30pm - French Part 1 (I've enrolled in a French class.. ^_^)

Friday - 9am to 12pm - Product Design (Lec, Tut)
             2pm to 4pm - CAD (Solid Work cad class)

This is mostly what I will be going through for the coming weeks. There is always changes here and there and there are some open lecture series which I can join and I will join. LOL

Oh, and fyi, I have gather up my courage and enrol in a French class. This is 100% optional but I thought since I will be here why don't learn something new? (I need to pay though.. ) Furthermore, I don't think there is a better place to learn a foreign language than in a foreign country..although I'm not learning in France.. Haha.. but I think it's still better than learning in Malaysia right?

And on Wednesday, I would have the language support class which is English class in brief. The lecturers are so afraid of us getting annoyed or what, she keep saying that "everyone of you here have good English background I'm sure since you are here, and this class is just to support you all in your language and essays and to improve them more. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that your English isn't good but these classes are to make them even better."

Personally, I don't really mind that we're having English class. My English certainly need 'polishment' and since I'm in a English speaking country, I should really grab the chance and 'eat' as much info I'm feed. Haha.. Furthermore, I realised that I could always write in English but when speaking with them, I always feel my voice fail me. I would stop half way or err.. ahh.. something like that. I couldn't speak fluently. I guess I have neglected my English for too long. So, you guys back at Malaysia, don't forget to speak in English. Speaking in Cantonese everyday really spoil my English. T_T

Hmm.. about my course, Product Design, there isn't any REAL lecture about it yet.. I hope to get more lecture soon. Anyway, I just found out that my fellow classmate in product design all have background in product design. Only me from interior. I feel a bit.. worry. Haha.. (FYI, there are 50% of the students in School of Art and Design MA studying fashion and most of them doesn't have a background in fashion. So why does mine all have background in product design???  =.=")

I'm currently enjoying my lesson though. So far, the 2 tutorials I went to are nice, informative and fun. I hope I will still feel fun after a month and when deadline is creeping nearer.. Haha.. there's a 1st assessment right before Christmas..

Oh, btw, since arriving at NTU, I have been looking high and low for a piano. I even went to the Student support counter to ask for it and they direct me to the student union and I went and ask the office lady and she direct me to the student-in-charge and he gave me the music society president and ask me to email him to ask. In the end, I did not do that but email directly the Director of Music at NTU and he told me there is practice room at Clifton campus.. quite far from my City site.. but at least I know where to go if I really need it. Haha...

However, last week, I'm rushing to an open lecture in Bonnington and I'm nearly late. It start at 5pm and when I reach there it's already 4.55pm but I do not know where the lecture theatre is. Once I'm inside the building, and I'm looking frantically left, right and top, I hear the piano sound. Someone is playing the piano. And it is very very near. I thought it's coming from the 2nd floor and I rush up the stair. But the sound started to fade. So it's not there. Being very urgent as I'm late for the lecture but I still want to look for the piano as it is an opportunity I couldn't miss. Cause by hearing the sounds I could find the piano. Without the sound I wouldn't know where to look. So I choose to follow the sound of piano and ignore my time. ^_^"  I walk back down the stairs and walk to my left. The sound is getting louder. I'm getting more excited. I push open the door and there it is. Right smack at the corridor is the piano. Someone is playing a sonata and he sounded great. I wanted to stop and listen but then I look up and I saw the lecture theatre I've been rushing to.

Well, well, well. So I found my piano and my lecture hall. If I don't follow the sound, I wouldn't find both. ^^"

 I believe that the God of Music is helping me. ^^"

Xian say I think too much. Haha..

I still haven't get the chance to play on that piano yet but at least I wouldn't need to go to Clifton campus to get my hand on a piano. Oh.. I'm so happy. ^^

Oppsss.. I just realized that this post is getting too long. There's so much to say. Haha.. I hope I did not bore you guys. For those that read right down until this word, I really appreciate that you are so interested in knowing my life here. It shows that you care. Let me know you read this by leaving me a msg k?


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