Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am dissappointed

Situation 1

A: Hi! Where are you from?

Me: Malaysia

Situation 2

B: Oh.. You are from Malaysia.. So what language do you speak?

Me: Erm.. English? and a Chinese at home. But we study Malay as well.

B: Wow.. so many language.. that's cool..

Situation 3

C: 你跳下去吧。。 哈哈。。

D: 跳下去? 我不是笨蛋。。

Me: hahaha....

C & D: *look at me*

C: you understand me???

Me: Ya.. haha..

(they never thought I know Chinese.. they thought Malaysia have some kind of different language.. LoL.. I sure can be a good spy.. hehe)

Situation 4

*In French Class*

E: Bonjour! Je m'appelle Fang Fang. Je suis Chinoise. (Good day! My name is Fang Fang. I am Chinese) (She is from Shanghai)

Me: Bonjour! Je m'appelle Mei Theng. Je suis Malaisienne. (Good day! My name is Mei Theng. I am Malaysian)


I am in a class where over 60% students are from China. All over China.

During tutorials, I wanted very much to let my tutor know that I am not from China. I am a Malaysian. When in French class, I would not say I am chinese but I will introduce myself as a Malaysian.

I am proud to be a Malaysian.

Over the time, I have always see some clips about how our political party debates various issues. Frankly, I don't pay much attention to them. I always have no interest in them. How they fight over economy and blah.. doesn't catch my attention. However, there is this one clip, circulating in FB which I assume people who play FB will know which clip I'm talking about, makes me feel so disappointed.

I do not know for sure the intention of the speaker, but it make me sad upon hearing it. Generally speaking though.

I wouldn't go into details about what that clip is all about as I do not want to talk politics, (cause I know nothing about them.. =.="). All I wanted to express here is that, listening to the leader talking like that really make me feel sad.

I am proud to be a Malaysian. Aren't we all always stressing that we are neither Malay nor Chinese nor Indians nor others? We are Malaysian. When we are introducing ourselves, we introduce ourselves as Malaysian. We don't go about telling other people.. "Hi! I am Chinese" or "Hi! I am Indian". We say "Hi! I am Malaysian." Obviously, people who saw us, will know we are Chinese or Indians or Malay. We do not need to stress them and we don't. So, why do we need to separate ourselves like that?

Aren't Chinese important to Malaysia? Aren't Indians important? I thought we are all equal. I thought beside Malay having Bumiputra status, and I agree they have the right to it, we are all Malaysian. We have the same background. We live together. We share the pride and glory of Malaysia. We are ALL born at the same place. So why are we being separated?

I'm always really sad when I saw news about discrimination. It isn't right at all. So what if we speak different language? We all understand each other cause we all have similarities. Why stress 1Malaysia if our leaders are not showing the society what that means? We choose our leaders and we hope they would guide us. Are this they way they are guiding us?

It's really disappointing.

I thought by learning history in schools should instil some 'sayangi Malaysia' value into us. But I guess I'm wrong. Maybe then, we should just scrap history. At least, students will be less tired remembering all the facts that doesn't mean anything more.

Tell me, is this our future? We are changing. But is it for the better? Or worse?

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siawcheng@joanne ♥ said...

teach me french when u r back!!!

Anyhow.... it's kinda disappointing to the extent that i don't even wanna talk about's like no point talking also.... sigh....