Monday, October 4, 2010

After 9 days at Nottingham

This is the plane that brought me from KL to Nottingham.. ^_^

Alright... I exaggerated a little.. This is actually the plane that brought me to Manchester from Amsterdam. Haha..

Today is my 9th day in Nottingham. Being away from my family is really lonely. I realised it the 1st day. Thanks to the majestic internet, I get to meet my family everyday. At least, I feel I am still connected to the life at home.

So, I promise that this post will be more cheerful than the previous. So, I'll try to keep lesser words and more photos + description ya..  ^^

This is my 1st meal in my room. I don't really like it though. The soup.. or more like the gravy is too thick and it taste quite bland eventhough it smells good. Haha.. Anyway, the 1st night is really.. sad. I'm tired.. of the long journey and jetlag. After reaching my room and dumping everything in, we went out for grocery. After that, we went back to our own room and I made this cup mee. And I feel sad. I'm alone. That's the 1st time I feel so lonely.

This is my dwelling for the following 1 year. The 1st week sees me walking up and down, in and out of Nottingham. Being so busy settling down. I'm busy going to the Uni to settle my enrolment and announce my late arrival to the coordinator, finding my way around the Uni buildings, looking for my class and busy finding the right people to ask questions.

Besides that, I'm busy with going to Tesco and Wilkinson to buy my things as well. I'm looking for daily food, grocery like salt, sugar, pepper, dark sauce, oyster sauce, etc etc, floor mat, cups, tissues, pillows, etc etc.

Everyday after a hectic day rushing around the Uni, I will pass by Tesco or Wilkinson to get my things and will then lugged a heavy and super heavy and damn heavy plastic of goods back to my room.

That's my 1st week.

This is the road taken by me for the week. Walking to and fro for 2 days, I already got myself familiarise with the road and did not get lost.

This plate of rice was cooked by yours truly, ME! This is the 1st ever plate of rice I ever cooked. Yea.. I did not need to cook at home. Really.. I feel myself successful as this plate of rice is edible and it taste not bad. Haha..

I once bought some little mandarin oranges here. And it taste really really really great! So sweet and juicy. I just have to buy it again.

This is the view near the Old Market Square. This place is always crowded with people and mind you, it's a really great place to hang around.

This is me at the square. See those people. There really like it there. And so does the pigeons. All the 9 days I have been in UK, the only bird I saw is the pigeons. And they are damn fat!

They walk around, fly around and eat around. They aren't afraid of people. No wonder they are fat.

See all those nice nice buildings there? I'm really in cloud 9 when I saw them. The moment I arrive at Nottingham train station, walk out and saw my surrounding, I have already fall in love with the city. It really is a nice little place. It's like a dream come true, being able to see these buildings, and actually walk into them.

NTU have some of these old buildings as well and sometimes I just feel like Harry Potter.. LoL.. Pictures of NTU later, as I still haven't snap them yet.. haha..


"where's the water mama?"

If it's not for the buildings I will feel miserable. Actually, I don't feel miserable during the day as I have things to do, people to talk to and scene to see. It's only the night. When I am alone, nothing to do (but assignments), family are asleep, inside my room, I will feel bad.

Anyway, don't worry. I will be alright. I am going to get many many new experience and learn many many new things here and come back to Malaysia as a brand new me! ^_^

ps. I've started to do my assignment already last weekend. It's still the beginning and as you guys know, the 1st word/step is always the hardest. I couldn't seem to make up my mind on what topic to focus on. And now I have to do it alone. Haha.. Ling ling.. you better on9 more..

See ya!

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