Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Canna

woo hoo... found wat I will be if I am a flower..

I am a

What Flower
Are You?


haha.. and what's a canna? never heard of it b4.. hehe..

see the describtion below..

"You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that."

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Little Mermaid

Heard of this fairy tales? It's by Hans Christian Andersen..

Ulp.. no? really no? u really haven't heard of it before? well, then, u must be living in the forest for years.. haha.. alright.. just kidding.. relaz... dun boycote me ok.. :)

anyway, small children, especially little gurls loved this fairy tales.. made famous by Disney.. the main character, Arial, the little mermaid.. who is dissatisfied with her live undersea went to the shore and saw Prince Eric and fell deeply in love with him.. and then.. in return for legs, she give up her beautiful voice to the evil witch, Ursula.. and then... blah blah.. Prince at last fell in love wif Arial, she get her beautiful voice back.. both live happily.. lovingly.. those typically love fairy tales.. sweet rightt? want to know more click HERE

however, I just read the original Little Mermaid.. and I found that the storyline is quite different.. and it's so sad.. (I know.. I am very ignorant.. now only read.. )

anyway.. the beginning storyline is quite similar.. Andersen depicted the surroundings of the underworld beautifully.. with all those seaweeds.. fishes.. palaces.. it's just so perfect.. haha.. ok,ok, back to the story..

the whole story seems perfect.. she meets her prince.. the prince have affections for her although she can't speak.. he seems to understand what is she trying to speak.. and she is trying to gain his love so that he will have her as her bride.. if not, on the morning after the prince marriage, she will turn in to bubbles foam in the sea.. and lost forever..

at first, the prince seems to love her.. and will not marry another.. but.. ah-hah..

but, in the end.. he meet the girl which he thought save his life during his ship wrecked. He fell in love with her instantly.. and the next day marry her.. and ask the mermaid to rejoice for him.. the little mermaid knew she had lost all her hopes.. her eyes was now being blinded by the death that was coming to her.. before the first ray of sun shine to earth, her sisters came up to the sea, and give her a knife to stab the prince death.. then his blood which drop to her legs will turn her back to tails and she can return to the underworld.. the mermaid went beside the sleeping prince.. and look at him.. she threw the knife away and fell to the sea.. she knew the prince love the princess.. not her.. and she love him too much to hurt him..

she fade into the sea.. into foams.. the next morning saw the prince and her princess looking for the mermaid.. the little mermaid smiled unseen by the prince..

sad.. sad...sad...

luckily Disney did not depict the story exactly as it is.. if not.. all children hopes will crush.. Maybe that the way reality is.. however, it wouldn't hurt to have some hopes now and then right? hmm.. it's really sad.. the little mermaid give up so much just to be with the prince she save from the wreck.. only to become a bubble foam in the end.. where's the fairness in it? but, that's what love is.. all fair and square in love.. is that true?

love is often blind.. that's wat people say..

how true is that?

how hurt will one be when her hopes are crush by their lover?

how much time will they take to heal their heart?

how many people actually had not been hurt by their partner?

how come the partner never learn that females often need more attention and sensitive care?


Thursday, October 25, 2007


There's a book named One Thousand and One Nights, which originated in Persia. The book contain stories that were collected over thousands of years by various people such as scholar, translator, etc.. etc.. these stories' roots were traced back to ancient India, ancient Persia, ancient Mesopatamian mythology and also medieval Arabian folk stories. (from Wikipedia) Stories such as Ali Baba and Aladdin were originated here too..

Anyway.. the purpose of this post is...


I am now starting my own 1001 Fantasie

yup.. I am going to 'compose' (cheh..) 1001 stories.. haha.. are you guys gonna read?

stay tuned..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yesterday went gathering at 2046 at Kuchai Lama.. Some of my secondary frens.. haha.. they change so much.. can't even recognise.. although we often gather la.. still.. I guess people change faster when they're out from school.. haha.. wonder if I had change too..

The interior of 2046.. quite cozy.. but this side is the smoking area.. polluted.. haha.. however, the non-smoking area not really cozy.. and enclose.. funny huh?

Nice shadow on the wall.. love it..

This is my drink.. Ice Longan >> haha.. dun really look like those typical Ice longan huh? but taste acceptable la.. mind u.. it's worth RM5..

The TomYam meehoon.. haha.. ok ok la.. still prefer the tomyam at Black Canyon.. long never eat there adi.. must go..

The usual bunch of gang.. haha.. everyone very busy.. but.. Ling and Guat go hide behind camera.. aih..

Two of us again.. haha..HI.. san going to scold me again.. haha.. (next time take pix wif u lo..)

New addition.. Shwu Jiun.. long time no see.. still so pretty...

The 4 flowers being added another member..! yea!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

OH Lantern

Here's the 1st project since Year 2.. Lantern.. a group work.. and I belief that a picture say a dozen words.. and since there's few pictures, there will be few dozens words.. haha..

(needless for me to tell you how many hardship we've gone through to vomit this out.. -.-

The top part of the 3 layer lantern.. quite cacat actually.. haha..

Middle part of the lantern... quite pretty actually.. but already been destroyed by godzilla.. (See the hole? guess what happen...?)

Bottom part of the Lantern.. cool shadow huh? love this ^^
not really clear.. but.. looks enchanting? haha..

final outcome... yea... can 'sau gong' (finish work)

Genting Trip..

Did I not said about going to Genting? haha.. yea.. here's some of the pix.. (request from Candy..)

Went there with Ling's parents.. they have an apartment at Genting View Resort.. before Gohtong Jaya..

Stay there for about 5 days.. swim for 3 days.. sun burn adi.. can you belief it? yea!! SUNBURN!!! in Genting!! dear.. dear.. haha.. anyway, both my shoulder is now as red as tomato.. everyone who saw me sure say.. oh.. you went swimming leh.. swt..

anyway, since already been there a few times.. and have already taken few thousands of pix.. therefore, we took lesser pix.. here's some interesting shot.. haha..

This is taken at the temple.. focusing on the mist.. (looks like smokes.. haha...)
Forest of Mist
Mountain of Mist
Mountain in the Heaven



Road to.....

Back to the apartment... guess whose hand?

Here's a poor kitty.. crying.. dunno why.. look so sick.. mayb being soak by rain.. poor thing..



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another personality test

Click to view my Personality Profile page

check it out..

I am a dreamer.. haha.. a DREAMER..

alright.. what's the big deal? a dreamer ain't bad eh.. Albert Schweitzer (theologian, musician, physician), Audrey Hepburn(actress), George Orwell(author), Helen Keller(deaf/blind author,activist), J.R.R. Tolkien(author), Jamer Taylor(singer-songwriter), Laura Ingalls Wilder(author), Princess Diana and even William Shakespeare.

all of them are dreamer as well.. haha..
just in case you don't know, George Orwell is the author of the Animal Farm, J.R.R. Tolkien is the author of Lord of the Ring and Laura Ingalls Wilder writes Little House on the Prairie.


you don't know who is William Shakespeare?
oh god.. he is one of the famous.. popular.. well-known.. and blah and blah........................... author.. he wrote various plays.. which are well-known.. such as Romeo and Juliet.. Macbeth.. so on.. I did not get to read his works yet.. as the words are.. well, bombastic..haha.. anyway.. i love his storylines..

and Laura Ingalls Wilder, one of my favourite author.. her books are fantastic.. it's all about......
wait a minute.. this post is not suppose to be book analytic.. haha..

alright.. back to the personality test..

well, so many famous people are a dreamer as well, haha..

but hey.. dun get me wrong.. dreamer is not those day dreamer ya.. haha..

research also show that women are more a dreamer than men.. haha..

it means that a dreamer often rely on his/her intuitive to guide them.. (yup.. don't I often make decision according to what my heart tells me? haha)

they often are more happy if their job are fun, not boring.. and it must be meaningful (I fully agreed to that! I couldn't stand doing a job which stays the same for 20 years.. where's the meaning then? haha)

they might also be embaressed if were put in the center of attention.. (true true!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me wanna shrink to the floor when I am in this kinda situation!!)

a simple act of creating will satisfy the dreamer..(well, I do feel happy when I am creating something.. especially MESS.. kakaka)

a dreamer often seek peace.. (I do.. I hate argument.. does that count? haha.. well, I do hate wars.. I often couldn't see the reason behind wars.. even when a party won, both loses.. think..)

They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.. (erm.. well, what do you think? haha.. I sometimes are really selfish.. I admit.. but, well, I'm loyal ain't I? I will not betray you guys.. so.. tell me your true secret.. I will keep it for you.. haha)

May be extremely sensitive to any kind of criticism.. (alright.. that's me.. I do feel bad sometimes when I received some criticism.. I admit that I am not that open minded.. but I am trying to open up my mind more and more.. just give me some time ya.. no.. don't be impatient with me.. plz??? haha.. see? I'm now cracking my head apart be open minded.. '!!!)

May have great anger, and show this anger with rash outpourings of bad temper.. (yea.. I often lose my temper.. really.. sory ya.. guys.. those whom I loses my temper with.. I'm really sorry.. I had been trying to control myself.. and this takes time as well.. just don't hesitate to scold me.. haha..)

May have skewed or unrealistic ideas about reality... (hmm.. I do often think of something that is not real.. I really do, it's just that I doesn't like to tell anyone.. haha.. I might have speak of it sometimes.. I don't really remember.. )

well, there's more.. but I would not be so selfish to bore you guys to death reading about ME.. haha.. thanks for your patient ya.. (u might be a dreamer as well.. go take the test..)

Hmm.. all in all.. I really think that this test almost shows ME.. true.. compare with the other personality test I'd taken.. this is the has the most accurate explanations... most of the situations really similar.. hmm.. I had found the real me..

Help Mother Nature

Firstly, I had to apologise for not posting this post so late.. but I had been to Genting.. and I couldn't find any internet connection there.. sori ya.. (i did not have any notebook wif me..)

'hey! where'r you going??'

'oh, it's you .. Shiny you scared the daylight out of me.. please.. be quiet..'

'oops.. sory Binny.. But why do we need to be so quiet? What are you doing?'

Binny ignore Shiny. He continue to tip-toe pass the hedge, the fence and the bench. At last, he place himself perfectly straight on the ground beside the bench. Binny sat silently. Shiny just stood above him in the air silently too, watching Binny.

After what seems like eternity, Humany turns up with Rubbishy. Both of them were walking towards the bench beside Binny. Binny sat more still. Humany sit down on the bench and took Rubbishy on his right hand. Both of them were chatting animatedly. After a while, Humany seems to lost his patient with Rubbishy's silly laughter. Humany stands up. He look left and right, and then fling Rubbishy into the hedge behind the bench. Rubbishy shout for help. Humany ignore him and walked away.

'No.. please don't throw me here.. I do not belong to the hedge.. I want to go home..'

The hedge look at Rubbishy.

'who are you? why are you here? where's your home?

Rubbishy tremble slightly as the hedge spoke. The hedge has thorn and Rubbishy were afraid of it.

'I..I am.. My name is Rubbishy.. I did not want to come to your hedge at all.. My friend, Humany threw me here, and now I am stuck. I am suppose to go back to Binny. Binny must have miss me so much.'

The hedge look at the crying Rubbishy. She took pity on him and cried to Windy.

'Oh, majestic Windy.. Pray, please take pity and help poor Rubbishy.'

Windy who's snoring loudly right above Shiny woke up. He opened his small eyes and saw Rubbishy. Windy saw how miserable Rubbishy is.

'Oh Rubbishy. How did you end up in the hedge?'

Rubbishy wipe his eyes and clear his throat.

'Oh majestic Windy. Please bring me home. I do not like to be here. This place does not belong to me. Humany, whom befriend me, did not like me anymore. Therefore, he threw me here. Oh majestic Windy. Pray.. please bring me home.'

Windy know that Rubbishy is speaking the truth. There's no way Rubbishy can get into the hedge unless being threw by Humany. Windy noded his big head and take a big gulp of Airy. Then, he blew all his might at the hedge and Rubbishy flew to the top. Windy guided Rubbishy onto the ground gently without hurting him.

'Oh majestic Windy. Thank you for your help. Now, how I wish I can get back to Binny.'

Binny who had sat silently all through this now open his eyes. Rubbishy saw him. He was so happy and relieve.

'Oh Binny. I miss you so much. I am so afraid of this place. Please.. take me back into you, to my home.'

'Dear Rubbishy, I had sat here for so long. At last, I found you. However, due to your lack of tackfullness, Humany abandone you and did not bring you back to me. Do you think that you have done no wrong?'

Rubbishy look at the ground silently. He knew his faults. He did not tell Humany clearly where does he belongs. Rubbishy did not want to go back to Binny as Binny will keep a close watch at Rubbishy and will not allow any nonsense. Rubbishy did not want to lose this freedom therefore did not tell Humany where to bring him to.

At first, Humany seems to be entertained by Rubbishy chatter. However, after sometime, Humany get tired of Rubbishy's rubbish and decided it is time to get rid of him. Humany tried to ask where does Rubbishy want to go but Rubbishy did not tell him. At last, Humany get impatient and decided to just threw him away. That's how Rubbishy ended up in the hedge.

'I'm sorry Binny. I know my faults. Next time I end up with Humany, I will tell him clearly where am I suppose to go. Humany will not simply threw me away again.'

Binny simle. He look up at Shiny. Shiny understood the signal. He shine his best sun ray in Rubbishy. Humany who walked by saw Rubbishy. He picked him up.

'where are you suppose to go?'

Rubbishy had his lesson.

'I am suppose to go into Binny there' (he pointed at Binny)

Humany noded and walk towards Binny.

'This belong to you?'

Binny open his cover and smiled. Humany put Rubbishy into Binny.

'Thanks Humany!' (Both Binny and Rubbishy said)

Shiny and Windy smiled happily. Hedge look at herself and said, 'I'm clean again.'

This story is not to say that Human threw rubbish everyplace is rubbish faults. It's just that, if we did not know what are we suppose to do, we will do what we think is the best. I think that's Human's nature. Therefore, Human should actually take more notice of everything around them. Look everywhere. The Bin might just beside you and you'll never notice.

Protect our environment. It's our reponsibility to the next generations. It's also out promise to mother nature. SHe provide us healthy environment and in return, we had to sacrifice our time to protect her.

If everyone do their own parts, the world will be a better place. Try to spend sometime looking at things around you. You might notice that we are so ignorant. Mother Nature is
crying for help but we never held out a helping hand.

p.s.. it's a bad story.. forgive me ya..

Friday, October 12, 2007

How addicted am I to blogging..

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

100% Free Personals from JustSayHi

haha.. i really dun belief I am 68% addicted to blogging.. haha..
anyway.. this is it..
and I just noticed that I had just recently been blogging quite actively.. haha.. Really hope I will keep it up.. haha..

Happy Hari Raya

It's Raya already... Selamat Hari Raya...

Malays Raya we get holidays.. haha.. yup.. it's just 2 weeks into year 2 and now we get a week break.. however.. we still have to think of the lantern project.. aiih,,

anyway.. tomolo we are going to genting.. Ling and me! haha.. ask other ppl to go but no one wanna go.. so lonely.. nvm.. we will still swim swim and swim.. haha.. yup.. the best thing of going genting will be swimming there!!!!!!!

see ya...

(p.s.. these few days not much ideas to blog.. aih.. u know la.. busy wif lantern.. need a break.. will blog after back from genting..! thanks for ur support..!)

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Did anyone ever say before that ideas often came to us when we most unexpected it? For example, when you are in the bathroom, washing your hair or brushing your teeth. Or maybe you are just getting ready for bed or else you were walking towards your car..

Well, I am one of these person who gets ideas during these kinds of situations.. therefore, 1 turn up when I am bathing just now.. 10 minutes ago.. and I feel that I just have to blog about it..

Here it goes...

Have you ever done anything half-heartedly?

Whether the answer you give is YES or NO, it doesn't really matter actually.. since the results is the BEST answer ever.. no matter what you do, the end result shows how much effort you actually put into the process and other people can feel it.

ME.. I often have too many hearts..

YUP.. too many hearts..

During my primary school years, I have often joked with my friends about being a singer or actress or whatever celebrity there is.. oh.. and even those cartoon characters.. we will talk about it forever and even role playing these characters.. I guess that could be one of my ambition during my early years.. being some kind of celebrity..

Then, as time passes.. I no longer think that being a celebrity will come true.. thus, when teacher ask for our ambiton, mine will always be


yup.. those typical primary school children ambition.. well, I guess that's peer influences.. most of my friends wrote that down.. and thus I follow.. since to me I think that that is appropriate..

mind you, I never thought of writing to be a designer..

Then, came the secondary school time.. where most actions takes place.. I became the typical 13 years old school girl which have great hopes for my secondary life. The biggest hope will be I will finally be free of dentist..

since one of my friend told me that her brother told her that the dentist will not visit the secondary school for free services..
wow.. when I heard of it, i sigh a big big relief.. I was really happy and glad.. therefore, I enter into my secondary life happily..

I joined the Librarian.. and the Pandu Puteri.. and the Leo Club.. and the Volley ball school team..

busy secondary life..
and I would not ever forget that day, that minute..
It was sports day soon, and we were rehersing for the parade.. and I am in the Librarian team..
and then, in the middle of parading.. the nightmare began..


KLINIK PERGIGIAN............. that's all I see.. and that's enough...


see? all my hopes crumble.. and I fear the day when our class turn for check-up... and that almost a 2 week later.. (which I fear for 2 whole weeks.. tremble everytime some one came to class to announce something..)

ok, pass..

my point is, during my secondary life, I did not want to become a teacher anymore.. I wanted to be a volleyball player.. however, this dream did not came true..

It's not that I did not put my whole heart into it.. but it's because I moved during my Form 2 into another house.. which means.. changing school..

new school, new environment, new people, new teachers..

and I mean it.. NEW..
this is school is just about 1-2 years old when I joined.. everything is new..
in this new environment, I did make new friends.. however, I did not join any activites I join during my Form 1..

well, it's new to me.. I have no friends yet.. I know nothing of the school custom and everything.. and when I start to get use to it, none of my friends wanted to join anything.. and I admit.. I did not dare to join alone... it's the same until Form 5.. where we know we have our school activities in our end school report.. which is to submit with SPM results to colleges.. then, only my friends were willing to join clubs and whatsoever.. but, it's not fun.. since not much activities been done..

anyway, after my secondary life, I am positive that I do not want to be a TEACHER, nor a DOCTOR, and surely not a CELEBRITY..

It was during this period of time that I did many half-hearted activities..

I joined a dance class.. and I wanted to become some kind of dancer.. which has smooth, elegant and graceful movements..

I still having my piano lesson, and taking grade 8 during my SPM year.. which I aim to pass..

I have started my violin lesson since Form 2.. and I loved the instrument and aim to become a great player...

I am taking SPM too...

with so many activities.. and I really love it all WHOLE heartedly.. I really have hopes in each and everyone of them.. but I guess I am not those who can score great in SPM while still maintaing a high standards in others activities...

I can say that I give my best shot in SPM.. I stop my piano lesson, violin lesson, dance lesson..
and I really study.. and I am quite pleased with myself.. that, I can say I take my SPM whole heartedly..(at least.. the last minutes...)

however, my grade 8 piano exams were totally the opposite..
I failed my theory and also the practical... for theory, I half expected it as I am not really satisfied with my answers.. but for that moment, that is only what I can do.. I guess I did not work hard enough.. those taking piano lesson should knows.. grade 8 is tough.. and the practical, even before I came out from the examiner room, I know I had FAILED... i played wrong notes for every scales.. wrong notes in all 3 pieces.. answer badly in aural and sight reading.. I nearly cried when I walked out the room.. I know the result..

That's just the point.. I did have hopes.. but I did not work hard enough.. I am taking my piano lesson half-heartedly.. I ADMIT IT.. I just had to retake the exam again... this time, I feel I am able to understand it better.. maybe it's just because I spend longer time than last time..

I take my theory exam during the day SPM results were out... OMG.. when I saw the exam date I almost faint.. why do they have to put it the same day? beside being noisy that day (since exams is held at all secondary school) ME.. I am one of the students who are getting the SPM results.. how can I stand the agony of thinking how did I score in SPM when I ought to concentrate on the exams.. however, things went well.. that must be my lucky day.. I was able to answer the questions without thinking too much.. I kinda know the answers.. either the questions are easier or I am more well equip.. I'm not sure.. what I am sure is the results which came 3 months later.. I almost score a merit.. 2 more marks and I will have a merit in Grade 8 theory.. wow.. I am speechless.. I score 24/25 for the last sections.. almost full marks.. this is the question where I get 13/25 the first round.. really.. I am really surprise... I never expected it.. I know it is not really great.. but for me, who get only 52 the first time, I am really glad to get the result sheet which bare my name and stated 78 marks.. wow.. great improvement ya? haha

later on, came the day for practical exams.. taking 2 exams tat day.. violin grade 5 and piano grade 8.. my worries is for the piano.. lesser for violin.. partly because I am exmining my piano and then only violin.. however, I play much more better than the 1st time... less wrong notes and I am more familiar with the pieces and scales... marks may not be great.. but when compared.. I feel great.. haha.. 1st time only 82, and this time, 105.. yup... just pass..(u need at least 100 to pass) but I just feel like celebrating!!!!!

and then, the SPM results.. yup... I am pleased with it also.. never expected it.. real happy.. and my parents were glad too.. as my results means saving them a few thousand ringgits..(college fees..)

and then, violin.. so so... since I guess I am doing so many things.. I did not really concentrated on it.. until now, my intonations is still not accurate, bowing not perfect, pitch not great.. etc etc etc.. I am just not working hard.. not putting whole heart into it.. I just have the interest..

btw, i had drop the dance lesson.. since no one is able to attend with me and I just feel weird turning up alone in a class all unknown after stopping for almost 2 months.. (I attend alone in the first place, but I guess I just got used to be in company..)

I always feel that I had toooooo many interest.. I love the piano, violin, design, books, foods, comics, tvb shows, Sammi, and recently Yoga...

I wanted to do everything at the same time.. I just feel like it.. I did not want to give up anyone.. not one..

But I know.. I am not talented nor gifted like some other people.. these people can do all they like and still get the best results.. sometimes I feel like they have 72 hours per day.. if not, how come they can finish their assignment and get great grades for it and still did well in other activities? oh right, they work hard.. yea.. that's true.. I totally agree that you have to work hard.. but.. how do you work hard for 10 things in a day? that's just not enough time..

so, the conclusion will be that they are TALENTED...
therefore, for people that are less talented.. they just have to work harder and harder.. trying to extend their days longer.. maybe 84 hours per day.. that maybe sufficient..

Oh well, the only thing to do is just to put your whole heart in to everything you do.. therefore, even when you did not get good results, you will never regret.. you might feel bad.. but the best is you will never say why did I not did this this this then... you will only feel sad.. but deep down, you know you are the best as you did your best... nothing to regret.. nothing at all..

1st week back to college..

there you are..

the 1st week of YEAR 2...

one word to describe it.. urgh..!

well, we are now joined with the seniors.. which, from what we heard from those lecturers who loves them so much, are so super GENG..

and this make me feel extremely nervous.. it's like their thinking are so much more different from me.. theirs are much more mature.. when compare.. i feel like I am so kiddy.. :

not to say anything, our new classmates are great.. they seems friendly and a large bunch of chatterbox.. not to say laugh at every single thing.. i love that.. makes the atmosphere much more relax..

oh, btw, did I mentioned that their number are 50% more than our teeny weeny number of 12-14..?

therefore, we are completely wrapped inside them.. haha.. we are now a total of 47.. wow.. great number huh?

we were divided into 4 groups, where each group has about 10-12 ppl... that's the number of people we have last semester... haha..seems weird..

anyway, the 1st week back and we already have some assignment.. and even attended a tutorial.. haha.. sounds hectic right?

well, it's actually not that hectic YET... however, i just feel the pressure.. it's like I am so ignorant while my groupmates all have various experience and knowledge..

and we also have some direct intakes students.. from various institure.. some with working experience.. even more GENG..

more and more pressure...

plz... someone.. help me to cope..!!!!!!

now have to go back to the lantern making process which i still haven start cutting model board..(mind you.. tutorial is tomolo..)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Honk! If You Are Malaysian

Lydia's Honk! If You Are Malaysian had just reached 10K copies!!!!!!! What a joy!!!! yea!! It sure is a joy to celebrate. Therefore, Lydia is having a contest for everyone!! yea!!

From critics.. this book talks about Malaysian.. about why are we as Malaysian known as Malaysian.. haha.. interesting.. Malaysian culture.. (i haven't got a chance to get my hand on the book tho.. been quite busy lately.. and tight in pocket.. cham.. the MPH voucher will help!!!)


You want to participate as well???

Everyone is welcome.
The details is as below!!!
Or you can also check it out HERE


Yes, this is a contest but no, I’m not offering a prize of RM10K for it. The figure refers to the copies of Honk! If You’re Malaysian in print.

That’s right, Honk! has surpassed the 10,000 mark! And in less than 10 months too! Two days ago I received an email from Eric saying that it’s gone into 6th printing, bringing it to 11,000 copies in print. (That’s not the number of copies sold, in case you’re wondering. Not yet.)

A very big thank you to all the readers who have made this possible. I would like to celebrate this milestone by organizing a contest for readers and bloggers. Participation is as easy as ABC.

1st - RM100 voucher
2nd - RM50 voucher
3rd - RM30 voucher

You can choose to feed your soul or your stomach : MPH book vouchers or MacDonald’s food vouchers. It’s up to you.

Just write your name in the comment box here. That will give you one shot of winning. If you have a blog and want to put a link to this post (this means you have to write an entry about this contest in your blog), that will double your chances. Please mention that you have done so. Then I will write two pieces of paper with your name on them and drop them into the hat for the draw. (Yeah, I’m doing this the old fashioned way.)

Anyone can take part but the winner must provide a Malaysian address for the prize to be mailed to.

Closing date : Friday, 20 October 2007


Own Interpretation

It really is important to have our own interpretation of things around us..

while many might just follow or immitate other people infomation or opinion, they lost the abilities of senses to feel things themselve.

In music and art, for different topic, different people have different interpretations. In this matter, there are no right or wrong. It's only a matter of opinion. There might be disagreement, but no one will be able or have the right to say that you are wrong.

To play a piece of music well, there are a few important things to take note.

1. Read the piece.
2. Understand what the piece is trying to telling you.
3. Try playing the whole piece.
4. Listen to other recording of the same piece to get some opinions on how people interprete
the piece.
5. Play the piece again and interprete it in your way.
6. Find a way to express yourself in the style that you are comfortable with. And of coz which
brings out the message behind the piece.
7. Last but not least, PRACTISE.

yea, i am not an expert. Not even a good pianist. However, i remember teachers giving me advice on how to play the exam pieces. She told me to play the piece before listening to the recordings as it will spoil the 1st impression of the piece. And i thought that what she said is true. 1st impression is really important. If you never try to interprete the piece in the 1st place and listen to recordings 1st, you will never gain your own style as the recordings artist's style leave strong impression in your mind.

Examiner are always glad to hear you perform. He or she will not think that you are playing badly if you are just able to express the piece well eventhough you did mistakes. Therefore, the important thing is just to understand the piece and brings out the piece message.

dun hit me.. i know i am talking crap here.. giving these advise while i am not anyone..
it's just that this suddenly came over me and i have the urge to share it.
and i will follow my own advice to work on my violin pieces as well.. but i have already spoil the 1st impression.. too late.. haha.. no choice.. now i only had to work extra harder to capture my own style.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Animal Farm

A world where there's a type of creature known widely as HUMAN

These Human live in harmony with another well-known creature called ANIMAL

Human and Animals have been living together since eternity.. however, Human had always been in-charge of the Animals..

Human are the owner.. Animals are the slave.. Animals do as they are bid.. Animals could not disobey or they get punished. It's their fate.

Among these HumanS... there's one which was known as Jones. Jones owned a Farm. In the Farm live Jones himself, Jones' wife. There are Animals too. These Animals work for Jones. The Farm named Manor Farm.

For a long long time, Jones had been ordering the Animals to work for him. Jones get to enjoy luxuries while Animals suffered.


Finally, one of the Animals, known as Pig, named Major held a meeting.
Animals decided that they do not want to be colonise by Humans, especially the Jones.
Therefore, all Animals accepted the Rebellions.
Animals wanted to overthrow the Jones and owned the Farm.
After some time of planning, discussing, practising,
Animals launch their attack.
Jones fled.

Manor Farm is now known as Animal Farm, owned by Animals, lead by the PIGS.
They lead some peaceful days.
Later, Snowball as the leader were being kicked out by Napoleon, another Pig.
Napoleon then take charge of the Animals.
As the Pigs had the most intelligence, the became the higher rank Animals.
Animals decided to abandone everything related to Human.

Time passes.
Animals now suffered as well.
However, Pigs were sent to tell the Animals that they actually live a better life than Jones reign.
Animals belief as they no longer remember the actual situation of Jones reign.
Animals listen to everything that we feed to them.
Animals belief that they were happier.
Animals never realised that they actually suffering.

Napoleon change the rules to suit himself, for the benefit of himself.
He enjoy luxuries while Animals were doing all the hard labor.
From the start of Rebellions, Animals had vow to have no contact with Human.
However, Napoleon started to trade with Human.
Napoleon negotiate with the other Farm to earn money.
Money were used for his benefit.
Animals know nothing of Napoleon motif.
Animals belief everything that the Pigs said about Napoleon good will and motif all for the Animals themselves.
Pigs which were more intelligent and the ruler, adopted more and more Human way of living.
However, they were able to convince the Animals that they actually did nothing of that sort.
Which the Animals belief.

Lastly, Animals became doubtful.
But they can never doubt their leader.
Animals were confused.
Pigs and Human.
They seems alike.
Animals look at the Pigs to Human, then Human to Pigs, and Pigs to Human.
But.. already, no one can say which is which.


Animal Farm by George Orwell.

this is a story about talking beast and man.

it's similar to the colonial times, where they were comrades and ruler. Ruler often feed the comrades nice sweet talks which those ignorant people belief as they know nothing of what happening out there.

after reading this book, i thought of many things.

1st > Human really were taking the animals labor for granted. Man never stop to think of the animals burden. Words were said that animals could not think like Man, but did that mean that animals don't have feelings? if that's the way, dogs will not bite. Man should treat animals fairly. While the animals worked hard all day long, and at the end of the day, all he get is beating and a tiny portion of food is really unfair. If animals could really think like Man, the world will be chaotic as all animals will refuse to work for Man. No one say that Man could not use animals for labor, but all Man had to do is to treat them well. It's as simple as that. Man who can think rationally could do that. If not, the brain is wasted.

2nd > Animal in the story belief everything the Pigs tell them. Similar to today. Ignorant people will belief everything that were said to them without pausing to think whether what was said is possible or not. We should not be ignorant. We should learn to think and decide for oursleves. Afterall, as said, we have brain. We should used it to think. Ever wonder how argument and fight originated from? Well, from these people who doesn't think. Once A tell B about C cheating B, B went straight to C and told him off for cheating. C were indignant as it was untrue. C wanted to tell B that wasn't the truth but B who did not do any thinking did not give any chance for C to clarify. B belief what he heard from A as A said it so seriously and convincingly. Lastly, B and C become enemy. A will benefit from that as he sucessfully break up B and C and A might get B. This is the world. If everyone think rationally, maybe the world will be a better place. Astronought and scientist might not have to discover other planets that human can live of Earth blow up.. (touch wood!)

3rd > What look like to our eyes might not be real. We could not see things only with our eyes. It has to be combination of our eyes and brain. We see with our eyes and figures out the reality with our brain. If we could not decide whether to belief what we see or hear, just listen to our brain and heart. They will never lie to us. And we will never regret listening to them as they are our closest friends who will never betray us at anytime. All we had to do is to know them and understand them.

4th > We often take everything for granted. We in today life never really appreciate anything. We should learn to appreciate things around us. We should be satisfied. But No. Humans is like that. When we have something, we will wish for more. We will never we OK with the situations we are now. We always thought that we deserved better. Or why is he or she better than me? Why can't I have that THING he had? Why is that he can did THAT and I can't? Why is he always the best? Why can't I be like who who who? This is Human.

It's just some of my thoughts after reading this book. I maybe wrong but, as I said, follow your heart. And this is what my heart tell me to do. Haha...

Anyway, this book were recommended by my Cambridge English teacher during my Form 5. I went to find for this book and bought it back home. That was during year 2005. Now is year 2007. 2 years since I bought the book. haha... just read it last holiday. quite enjoy it actually and if you really think deeply, you will realised that this book has lots of messages in it.

(u can borrow it if u wan.. haha..)

Monday, October 1, 2007

My 1st ever YOGA class

yup... went for a yoga class on Monday... at YogaZone

i joined the basic class called 'Element' since i have not learned Yoga before.. basically Element is to introduce you into Yoga, the basic breathing and movement.. absolutely suitable for beginner.. as it is all basic. If you are interested to know more, feel free to go to their website and browse.. interesting..

so, went there for the 1st time... quite nervous.. haha.. half is aunty la..

anyway, the whole class is all purely stretching.. STRETCH until ur muscle scold and cry.. haha... whole hour... all my limbs, joints.. everything.. hurts.. and i sweat like crazy.. the worst thing that happened is that i forgot to bring towel.. so.. really.. never sweat like that before.. scary..

although the stretching process is hard.. no pressure were put upon us.. if you can't do the movement, don't push yourself.. you will get it by and by... therefore, it's relaxing..

and since to me, it's absolutely the right way to lose some weight and exercise.. i thoroughly enjoy the class..

after the class ended, i feel my body shaking adi.. but... the wonderful thing is I really feel light.. i feel so flexible.. haha.. quite comfortable actually...

then.. the nightmare begun... after 1 hour.. my arms completely loses its strength.. scary huh?

at night when I went for supper wif family.. and i normally sit at the front seat.. then, naturally will buckle up the seat belt..

so, i started to pull.. oops..
the belt would not budge...

at last have to pull wif both hands..
now really feel tired... luckily tuesday no need go coll.. haha

oh ya.. btw, i have just officially finish vacation and back to college...
ah~ but that's another story.. haha...
college life update during the weekend..

however... although the aftermath of Yoga class seem scary... i am still excited for the next lesson.. haha...