Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Own Interpretation

It really is important to have our own interpretation of things around us..

while many might just follow or immitate other people infomation or opinion, they lost the abilities of senses to feel things themselve.

In music and art, for different topic, different people have different interpretations. In this matter, there are no right or wrong. It's only a matter of opinion. There might be disagreement, but no one will be able or have the right to say that you are wrong.

To play a piece of music well, there are a few important things to take note.

1. Read the piece.
2. Understand what the piece is trying to telling you.
3. Try playing the whole piece.
4. Listen to other recording of the same piece to get some opinions on how people interprete
the piece.
5. Play the piece again and interprete it in your way.
6. Find a way to express yourself in the style that you are comfortable with. And of coz which
brings out the message behind the piece.
7. Last but not least, PRACTISE.

yea, i am not an expert. Not even a good pianist. However, i remember teachers giving me advice on how to play the exam pieces. She told me to play the piece before listening to the recordings as it will spoil the 1st impression of the piece. And i thought that what she said is true. 1st impression is really important. If you never try to interprete the piece in the 1st place and listen to recordings 1st, you will never gain your own style as the recordings artist's style leave strong impression in your mind.

Examiner are always glad to hear you perform. He or she will not think that you are playing badly if you are just able to express the piece well eventhough you did mistakes. Therefore, the important thing is just to understand the piece and brings out the piece message.

dun hit me.. i know i am talking crap here.. giving these advise while i am not anyone..
it's just that this suddenly came over me and i have the urge to share it.
and i will follow my own advice to work on my violin pieces as well.. but i have already spoil the 1st impression.. too late.. haha.. no choice.. now i only had to work extra harder to capture my own style.


conan_cat said...

haha what u did to spoil ur first impression... go listen to what other do first izzit? haha.

well i just got my exam pieces, dunno which one to choose tho, so i went to youtube keyed in each song and see which one looks more like fun, and i chose those few pieces. took one bach one debussy and one jazz haha. but then somehow to me la, even tho i listened to what other people play i will still play it my own way because i got my own opinions about it haha... dunno leh :P

Cassie the Missy said...

haha... it's always up to each individual lo.. haha..

btw, those pieces you did not discuss with ur teacher 1st meh?