Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Animal Farm

A world where there's a type of creature known widely as HUMAN

These Human live in harmony with another well-known creature called ANIMAL

Human and Animals have been living together since eternity.. however, Human had always been in-charge of the Animals..

Human are the owner.. Animals are the slave.. Animals do as they are bid.. Animals could not disobey or they get punished. It's their fate.

Among these HumanS... there's one which was known as Jones. Jones owned a Farm. In the Farm live Jones himself, Jones' wife. There are Animals too. These Animals work for Jones. The Farm named Manor Farm.

For a long long time, Jones had been ordering the Animals to work for him. Jones get to enjoy luxuries while Animals suffered.


Finally, one of the Animals, known as Pig, named Major held a meeting.
Animals decided that they do not want to be colonise by Humans, especially the Jones.
Therefore, all Animals accepted the Rebellions.
Animals wanted to overthrow the Jones and owned the Farm.
After some time of planning, discussing, practising,
Animals launch their attack.
Jones fled.

Manor Farm is now known as Animal Farm, owned by Animals, lead by the PIGS.
They lead some peaceful days.
Later, Snowball as the leader were being kicked out by Napoleon, another Pig.
Napoleon then take charge of the Animals.
As the Pigs had the most intelligence, the became the higher rank Animals.
Animals decided to abandone everything related to Human.

Time passes.
Animals now suffered as well.
However, Pigs were sent to tell the Animals that they actually live a better life than Jones reign.
Animals belief as they no longer remember the actual situation of Jones reign.
Animals listen to everything that we feed to them.
Animals belief that they were happier.
Animals never realised that they actually suffering.

Napoleon change the rules to suit himself, for the benefit of himself.
He enjoy luxuries while Animals were doing all the hard labor.
From the start of Rebellions, Animals had vow to have no contact with Human.
However, Napoleon started to trade with Human.
Napoleon negotiate with the other Farm to earn money.
Money were used for his benefit.
Animals know nothing of Napoleon motif.
Animals belief everything that the Pigs said about Napoleon good will and motif all for the Animals themselves.
Pigs which were more intelligent and the ruler, adopted more and more Human way of living.
However, they were able to convince the Animals that they actually did nothing of that sort.
Which the Animals belief.

Lastly, Animals became doubtful.
But they can never doubt their leader.
Animals were confused.
Pigs and Human.
They seems alike.
Animals look at the Pigs to Human, then Human to Pigs, and Pigs to Human.
But.. already, no one can say which is which.


Animal Farm by George Orwell.

this is a story about talking beast and man.

it's similar to the colonial times, where they were comrades and ruler. Ruler often feed the comrades nice sweet talks which those ignorant people belief as they know nothing of what happening out there.

after reading this book, i thought of many things.

1st > Human really were taking the animals labor for granted. Man never stop to think of the animals burden. Words were said that animals could not think like Man, but did that mean that animals don't have feelings? if that's the way, dogs will not bite. Man should treat animals fairly. While the animals worked hard all day long, and at the end of the day, all he get is beating and a tiny portion of food is really unfair. If animals could really think like Man, the world will be chaotic as all animals will refuse to work for Man. No one say that Man could not use animals for labor, but all Man had to do is to treat them well. It's as simple as that. Man who can think rationally could do that. If not, the brain is wasted.

2nd > Animal in the story belief everything the Pigs tell them. Similar to today. Ignorant people will belief everything that were said to them without pausing to think whether what was said is possible or not. We should not be ignorant. We should learn to think and decide for oursleves. Afterall, as said, we have brain. We should used it to think. Ever wonder how argument and fight originated from? Well, from these people who doesn't think. Once A tell B about C cheating B, B went straight to C and told him off for cheating. C were indignant as it was untrue. C wanted to tell B that wasn't the truth but B who did not do any thinking did not give any chance for C to clarify. B belief what he heard from A as A said it so seriously and convincingly. Lastly, B and C become enemy. A will benefit from that as he sucessfully break up B and C and A might get B. This is the world. If everyone think rationally, maybe the world will be a better place. Astronought and scientist might not have to discover other planets that human can live of Earth blow up.. (touch wood!)

3rd > What look like to our eyes might not be real. We could not see things only with our eyes. It has to be combination of our eyes and brain. We see with our eyes and figures out the reality with our brain. If we could not decide whether to belief what we see or hear, just listen to our brain and heart. They will never lie to us. And we will never regret listening to them as they are our closest friends who will never betray us at anytime. All we had to do is to know them and understand them.

4th > We often take everything for granted. We in today life never really appreciate anything. We should learn to appreciate things around us. We should be satisfied. But No. Humans is like that. When we have something, we will wish for more. We will never we OK with the situations we are now. We always thought that we deserved better. Or why is he or she better than me? Why can't I have that THING he had? Why is that he can did THAT and I can't? Why is he always the best? Why can't I be like who who who? This is Human.

It's just some of my thoughts after reading this book. I maybe wrong but, as I said, follow your heart. And this is what my heart tell me to do. Haha...

Anyway, this book were recommended by my Cambridge English teacher during my Form 5. I went to find for this book and bought it back home. That was during year 2005. Now is year 2007. 2 years since I bought the book. haha... just read it last holiday. quite enjoy it actually and if you really think deeply, you will realised that this book has lots of messages in it.

(u can borrow it if u wan.. haha..)

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