Thursday, October 18, 2007

Genting Trip..

Did I not said about going to Genting? haha.. yea.. here's some of the pix.. (request from Candy..)

Went there with Ling's parents.. they have an apartment at Genting View Resort.. before Gohtong Jaya..

Stay there for about 5 days.. swim for 3 days.. sun burn adi.. can you belief it? yea!! SUNBURN!!! in Genting!! dear.. dear.. haha.. anyway, both my shoulder is now as red as tomato.. everyone who saw me sure say.. oh.. you went swimming leh.. swt..

anyway, since already been there a few times.. and have already taken few thousands of pix.. therefore, we took lesser pix.. here's some interesting shot.. haha..

This is taken at the temple.. focusing on the mist.. (looks like smokes.. haha...)
Forest of Mist
Mountain of Mist
Mountain in the Heaven



Road to.....

Back to the apartment... guess whose hand?

Here's a poor kitty.. crying.. dunno why.. look so sick.. mayb being soak by rain.. poor thing..



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