Friday, August 29, 2008


Finally.. my internship ended exactly 1 hour ago.. haha..

Did I mention I am doing my internship with Pentago? I did! haha..

anyway.. few weeks ago, I am struggling to fit in.. I don't feel confident being there at all.. most probably is because of the feeling 'lonely'.. haha.. my fault.. didn't really mix well with the staff there.. but don't get me wrong.. they are SUPERB!!!!! They are really great and friendly.. joke and chat around.. they did try to get me to TALK! haha.. but sometimes their conversation doesn't really related to me in anyway.. and i can't find a way in.. therefore i just sit there.. and this is why i get the 'award' for being the most quiet student ever in Pentago...


to tell the truth, the work they are really INTERESTING.. and i mean it.. really..

it maybe cause the work there is really something i never did before..

for example, doing masterplan.. about 3AO size plan.. empty.. need to draw landscapes and buildings on it.. that's what i did the first few weeks i am there.. i trace the outline, i inked them, i help draw landscape, building outlines, and best of all.. colouring.. with marker of coz.. but then the grass was with colour pencil.. u will faint trying to fill up all the grass area.. but it is FUN! (too bad.. the negative part is that i hav to work few days overtime up till about 10pm.. but i get ot money as well!! haha)

next, i did some editing in photoshop for the masterplan.. coz after it was coloured, it was scan (to tell u the truth, trying to scan that masterplan took me about an hour to get it all done!!!) and then edit certain parts in photoshop.. (no certain.. almost ALL!!!) some colours were wrong and not accurate were colour in photoshop again.. that is how i get to learn photoshop! (haha.. it's not that i don't know photoshop.. but it's something i don't really use.. therefore i am bad at it... but now.. haha.. i am much much better!!! yea!)

after that, the masterplan was done and crop to different parts.. and i have to insert them into powerpoint to do presentation... inserting texts and also images to produce more than 100 slides... haha.. my 'boss' was beside telling me each parts name.. it was interesting.. but stressful at the same time.. coz it was kinda rush.. so.. haha... but don't get me wrong.. i enjoy the process..

hmm.. later, those 3d perspective which was done using 3d software(i'm not sure izzit 3d max) needed editing as well... and i get to do it!! which lead me to another overtime night and more photoshop technique!!!!!!! i love it!!!

after that project, it is almost near the end of my internship.. left about 2-3 weeks.. haha.. then i did random work.. helping different 'bosses' (btw.. i did many scanning and photostating.. even helping my boss clear his cups...haha.. but.. u know, i enjoy doing it.. haha.. dunno y..)

not to forget the past week i hav been working on working drawings!! haha.. feel like ms sin ai.. coz i need to correct those working drawings.. some parts are wrong.. and i have to mark it out.. haha.. a little fun.. but as u know, working drawings are boooo---ring..

and i also went to site as well.. ok.. not that much special.. it's more like visiting a newly renovated house.. haha.. it is located at kl plaza.. just finish construction.. interesting day that day.. haha..

ok, i know i am boring as well.. talking about things u might not understand.. haha.. anyway.. since we'r leaving soon, those 'bosses' brought me and lay yan and another leaving staff for LUNCH.. fabulous lunch with FABULOUS PRICE!

haha.. before the appetizer was serve, they ask for speeches from us 'leaving guys'.. my god.. everyone is silent.. looking at me.. i can just sit there and laugh.. then just simply say wat came to my nervous mind..

such as 'i learn many things' 'it is interesting' 'everyone is nice'

haha.. actually there are more.. the ppl there are really great.. they really treat us student with patient.. and also, they are willing to teach us.. u just hav to ask.. haha... i really wanted to thanks them!! Pentago have given me valuable experience!!! something i will not experience elsewhere..

i've really learn many from them, especially my 'boss'.. haha.. i've work with him more than with others.. and therefore, i've learn many from him.. (i also learn that i don't know many things..)


ok, enough of this nonsense... there are pictures soon.. say tune!

ps. days ago, i feel that i can't wait for my intern to end, now i start feeling a little 'missing' mood.. haha..

pss. going to eat crab tonite! haha!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My newest 'friend'

just like i mentioned, my newest friend..

still getting to know him.. therefore doesn't know his name yet..

will tell you more about him later.. haha..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

FINALLY!! IT'S HERE!!!!!! 100THHHHHH!!!!!!

Myspace Layouts

Myspace Layouts


la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la.....

ok ok..

for the start.. congratulation the Cassie The Missy blog finally reached its 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually..there were many things which i wanted to write before this post.. but mostly it will be those post that simply expressing my grief.. haha..

therefore, in order to maintain the celebration mood for my 100th post, i decided not to write anything here until i have to GREAT HAPPY MOOD!!!


ok, i may sound silly, but that's what i want!

when i was browsing others blog i will be envying those who say,

yea... my 100th post!!

then i think.. when will it be my turn?


finally.. i saw it.. 99th... hahahahahaha....

however, what i am going through the past few weeks is not really cheerful memories.. and i dun wan to spoil my 100th celebration mood.. haha..


anyway, it's finally here.. and now i hav a little happier mood.. therefore i decided to post!!!!!!!

cheers for me ya!!!!!!

Myspace Layouts

btw. to those who often click onto my blog, thanks and sorry for the abandon moment... hehe.. and plz.. dun think that i hav gif up writting!!!!

to tell the truth, i love writting.. but not really excel in it..

during my primary school times, i often write silly stories.. and past few weeks, i read them back.. and then, i feel so embarress.. haha.. there's some rotten vocab and grammar here and there.. but i love my ideas back then.. hehe..

only a few moments back, i suddenly thought of my blog.. and i feel a bit silly..

if i wanted to write my emotions, feeling, happenings, just like some diaries, why do i need to publish it in the web and with millions of chances for ppl to see?

why do i wan to show ppl what am i thinking?

am i crazy? arrogant?

i dunno..

mayb it's the trend.. ppl hav blog so i hav to hav one as well..

i guess that's one of the many reasons..

another mayb will be that sometimes, i wanted to share certain things with my friends.. or even those i don't know.. (but FYI, 'certain' things that cannot be known to ppl would not ever be publish here..! haha)

anyway, just thought..

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ok la.. plz la.. dun boo at me la.. i am not being perasan.. just feel happy oni ma.. i know it's not that big deal la ok? just bear with me once k?

pss. the 2nd time will be during the 200th post! haha..