Saturday, August 23, 2008

FINALLY!! IT'S HERE!!!!!! 100THHHHHH!!!!!!

Myspace Layouts

Myspace Layouts


la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la. la.....

ok ok..

for the start.. congratulation the Cassie The Missy blog finally reached its 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually..there were many things which i wanted to write before this post.. but mostly it will be those post that simply expressing my grief.. haha..

therefore, in order to maintain the celebration mood for my 100th post, i decided not to write anything here until i have to GREAT HAPPY MOOD!!!


ok, i may sound silly, but that's what i want!

when i was browsing others blog i will be envying those who say,

yea... my 100th post!!

then i think.. when will it be my turn?


finally.. i saw it.. 99th... hahahahahaha....

however, what i am going through the past few weeks is not really cheerful memories.. and i dun wan to spoil my 100th celebration mood.. haha..


anyway, it's finally here.. and now i hav a little happier mood.. therefore i decided to post!!!!!!!

cheers for me ya!!!!!!

Myspace Layouts

btw. to those who often click onto my blog, thanks and sorry for the abandon moment... hehe.. and plz.. dun think that i hav gif up writting!!!!

to tell the truth, i love writting.. but not really excel in it..

during my primary school times, i often write silly stories.. and past few weeks, i read them back.. and then, i feel so embarress.. haha.. there's some rotten vocab and grammar here and there.. but i love my ideas back then.. hehe..

only a few moments back, i suddenly thought of my blog.. and i feel a bit silly..

if i wanted to write my emotions, feeling, happenings, just like some diaries, why do i need to publish it in the web and with millions of chances for ppl to see?

why do i wan to show ppl what am i thinking?

am i crazy? arrogant?

i dunno..

mayb it's the trend.. ppl hav blog so i hav to hav one as well..

i guess that's one of the many reasons..

another mayb will be that sometimes, i wanted to share certain things with my friends.. or even those i don't know.. (but FYI, 'certain' things that cannot be known to ppl would not ever be publish here..! haha)

anyway, just thought..

Myspace Layouts

ok la.. plz la.. dun boo at me la.. i am not being perasan.. just feel happy oni ma.. i know it's not that big deal la ok? just bear with me once k?

pss. the 2nd time will be during the 200th post! haha..

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Anonymous said...

nice, i just added up a lot of another emo backgrounds on my blog