Monday, April 16, 2012


The feeling of being betrayed is.. B-A-D

The truth is, I'm not sure whether I'm being betrayed or I'm sure there's something that had happened without my knowledge.

Yea.. It might not have reach the stage of using the word 'betrayed' but that's what I'm currently feeling.

It's when someone you trust, who had seem to have help you a lot and given you lots of advice and suddenly you realise, that her intention might not be 100% favouring you.. It do hurt.

Their intention may not have hurt you physically but then.. You have place all your trust on that person, believing all that she said and do was for your own benefit.

And then, you realise it may not all be the truth. She may have another intention.

That hurts.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Having late dinner

Just meet up with the contractors this evening regarding the construction of my very glamorous wardrobe, my bookshelves and my very cute shoe rack.

Finally settle down on their quotation..

They came with 3D today. Cause I request it from them. The following is our conversation earlier.

Me: hi, can you show some drawings when you come with the quotation?

C: er... What type of drawing? We just quote according to your design wor...

Me: yes, but the measurement and other details was not accurate ma.. So we wanted to see it more clearly do that there is no misunderstanding ma... Furthermore, my dad also want to see some visual so that it is clearer..

C: oh.. Lik tat la.. Ok la. we will show u the drawings.

Then, this evening.. They come with laptop. And show the 3D through sketchup.. Exactly the same as the 3D I gave them as ref. I was actually expecting some 2D drawings or even better rendered 3D visuals.

He just show through the sketchup.. Just like this afternoon earlier where the students keep talking and rotating their space in sketchup and lecturer insist that they at least render the space.

What the.....

Anyway.. Will show you my design here soon.. ^^

Oh.. So that is why we had such a late dinner today.