Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Must see! Mozart's Sonata for two pianos in D major, K448

Found this video while browsing numerous video on Mozart's Sonata in D major, K448.

So far, this is the best. Not only the quality of the sound they produce while playing but also the video. The video is shot in a very aristic mood. I really love it. The mood. The music.

Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe are the piano duo that perform together. They play various music and composed them into duet forms but still maintaining the original essence. Click on their website HERE and see their other videos on youtube. It is really fabulous. They play together so in sync with each other. They sounded so nice. How nice to find a partner like that. 

First listen to this music in Nodame Cantabile. But I don't think it left a big impression on me at that time though. Then during the piano competition last year, this is one of the song require for the 2 piano category perform by the others, and I think.. so familiar. I couldn't remember where I listen to this music before though and I did not think much about this. (It is only when I'm watching Nodame again that I remember.. ^^") This is when it I fall in love with this piece and I vow to play it. 

Got the score from my friend after the competition and tried it out. Not much though since I've been busy right after. Therefore, now, I am currently trying to finish the whole piece. Love this music so much. Wonder who can play the 2nd piano with me though.. haha..

Anyone volunteer?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Ranting~ ignore if you are smart!

There is nothing much to talk about recently. Being so addicted to anime AGAIN all of a sudden, I lost all my desire in working on my assignment. Feeling guilty, I watch more to release stress. What am I doing? 

The feeling of doing something I am not currently doing is so very very very very strong at this moment that I don't feel like doing any other things. Why must this kind of feeling have to appear now and then? I know it will disappear after sometime, but right now, it is not. I am feeling damn not motivated. What I want to do now is not what I am currently doing. Is this stupid or what? 

I am in the mood for lazing around, playing the piano, watching dramas, sleeping, eating. Not thinking about anything in particular. In short, I need a break. So soon? It is just 1 1/2 months since Christmas Break.. I wonder what's going to happen to me. 

The problem is, I don't feel that the workload had increase while it should be. It is nearing the end of term 2, stage 2 of my MA course, but I don't feel any rush for completing my design or my dissertation. It should! What's my problem? I am still so carefree and bouncing here and there while the time continue passing. This is absurd. I need to get a grip or I am going into the pits. 

I know. I know. I just need to stop lazing and work on my project. I tell myself this all the time. But when I sit in front of my sketch book, I just feel like, tearing them apart. >_<

Sometimes, I wonder, am I choosing the right path? Do I really like design?

It's so stupid! Being in the design field for the 6th year, I still doubt it? Furthering my studies in design should confirm that I have chosen it. Why still doubt it from time to time? Is this how human mind is suppose to work? Always being unsure and undecisive? or is it just me? I just don't know.

My lecturer once look at me and said to me, "This is a good work. You should have more confident. Yes. You listen to us and you did your work. So you should have confidence." (He is looking at my halfway written dissertation)

I just smile sheepishly. 

I don't really think I can believe what he is saying, that my work is good. In a way, lecturers over here, generally praise your work and keeps encouraging you. Uptill now, I still haven't heard a word of 'no good'. At first, I do think this is something good, as compare to the kind of lecturers that I have back in KBU which will keep suggesting that my work is a work of rubbish. However, after hearing these praises on and on, I begun to doubt their sincerity. The work might just be the 'OK' kind but they will say, great work! This is good! And etc. After a while, I am not sure whether it is just a regular word to use to describe our work or is it really praising. 

You can't blame me for not having confidence in my work, since no one ever say that my work is 'OK' at all, not to mention 'GOOD!' 

4 years in KBU teaches me to be humble and not to expect too much. No matter how much effort was pour into it, during presentation, everything would turn out to become a disaster. Never was there once a word of praise for my work. 

Now that I think of it, with my this history, I shouldn't continue with my design should I? Not being able to draw or sketch, not doing my 3D well (I forgot all my 3dmax), this is not what a designer should have. 

So, if I did not continue with my design, what will I be? 

It is too late to start another career. And I did not think of other career before at all. Since SPM, I know 100% that I am not going into Business-related-course, nor Account-related-course, and since my UPSR, PMR and SPM science subject all get  a B (and it is all because of the stupid Science subject that I couldn't get straight As in my exams) I wouldn't ever think of taking a Science-related-course. 

What else is there left? 

While considering which course to select, all I think of is only 2. Music and Design.

Maybe I should have chose the other road back then? Would I now be different? 

Remind me of the poem "The Road Not Taken"

However, it is too late to think about that. Furthermore, if I have chosen Music, I might not be able to get far as well. Since I don't play them very well at all. Oh well. Everything had already been changed. 

Before coming here, someone told me (when we are discussing whether or not I should go abroad for my studies) that going abroad doesn't make any difference to my life if I am planning to escape from the boring working life to go study. Coming back, I will still need to find a job and everything would be the same again. It will not do just to escape.

She maybe right. I am escaping. 

Time really does rocket pass. It had already been 6 years. Nearly 6 years then. Started my foundation in 2006. First year at the end of 2006 till 2009. Started working end of 2009 till mid of 2010. Abroad for continuing studies at the end of 2010 till now. Very long way, but it seems just yesterday. Never even noticed it had already been so many years if I did not count. What have I done all this while? Nothing. Nothing accomplished accept finishing my degree. What is there to shout about? My result is not stunning. Just the-acceptable-standard-work. Did not do well in the industry as well as I quitted my job after just 9 months and came to the UK, as a relieved from the boring office work. Speaking of famous designers, I can just 'O' my mouth as I don't even recognise their name at all. Stupid me! BAKA!

baka baka baka baka baka!!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing my other blogs!

Hi guys!

It seems that I have been always saying that I would writes something but it had always just been that. Saying only.. However, now, I will make sure I start something. At least.

Well, take a look at MyStory 

Newly created and newly updated. 

It is still not much yet but I would appreciate some reviews after reading. ^_^

It is not entirely original (in terms of characters and background) but it is 100% my original ideas (in terms of storyline).

I would, however, publish some of my short stories (really short) that I have written over the years. Some during my schooling days where fantasy is always the riches. Haha..I wonder how come my dreams seems to be so rigid as I am growing up? Where is my fantasy gone? Well, I am trying to get it back now! 

So, please give me your support ya! ^_^

Oh, and don't forget to pay a visit to Cassie's Photography! I had been trying to update each day and so far, I had manage to do so. I hope to achieve 100% update in the month of Februsray! ^_^

Thank You Thank You!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Addiction to Sailormoon AGAIN~

As stated in previous post, I am being addicted to Sailormoon all over again. Due to the fact that I am trying to find the Cantonese version of it, I browse through Youtube and found this! A jem! Haha..

Years ago, I  have save lots of Sailormoon songs into a cd and played it in my car, everytime I drive, (Ask my friends.. ^^) until they complain about it. However, I always feel that these songs are the best. Besides Sammi's songs, these are the ones that I wouldn't get bored listening to everyday. Weird huh? No reason though.

So, now I found the Cantonese version of some of my favourites. Oooh...the next step is to find the mp3 to DL and I can put it into my iPod! Yea!!!!!

Btw, here is another instrumental song that I love so much. I did try to find the violin part of this song. I did. But not the other part though.. it is such a powerful song. Love it. Listen to please? Haha..

Oh, and I also found another interesting clip. Listen to this!  ^^

Sometimes, I would ask myself. How old are you now? To still be addicted to Sailormoon??? I have been addicted to her since I'm in primary. Now, in Uni!

However, I hear myself answering the questions.

Mei Theng (2011) :

"No matter how old I am, there's still a child resides in me. And it is that child who guides me in my life. It is this child who will never grows up and will never leave me forever. This child will be with me till I lost the motion to live. As long as I have this child inside of me, I know I will always be motivated." 


OK, OK... too much I think. Recently been researching about human motivation and internal needs and about fun theory and blah blah blah..too many psychological reads already.. Haha.. But I still think it is true. Everyone have a child deep inside. It is really up to you whether or not to talk to him/her. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone is playful. It only depends on what kind of playfulness you have. For me, it is always these childish things. And I love it! ^^ As long as it makes me happy, who cares what other people says? These childish addiction brings me memories of my childhood. It reminds me of my childhood imagination and dreams. Dreams which I had forgotten when I grew up.............................

ps. Ohhhh..btw! Sammi is going to act in another movie with Louis Koo!!!!!! According to news, they are going to film some parts in Hunan location. Worried about her health though! Must take care. (Reminds me of Everlasting Regret.) Don't get sick again. Ganbette!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

It is the rabbit year! I love rabbit! Don't you? ^^

 Bunny drawn by me! ^^ 

This is the 1st time not celebrating CNY with my dear dear family. Feel very very homesick on the eve. Kinda think back lots of memories.

Anyway, it is a new experience and will be part of my meaningful life! There is so much to experience and I shouldn't waste my time thinking of 'what if'.

So, how did I celebrate my CNY in Nottingham this year?

1st of, on the eve, I went to the chinese supermarket. Man Li to shop for some grocery. While paying for my stuff, the boss great me, 新年快乐!Straight away I feel so warm inside. It is such a normal greeting but knowing we have something similar is such a warm feeling. Btw, the owner is a Malaysian. ^^

2nd, spend the eve eating curry chicken. I thought of treating my self so I go cook. End up, eating a lot. Haha..  However, this is also the 1st time I spend CNY eve working on my assignment. Such a good girl.

3rd, the 1st day of CNY. Nothing special was arranged. Though it was Thursday and I don't have class, but due to me being such a lazy bum the whole week, I haven't done any assignment. Tutorial is on Friday. No choice but to go to library and Maudslay to start working. Spending about 3 hours there before I realised I forgotten some notes so I have to walk back. Which means, watching drama. LOL..

Quite satisfying though, since the weather is very very very good. Blue sky, windy but not too cold. Puts me in a better mood. And there the steamboat with Xian and Fiola at night. At least, I know I wouldn't be alone then.
Spinach and Salad

Drumstick for steamboat..1st time..haha 

Sweet soup by Fiola!

Very delicious! 

4th, today is CNY 2nd day. Went for tutorial and all went quite pleasantly. Puts me in a more goody mood. ^^ In the evening after class, we (Xian & Fiola) went to Orange Tree for some drinks and food. 1st time in all  my 132 days in Nottingham, went to the restaurant. Nice ambience and interesting food. I wouldn't say the food is superb but it is different from what we will normally have. After that, we went shopping at TKmaxx before going home. Oh, and if you are wondering, NOPE! I did not buy anything! ^^

Lemonade for me

Our bill





Fish and Chips


Now, here I am, after watching Sailormoon (again), decided to write a post about my CNY. ^^

See you guys, going back to my Sailormoon! 

Happy Rabbit Year!!!!!!

PS! It is RABBIT year!! omg.. I'm so excited... ^^"