Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Must see! Mozart's Sonata for two pianos in D major, K448

Found this video while browsing numerous video on Mozart's Sonata in D major, K448.

So far, this is the best. Not only the quality of the sound they produce while playing but also the video. The video is shot in a very aristic mood. I really love it. The mood. The music.

Greg Anderson & Elizabeth Joy Roe are the piano duo that perform together. They play various music and composed them into duet forms but still maintaining the original essence. Click on their website HERE and see their other videos on youtube. It is really fabulous. They play together so in sync with each other. They sounded so nice. How nice to find a partner like that. 

First listen to this music in Nodame Cantabile. But I don't think it left a big impression on me at that time though. Then during the piano competition last year, this is one of the song require for the 2 piano category perform by the others, and I think.. so familiar. I couldn't remember where I listen to this music before though and I did not think much about this. (It is only when I'm watching Nodame again that I remember.. ^^") This is when it I fall in love with this piece and I vow to play it. 

Got the score from my friend after the competition and tried it out. Not much though since I've been busy right after. Therefore, now, I am currently trying to finish the whole piece. Love this music so much. Wonder who can play the 2nd piano with me though.. haha..

Anyone volunteer?


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