Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing my other blogs!

Hi guys!

It seems that I have been always saying that I would writes something but it had always just been that. Saying only.. However, now, I will make sure I start something. At least.

Well, take a look at MyStory 

Newly created and newly updated. 

It is still not much yet but I would appreciate some reviews after reading. ^_^

It is not entirely original (in terms of characters and background) but it is 100% my original ideas (in terms of storyline).

I would, however, publish some of my short stories (really short) that I have written over the years. Some during my schooling days where fantasy is always the riches. Haha..I wonder how come my dreams seems to be so rigid as I am growing up? Where is my fantasy gone? Well, I am trying to get it back now! 

So, please give me your support ya! ^_^

Oh, and don't forget to pay a visit to Cassie's Photography! I had been trying to update each day and so far, I had manage to do so. I hope to achieve 100% update in the month of Februsray! ^_^

Thank You Thank You!

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