Monday, January 29, 2007

peek on my schedule

oh well, i have been quite busy these few days.. trying to draw the KBU main lobby... it really makes me crazy... trying to figure out those measurements is actually quite interesting, new and fresh to me i have to admit.. maybe it is because i have not done anything like that before.. anyway, after many errors and rubbing, i finally suceeded in making quite a big hole in the butter paper.. (HELP!!!) luckily i was able to stick it with a masking tape.. i hope it doesn't affect my marks..

besides that, i still have the design principle 1 assignment, which i have not really figured out how i want it to be.. by the way, how do you actually define classical and modern using points and lines? and how do you satisfy 2 lecturers which have different views? one say simple good! another say too simple.. anyway, i guess it really depends on how you are you presenting your art work, do you really have the words to persuade the lecturers to agree with your point of view is really important, i guess.. so, what i need to do is really think of what i think of classical and modern and the way to represent both of it.. by the way, it's due on wednesday, and i still haven't get the idea yet...

alright, enough of these fustrating facts. the more i seem to worry about assignment, the more i want to watch anime, tvb dramas, and eat!!! yea, EAT!! i really have to control myself to really concentrate on my works.. anyway, we have to enjoy life too right? relax.. haha...

Friday, January 19, 2007


today is 19 January 2007, Friday.

nothing special happened today except i looked at the graph paper until my eyes become blurry... me and ling today draw the furniture of KBU lobby into the plan.. and we count the measurements until crazy.. few hours only for a few chairs and table...

read a book about mythology related to visual arts... interesting stories... it's about the Greek myth.. related to the arts--- saturn devouring his son--- u know.. the one we learn in foundation, the Goya painter... well... although i enjoyed reading about it, i can't really remember who is the character.. coz the names are kinda hard to remember.. so i just got confused in the middle.. but then i continue reading it until i finish the whole chapter.. i get the whole idea, but not the details.. haha.. anyway, the most important point to me while reading something is that i truly enjoy the stories.. understanding it in detail is another point.. if u want to really understand all details, reading might not be as enjoyable.. coz for me, i treat reading just like watching tv.. simple and easy.. if i need to go into details, checking out all difficult words, then i guess my house would not has much books just like i do now.. haha... (cheh...!)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18 2007

It's already 18 days into year 2007 but i feel that i have not really done anything to be proud of... haha... anyway, read this... ---v

I opened my big round blue eyes. I had a great shock! Question loom in my small little 12 years old mind. Where am I? What place is this? Am I dreaming? Who is the people sleeping around me? What had happened while I am sleeping? What is the time now? What day is today? What should I do now?

want to know the answers to all those 'W's questions, keep supporting my blog ya..!

see u..!

Monday, January 15, 2007

1st day!

hmm.. today is the 1st day of my bloggie.. haha..
i have not actually really decided on what to write in this blog.. but i hope by blogging here will help me to express myself and to improve my English ya.. haha.. so, i will try to write in proper English.. TRY..