Friday, May 29, 2009


New layout again..
Hard to find one that I like and suit the blog style.. haha..
Anyway, this layout doesn't really suit me hor?
But for now I will be using this until I found a nicer one..

At least now my poupee can be seen.. haha
And my photos can be view clearer..

Later on I will update on my life after my Final Presentation
There will be some photos

Stay Tune~

Friday, May 15, 2009


a bit eerie.. but it look pretty also..
any idea what it is?

hmm..zoom out a little..
get the idea?

you do?


you don't get it?


it's not your fault
how often does city people see this?

there's a tips..

got the idea now?

still NO?


completely zoom out..

know what it is?
this thing was found on the pomelo tree at my house
to tell the truth
that's the 1st time I see it!
I still did not mention what it is right?
it's a
but not to worry
it's a super small bee hive..
just about the size of the leave..
nice hive..
bee are sooo clever..!

A break

Dear dear.. what's going to happen to me? Presentation on Monday and need to print the boards on Saturday, means tomolo, but I'm still here writing.. aiyoyo... I'm really tired of all this. I am looking sooo much forward to the days after the presentation.. Wonder the presentation will go smoothly or not... When reflect back, I found that I really did not put 100% effort into it. A bit guilty and regret. But the harm's done. What can I do about it? All I can do is put more effort into this final presentation. Say is easy, how to do...

My perspective still sucks.. Don't mention my prototype. I will cry. I have a bit high hope towards my prototype.. But.. in the end.. It's really a failure. How? I'm going to get shoot until vomit blood on Tuesday. Plz... Just go easy on me ok.. Just don't give me a bad memories of my final presentation in KBU. I don't hope for great critics from these lecturers, but at least, don't let my effort all seems like a waste. I just wish that my effort will be appreciated a little. Coz although I did not do 100%, I did 80%. It's just that maybe I don't have the talent needed.

Oh well. No point arguing whether I have talent or not. It's already the end of the course. I've been in interior architecture field for 3 years. That's not a short time and I should have learned many and should have know what's my strength. Unfortunately, I still couldn't discover my strength and if you ask me what have I learn, I guess I just havee to answer you.. '' when rushing for submission, it will be no-sleep-night''..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Finally! I am able to give my blog a WHOLE NEW LOOK!
Don't it look pretty? haha.. spend my eye focus limit at those html codes.. soo blurry eye now.. but at least, I'm able to customize it already.. haha..

btw, kim-chan, i sucess adi lo.. haha!!


oh ya.. if you guys have any opinions on this new layout, just tell me.. I'm still trying to make it work better.. haha..!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Sometimes I think, what is the importance of existance? To be able to breathe? Eat? Play? or to Love?

It's a hard question. All of us I am sure are much treasure by our parents. When mommy and daddy first heard of our existance, they will be jumping for joy. They couldn't wait to see us. To see us arrive at their warm , loving arms, to cradle us, to kiss us, to carress us. They also impatient for us to grow up into young adults, to be able to care for ourselves, to be able to make them smile, to be able to share their love.

So, our existance is important to them. They want us to be happy. To be healthy. To be good. To be of importance to people around us.

And in return, what had I done to show them that I am worthy of an existance? Instead of telling them I love You, I grew stubborn head at times. Instead of letting them smile always, I give them troubles all the time. Instead of letting them feel secure, I cause worry lines to their forehead.

I guess it's time to change. I had been so selfish for years. I did not stop and think of the result of my action. Instead, I always think of myself first before them. I did not once stop to think of the feeling they'll get from my action.

It's time to grow up.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thought I would make a to-do list before I forgot.. and dun get me wrong.. I'm not doing a to-do list for my finals but a to-do list AFTER my finals.. haha

1. clean my dirty room
2. renovate my messy study table to suit my craft making
3. practice well on the piano so that I can take my Diploma next year
4. catch up on all the dramas I had to patiently put off
5. read all my fictions before they get dusty
6. go shopping for my beloved items
7. go holidays with my great friends
8. meet up with my old old best friends which I haven't met for years.. ages...
9. eat as many as I like
10. try to slim down (seems like a contrasting wish with no.9... haha)

ok.. so far there's 10 items i need to do and wish to do which i could not do now.. dear dear.. how i wish 18th will get here faster...

but dear dear, how i wish 18th will be here LATER.. oh no.. another contrasting wish.. how am I going to please myself ar? aiyoyo..

Thursday, May 7, 2009







nowadays, i just get irrateted fast.. and i hate myself for that.. but i also can't control myself.. everytime i think of it, i will go crazy.. i feel i just can't complete this task... but i have to! I must! I just hope i can find a solution.. it's alll my fault for ignoring it in the early stage.. but what can I do now? please.. just forgive me for ignoring u.. just give me a solution to complete u! plz.. i really need all the support now.. all encouragement.. not words of discouragement.. not phrases lik IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

how i hate tat word. Do u think I am that ignorant that I dunno it is impossible? Just try to encourage me will you.. I know u are trying to help me complete the work.. but it's not helping when everytime i try to discuss with u and all u say is CANNOT.. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.. WILL NOT DO! please.. try for once, just tell me.. ok, we'll try it.. mayb it work..

That's all I need.. words of encouragement.. I know it is impossible.. but maybe there's still a small tiny little way that I can suceed.. I HAVE TO SUCCEED! I MUST!

OK, right now, i have to be positive! I try to keep myself happy and cool about it. But when I look at it, I'm just so fustrated! Everyone seems to be ok with theirs.. even complicated ones are done.. then y me? WHY?

Why did I choose to do such crazy thing.. alright there.. I'm not being ambitious.. It's just a choice.. and I don't have any other option I can choose.. Maybe I'm just being naive for thinking I can complette the work... ohmygod!


My little Pot!

Went a little shopping trip with Ling, Fei and Cizzy after lecture on Wed.. at 1st tot San and YY will come along as well.. then they two.. u know la.. 'yao yi seng mo yi hei' go pak to already.. so left us.. no pak to gurls together lo.. oo.. except Cizzy.. who got yi hei.. haha..

anyway.. coz u know la.. Mother's day coming ma.. so everywhere also promo.. So fei bought her mask.. cheaper than usual.. which attracted me.. which make me spend money.. dear dear..

haha.. we went quite a number of places as well.. crystal la.. facial la.. food la.. wohaohooho..

and I also bought this..

I wanted it long long time adi.. it's lip balm.. but since it's not cheap i've been thinking of it for sometime.. haha..

The sales girl say tat this lil cutie is an idea from Winnie the Pooh honey pot.. the shape.. similar.. haha

and u see the stick? it's the Pooh honey stick.. kawaii.. haha..

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's nearing the end.
It nearing.
It's coming.

In no time, it will be here.

What am I crapping about?

Oh.. Let me enlighten u.

It's nearing the end of my college life.
It's coming to the end of my worries.

In the mean time, it is also the beginning of another worry. Hmm.. I guess human is born to have worries.

When small, I worry whether mommy will buy us snack, toys.. or whether can go for holiday.

And when in school, I worry whether we pass out exams, how well I did in school, wthether friends treat me good or not..

And in to college, I worry whether I can still get scholarship for the next year or not. Final year, I don't need to worry about getting scholarship but I worry whether I can graduate or not.

In to working world, I guess I will be worry whether I can perform well and satisfied client and co-workers or not.

Future.. I guess I will have worries as well. This is life. In a way, I am glad to have worries. Coz no worries.. will not be human. Oh well, there's a new worry.. whether we have worries or not.. oh dear dear dear.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Passion Fruit for the Passionate

Guess what?!

It does look disgusting..

but in fact,

it is super deeeliccious!!

believe me..

haha.. *excuse the mess behind ya.. rushing assignment*

this fruit is full of vitamins c!

it's sweet and sour

its seed can be chewed and put into our stomach

haha.. it taste just like 'kacang' *kaka*

*closer view?*