Friday, May 8, 2009


Thought I would make a to-do list before I forgot.. and dun get me wrong.. I'm not doing a to-do list for my finals but a to-do list AFTER my finals.. haha

1. clean my dirty room
2. renovate my messy study table to suit my craft making
3. practice well on the piano so that I can take my Diploma next year
4. catch up on all the dramas I had to patiently put off
5. read all my fictions before they get dusty
6. go shopping for my beloved items
7. go holidays with my great friends
8. meet up with my old old best friends which I haven't met for years.. ages...
9. eat as many as I like
10. try to slim down (seems like a contrasting wish with no.9... haha)

ok.. so far there's 10 items i need to do and wish to do which i could not do now.. dear dear.. how i wish 18th will get here faster...

but dear dear, how i wish 18th will be here LATER.. oh no.. another contrasting wish.. how am I going to please myself ar? aiyoyo..

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