Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To churp or tweet? or BOTH?

About 1 year ago, when I'm still working as an interior designer, I tend to surf the web a lot. (Well, mostly blog hopping.. so time will pass faster~  ^^") Anyway, I stumbled upon a few blogs that blog about ChurpChurp.

Ok, I know it is not something new now. It's been going on for sometime and I'm quite outdated really since I just join ChurpChurp recently. ^^

And I'm already loving it.

So, hoping that someone out there that read my blog that still does not know about ChurpChurp, I've decided to blog about it.

ChurpChurp is for active Twitter-er and Facebook-er. As long as you tweet about you get a snatch by thief to you have just eaten a chocolate biscuit, or, you prefer to update your Facebook status every 2 seconds, you HAVE to be a Churp-er!

ChurpChurp allows you to blog, tweet, update and earn money! Just tweets or update your status with interesting promotion going on, you would be rewarded. Aren't that simple? No more racking your brains. No more sweating your palms. Just do what you like to do everyday, tweet!

Besides, what's more rewarding (beside money) than sharing interesting promo with your love ones? You wouldn't want your friends or family to miss out on these exciting events don't you? Now you get to share and be rewarded (with RM) at the same time. Happy?

So, think no more. Going to ChurpChurp website and find out more! You would be surprise.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiring but satisfying day

Today is definitely a very tiring day. Started the day at 10am and finish at 7pm. I couldn't feel my legs now.

However, today is great. In the morning, we (Xian and Fiola and Me) went to search for their bricks. It's about 20minutes walk and it perfect. The factory is just next to the river.. I'm guessing it is Trent River..there's no name though..
John A. Stephens

Brick Library 

Pretty reflection right?

Wonder will my D90 make the pix nicer? XD

I'm quite pleased with the quality though.. 

Little Ducky.. 

The river is very pretty..although of course, not as pretty as Cam River in Cambridge. (Oh, and this remind me that I still have not blog about my trip to Cambridge..haha)

After a walk down/up the river, we walked back to the market square. And shop. ^_^

1st stop, H&M and there we each bough a coat. Haha.. Yep. Spring is here but the coats are cheap!!!!!

And then, due to me complaining about fainting (too hungry without breakfast and it is about 1pm), we decided to go for 'brunch'. A pancake/crepe cafe. Very delicate place to eat. My second time here and I'm still finding this place a treasure.




This is the shop

(All very very very very delicious though!!!  ^_^)

A walk around the square after eating as the weather is damn good. Not only there is blue sky and bright warm sunlight, but there is also white clouds. Some combination that don't occur very often here.

Old Market Square with Nottingham Wheels

Take a lot of pictures. Not with my D90 though..my loyal Lumix FX-30. Works very well in bright lit place..in short, outdoor..hahahhaa...(D90 is too heavy to bring along for shopping.. XD )

Nottingham Contemporary

Market Square 

Market Square 3 significant icon

Blue Sky + White Clouds = Rare Combination

Today is such a nice weather! 

After a browse through at Primark, TopShop, M&S and Zara, we decided to call it a day.

Not me though. It is already time for me to head to the meeting of the Giving the Eye at Dance4 studio. Super tired but drag my heels there in time. Not so bright for discussion though as I am feeling tired and sleepy and my legs are not helping at all..XD

Reach home around 7pm + and had a simple TomYam instant noodles with bacon and egg. Desserts are grapes and plums. With two glasses of white grape juice. ^_^

Now I'm uploading photos of today to FB and getting ready to call it a day (my turn).

Have to start revising my French for the exam on Tuesday.. Haven't done any assignment yet though (French directive learning - 4 chapters....)

Have to spend the day tomorrow revising and completing the assignment. And then to the meeting again in the evening! Ganbatte!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy days

Yep. Days are becoming very fulfilling these days, with the presentation coming up soon, models to make, dissertation to write, room to clean, fat to lose, dramas to finish and lots of uncountable events.

Oops.. I said dramas to finish as well right? Excuse me then. ^^"

A new update on my UK student life. I am going to Paris for the coming Easter break. I am so very very very very excited now. Paris! Paris! Don't disappoint me ya.. Very much looking forward to it.

As for my busy schedule, it is because on the 28th of March is the term 2 presentation. At first, I plan to show some rough sketch models during that presentation. However, by the look of it, I wouldn't be able to. I just struggled with SolidWorks and finally with some help from my classmate, I did a rough one to send it to the CNC this morning. They tell me that I would be able to collect it next week Tuesday. Which means I have less than a week to finish the model. The cnc will just make my block. Nothing else. I still need to refine it. Huh~~~

And now, I have to work on the PowerPoint for the presentation. Everything on term 2 and since term 1.

Actually, it is quite a nice idea to work with PP as compare to when I'm in KBU, we need to print few A1s for presentation. PP works more interesting and it is environmental friendly and money friendly. No money needed to be wasted to print the big presentation and no ink wasted as well. (I still have my 3 years presentations A1s at home. Feel so wasted to throw it away. It's like throwing hundreds ringgit down the sea.)

As for my dissertation, it is coming on quite well, but I seems to ignore some parts. I still need to refine them MORE and write MORE of my own opinions. It seems that I am just re-writing other people opinion. Where's mine???

What else?

Hmm.. eventhough things seem to be quite pack and hectic, I still find the time to watch my fav dramas. XD

I believe that I need to balance myself between studying and enjoying. Afterall, my main motive to come to the UK is not really to study. Is to experience life differently. (Yea, yea... I'll admit I actually just wanted to become a student AGAIN. Afterall, being a student is the best time of life. Don't you agree?)

For the past few weeks, I've been to Cambridge. Will blog about it soon. After my presentation. For the time being, check out the pix I've posted at FB.

Oh, and spring is coming. Buds are growing. Began to feel the heat from the sun.

Sometime, I still miss the snow. I think that I have not experience the snow enough. Eventhough it make walking so much more difficult, I still want to meet snow. Haha.. Afterall, I just experience snow for about 1 month.. not a long time.. Too bad.. Winter is over..

Alright.. for the time being.. enjoy this. Blue sky and acceptable weather these days. Spring is definitely coming.

Wheel of Nottingham

Nottingham Council House

Nottingham Trent University - Arkwright 

Nottingham Trent University - side gate

Wheel of Nottingham against the sun

Nottingham Trent University - Buds on the tree


Green Mill 

Me and the Owl


ps. Oh.. and I forgot about the French test next Tuesday... T_T~ 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giving The Eye - workshop session 2

Today is the workshop day 2. As early as 11am, all of us are gather at Waverley gallery. This morning is drizzling therefore it is a bit chilly. Makes me want to stay in bed... :P

Anyway, the day started basically almost the same as yesterday. We all warm up by walking around the room aimlessly and slowing down and stopping at the same time.

Next up is to do a short activity. There are about 10 of us and we are divided into 2 groups. The 1st person at the front will turn to the person B behind and do an action with sound which this B had to imitate. Then B will turn to the person C behind and do another action which C had to imitate, and this go on till the last person and from the last person, this series is repeated up to the front. We laugh a lot in this activity because it is a race between the 2 groups and so we had to do it fast without thinking a lot.

Later on, we mix ourself and divided again into another 2 groups. This time, we spent sometime preparing before performing. We are given a newspaper and were ask to chose 5 pictures in it and create some action or sounds in response to the photos. It can be in series or not. Anything. Our group decided that each person would chose a picture and then we discuss how are we going to link them up. Or they might not link at all. I chose a picture of a turtle. No, don't laugh. This turtle's expression is very very funny. Forgot to keep this picture though. It is showing its big mouth wide open, until it look a little like it is laughing with its flippers flipping beside. It is a happy and free look. The other pictures are a sexy lady dancing, a Dolce and Gabana advert, a picture of a man with a weird hair and a portrait of old man and woman together, should be a celebration photo or something. We decided that this 5 pictures actually could represent the different stages in our life. We start with being naive and free as a child (turtle) and then we become teenagers and crave for attention and wildness (sexy lady dancing). Next we might be in the stage where we are force to do something or we do not have a choice (the advert because the people pose inside aren't being themselves but what the director wants). Later on, we might grow older and have stress and worries (the man with weird hair) and lastly, we will grow old and live a more carefree and relax life. (portrait of man and woman)

I am not going to describe what we perform as that would be too elaborate. Just imaging us 5 doing actions similar to the pictures.Hehe..

I have a picture of the other group performing though. It will not be very clear because it is taken with an iPhone. Just to give you an idea of what we are all doing.

Snap 1

Snap 2

Snap 3

We then sit and discuss what we have just done and like usual, chat about any responses, questions and various ideas while performing and the process.

Then it is lunch break. Went to the student express for a sandwich..more expansive than tesco £2 meal though..Haha..but since it is cold and wet, I doesn't want to walk so far. Met a new friend from Hong Kong, Tiffany. She's nice. And my French classmate, Fang Fang from Shanghai.

The Waverley Gallery..Never been here before though..haha It is part of NTU and it is an old building. Look very interesting from the outside. Will take a picture of it one day.

The chairs for discussion. Quite comfortable. 

After lunch, we all gather in circle and discuss about the Anne Collier and Jack Goldstein exhibitions. We discuss the ideas, our preferences, thoughts, responses, and etc etc. Basically, almost anything regarding the exhibition. We talked about the photographs that Anne Collier took of the book. It really make a deep impression on everyone. It is simple everyday object but she turn it into something so... 'deep'. Anyway, since I went to the exhibition, now, once I heard Anne Collier, all I saw is EYE. Yes. There are quite a number of her photos that have the eye as subject and to me, it seems to bring so many deeper emotions. At first, I doesn't seem to like the idea of looking at the eye so closely (because the eye was zoom in a lot..it is in focus!) but when I look at it longer, I was seem to be drawn into the eye. I started to think what that eye was seeing. What is happening around when the photo was taken? All this was also discuss as some other people thought the same as well. So it is not just me. Haha..

Also, the most interesting would be the Jack Goldstein exhibition. It has the old projector playing short films that Goldstein produce. Once walking into the room, all you can hear the the random sound of dog barking, lion roaring and the whirling sound of the projector. Some people mention that they can't stand the noise at first. But to me, I love the sound. It is the sound that attracted me. The projector is what I love most. I've never seen these kind of projector before as it is often hidden. This room show few of Jack's films simultaneously so you kind of get mix sound all around you. But worry not. You wouldn't get confused. Google his work and you will understand why. It seems to test your patient. Haha.. And another highlight of his work would be the recordings. He record various sounds and these are all put on the headphones. It is fascinating. Again, google and you can hear too. ^_^

This is a video of 'Shane' by Jack Goldstein. Have to be a favourite. ^_^

After a long discussion, we all started to get 'slow' and 'inactive'. Partly cause of 'post-lunch' effect. ^^"

Anyway, we started to get into the last activity of the day. It is in response to this film of Goldstein. Click to see the video. It is the first video at the link - portrait of Pere Tanguy

We separate into groups of 3 and 4. Within this group, we are asked to do an imitation of each other. My group consist of just 3 people so it is a little hard to do. What we have to do is, A does an action. B observed and stands infront of A and do the similar action. C will have to see whether A and B are doing it simultaneously or not. Until it is similar, both have to continue to do. Then, C stands infront of B and start doing the same action. A walks out from behind and observe to see whether both B and C are the same or not. When it is done, B will walk out and start a new action. C will stand infront of B and starts the same. A will observe. This is repeated and repeated. Slowly, we run out of actions. Haha..but in a way, it is kind of fun.

I am thinking that all these activities are quite suitable for party games..haha..

Anyway, that concludes our workshop today. We learn a lot of artistic performance and we learned to be free. ^_^

Since I am in the editorial team, I do not have to attend the other two workshop for the creative team. So I have the Sunday free. I am planning to to Cambridge with Elitzza and Fiola.

Stay tune for pictures! And stories!


PS. Oh and the link for Giving The Eye is here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Giving The Eye - workshop session 1

Hello everyone!

I am in such a good mood now. I'm just back from Uni after a 4 hours workshop with Nicola at Waverley. Early at the year, we did a pitching with Nicola for a collaboration of NTU MA students and Dance4 for the project Giving The Eye at end of March 2011. It would be a performance in response to the on-going exhibition of Anne Collier and Jack Goldstein at Nottingham Contemporary.

We all went to the exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary before the pitching so that we understand and pitch ideas in response to the exhibits. In a way, this is very interesting and at the same time scary for me. It is my 1st time doing a pitching and at first, I totally had no idea what is pitching. Haha.. It just 'selling' or presenting your ideas to the people-in-charge and see whether they 'buy' or not..XD

So, after the pitching, I did not get into the Creative team though, but they created another team..the editorial team and I'm there. ^^

So, this afternoon and tomorrow will be two workshop sessions for everyone.

I would so like to share with you all what I have experience this afternoon. It had been so long since I did things like this.

Too bad, no pictures though. Doesn't seem appropriate and no time. hehe

First, we all gather and introduce ourselves briefly, as usual. There is about 8 of us so it is quite comfortable. After that, Nicola ask us to start walking around the room, randomly. Changing direction and pacing around the room, careful of bumping into each other though... (we did that a lot... ^^") After a while, we kind of started to slow down and we see whether we will all stop at the same time or not. We did this for twice. And the 2nd time, we 'almost' stop at the same time. There's a lot of laughter going around. So it is good.

Then, to me, it seem a lot like in Yoga class, except that we are all standing instead of lying down. We are all requested to stand in a comfortable position, hands free beside us. Closing our eyes, she slowly speaks. Telling us to be aware of our own breathing, our feet..right up to our eyes. Kind of similar to the end of a Yoga class.. (we stand for about 10mins..)

After that we open our eyes and start walking around again.

The next thing to do is to think of a place of celebration. Anywhere.. Imagination or real, it doesn't matter. And then, we have to use our body to create a position representing that place. (I'm not telling you where it is. ) We do not need to tell where it is. Just do. 3 position altogether. It is quite awkward at first but it gets better. Then, we need to write down the instructions on how to do these 3 poses on a piece of paper and exchange it with another person. Now, we have to do the poses according to the instruction on the paper. Doesn't matter if it is not right or confusing as it is all what it is about. So we did it according to our own understanding.

We did it once altogether so there's no solo performance going on so no need to be shy. Then, Nicola ask us to use the 3 poses and create the theme 'fading'. I rearrange the poses and that's it. ^^ The next is the theme 'expanding'. I just reverse it. LOL..

After that come some writing part. She gave the topic of 'something that is missing'. Anything, anyone, any emotions, memories..basically, anything at all. 5 mins to write. We do not have to show it to anyone so no worries here. Just write whatever that comes to your mind. Then she ask us to come up with 3 questions in response to what we just wrote. After that, another topic to write, 'the present'. But this time, not 3 questions but 3 answers in response. Anything will do.

Next, we go into pairs. And this is where the funny part starts. We combine everything that we have done the whole afternoon into a 1min 20sec performance. We have to start and end with our first names, include 1 question and 1 answer from previous, the solo poses we did earlier and do a short performance using all these. We can speak and dance and do whatever.

We split into 4 groups and mind you. We laugh all the way while preparing. It is so funny and I kept forgetting my lines. (Only 1 though..=.=") But the highlight was 2 of the other groups. They are so damn funny that makes us all keep laughing. It is very entertaining. It does not matter whether we did well or not as they do not judge. However, after 4 groups done performing, we now have to do another 30sec short performance in response to the other group performance. That's the most funny part as we tried to imitate some part of their performance and include our own rendition into it.

All in all, it is a great afternoon. Very interesting and artistic. Never did these kind of things for so long. There is still another workshop tomorrow at 11am till 5pm. Long day. I hope it is as fun as well. Will try to see if I can get any photos..haha..

I know this post is very messy. I am typing this very very fast because my nuggets are in the oven and they are done. I am hungry. So apologies for any confusion. Will try to update another one if I have time.