Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy days

Yep. Days are becoming very fulfilling these days, with the presentation coming up soon, models to make, dissertation to write, room to clean, fat to lose, dramas to finish and lots of uncountable events.

Oops.. I said dramas to finish as well right? Excuse me then. ^^"

A new update on my UK student life. I am going to Paris for the coming Easter break. I am so very very very very excited now. Paris! Paris! Don't disappoint me ya.. Very much looking forward to it.

As for my busy schedule, it is because on the 28th of March is the term 2 presentation. At first, I plan to show some rough sketch models during that presentation. However, by the look of it, I wouldn't be able to. I just struggled with SolidWorks and finally with some help from my classmate, I did a rough one to send it to the CNC this morning. They tell me that I would be able to collect it next week Tuesday. Which means I have less than a week to finish the model. The cnc will just make my block. Nothing else. I still need to refine it. Huh~~~

And now, I have to work on the PowerPoint for the presentation. Everything on term 2 and since term 1.

Actually, it is quite a nice idea to work with PP as compare to when I'm in KBU, we need to print few A1s for presentation. PP works more interesting and it is environmental friendly and money friendly. No money needed to be wasted to print the big presentation and no ink wasted as well. (I still have my 3 years presentations A1s at home. Feel so wasted to throw it away. It's like throwing hundreds ringgit down the sea.)

As for my dissertation, it is coming on quite well, but I seems to ignore some parts. I still need to refine them MORE and write MORE of my own opinions. It seems that I am just re-writing other people opinion. Where's mine???

What else?

Hmm.. eventhough things seem to be quite pack and hectic, I still find the time to watch my fav dramas. XD

I believe that I need to balance myself between studying and enjoying. Afterall, my main motive to come to the UK is not really to study. Is to experience life differently. (Yea, yea... I'll admit I actually just wanted to become a student AGAIN. Afterall, being a student is the best time of life. Don't you agree?)

For the past few weeks, I've been to Cambridge. Will blog about it soon. After my presentation. For the time being, check out the pix I've posted at FB.

Oh, and spring is coming. Buds are growing. Began to feel the heat from the sun.

Sometime, I still miss the snow. I think that I have not experience the snow enough. Eventhough it make walking so much more difficult, I still want to meet snow. Haha.. Afterall, I just experience snow for about 1 month.. not a long time.. Too bad.. Winter is over..

Alright.. for the time being.. enjoy this. Blue sky and acceptable weather these days. Spring is definitely coming.

Wheel of Nottingham

Nottingham Council House

Nottingham Trent University - Arkwright 

Nottingham Trent University - side gate

Wheel of Nottingham against the sun

Nottingham Trent University - Buds on the tree


Green Mill 

Me and the Owl


ps. Oh.. and I forgot about the French test next Tuesday... T_T~ 


ZhenMeng said...

Ahh.. the OWL!!!
Look like Hedwig in Harry Potter!!
haha... real wan ah? xDD

Jennifer said...

i like student life as compared with working life too... just do homework and sit for exam...and face our own fren only.. for our working life, v nid to face many ppl..

Cassie the Missy said...

Of coz the owl is real... @_@ But he don't want to look at the camera... =.="

Cassie the Missy said...

Guat.. very true.. student life is so much easier..