Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Stage Super Siao

D'Life Performance Center (Hooi Ling 2009)

I'm thinking of the competition in 2 weeks time..And I have started to be sooooo stressful.. Due to the extra lesson given. I'm starting to become a nervous wreck. Honestly, I'm not afraid of performing badly infront of the judges as from the beginning, I join this competition just for the sake of experience. Little do I expect the teacher will go from crazy to mad to gila to siao...!!!!!! 

If she did not stop siao-ing soon.. I am going to be siao very very soon. 

I am really under a lot pressure these days.. And I wonder what am I actually doing. Why am I doing it? For what?!

I'm regretting a lot already. I thought I would enjoy the process.. I wouldn't ever dream that I will want to shy away from the process now. 

Help me someone would you?....

Monday, June 28, 2010

It could have been much more better...........

I haven't really blog about my trip to Kenyir recently yet right? But let's forget about that for now as this post is not about the trip. It's more about the quality of memories I collected there.

Over the trip, I bought along my DSLR to capture the beauties of the nature. However, due to the fact that I am surrounded with WATER.. I dare not bring along my DSLR in boating trip to a secluded area for swimming. Furthermore, it is huge. So I left it and brought along my mini digital camera instead. It's kind of old already as I've it for years. Since it is smaller I thought it would be wise to bring it along. How wrong am I!

Once we reach, I'm so excited by the beauties of the lake and start to snap photos.

The view of lake from boat

The scene should look much more greener but I guess it's the camera problems which cause it a bit blurry. Since we are in a shaded area, natural light isn't sufficient and flash make it worse. The water is very clear and clean though.. Just so comfortable looking at the peaceful lake.. Haha..

Btw, I thought of taking a panorama photo of the view but my hand isn't steady enough to capture few pix to combine them.. what more with the boat shaking non-stop.. All I can do i to snap as fast as I can but some pix are also blur.. T.T

It makes me thought of Sony new TX5 which have the ability to capture more clearer pix. Sony DSC-TX5 series! In pink! ^.^

Fall in love with it when I saw it.. So pretty pink don't you think so? Haha...

But what interest me more is the ability to capture panorama picture.. See this example?

How nice if I have it during my Kenyir trip? Then I would be able to get nice panorama pictures.. The scene there is really really nice.. 

Next up, everyone walks into the water.. OOhh..Ahhhsshh... The water is really really cooling, damm nice feeling under the hot sun.. Haha..

We kick back our slippers and kick the water. 

See how my colleagues enjoy themselves.. haha

Feeling the water with hands...

Sorry of the dark shade.. Not enough bright.. haha.. Everyone seems to be feeling soo great with the water surrounding them.. I even saw some mini fishes!

Mini fishes!

It's true! There really are mini fishes bitting our toes.. Can't you see them?! No?

I guess I really should get Sony DSC TX5 to snap underwater for the fishes... There really are many fishes.. Too bad my camera isn't like Sony TX5.

Sony TX5 are capable of taking underwater photos as it is water-proof! How interesting can a compact camera get? You don't need any special equipment to bring your camera underwater. Just hold the camera under the water and SNAP! Done! Nice beautiful pix. 

  If I have the TX5 at that time.. I might look this...>>>>>

Haha... I always wanted to take photo underwater.. Don't you think underwater world is soooooo magical? but too bad, I know I need the water-proof thing to put your camera inside before I can bring it into water.. And that thing is expansive yet bulky. 

But then I found Sony TX5.. This camera can straight jump into water to suicide... haha.. joking joking.. The camera can be thrown into the water as deep as 3m and still be as great as brand new. This is the loveliest feature of all.. 

<<< And look! Isn't the pink colour look pretty? ahahaha.. yes.. I know I am crazy with pink.. but pink is really pretty!!!!!

Can someone get me this as a present? Any occasion will do.. say.. 1st of July day? wahaha...

If you really would want to buy it for me.. look here for further details..>> Sony DSC TX5
(or I might get 1 from Nuffnang if they think I really do need a Sony TX5 for my poooorrr blur pictures..^.^)

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

This is the 1st time I'm writing for a Nuffnang contest! But this movie is too interesting to skip.. 


Cause it remind me of something that I cherish so much that IF it is stolen... I guess my life would be.. 



My mind might not be very big. Neither is it very smart. But I love it dearly. I kept all my valuable inside it. No.. These valuables couldn't be bought.. not even with everything in the universe. It might be useless piece of information for you, but to me, it is my life.

I have had this secret since............well, forever.. I've never known myself without it. I guess it became my deepest secret since I'm alive, as I don't remember a time when I don't have it. It is part of me. I might be lonely without it.

Ok..I guess I had been ranting a lot but I still haven't mention what is the deepest secret in my mind. But then, how can I reveal it here? When it is so important to me that I'm afraid it will be lost once I write it out. I'm afraid it will be stolen. If so, would anyone be able to get it back for me? I'm so afraid of it. 

Yes, go ahead and call me sissy.. I am not as daring as you might thought. I don't do things I don't have confident. I don't share what I can't share. If I want it to be safe, I keep it private.

Therefore, this secret shall remain in my memory as the deepest secret of all time. 

Afterall, what is a secret?

Something no one know. 

Only me. 

Good Luck..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Philisophy Of Life

What is your philosophy of life? What do you expect out of life? I guess everyone wants a normal, happy, stress-free life. Who doesn't? You?!

But in reality, can everyone have it?

Can we really choose what we want? Can we really decide what we want for our future? Can we really plan our future?

I guess not.

Things are always changing. I am only a small dot in the BIG universe. I can't control what other dots do. Maybe some dots decide that they want to grow bigger? Or maybe some decide that they want to be smaller? Or some want to stick to another dot? Or some might not want to be a dot, but a square? Who knows? I can't control them and I can't understand what they might want..

There's too many things to consider. But can we really consider? I might consider that I want to buy that dress. But when I reach that decision and want to stretch out my hand to take that dress, another hand might have already reach that dress. What can I do? Snatch it back?

Therefore, even if I have already make a decision, I still need co-operation from everyone besides me. Me alone can't do anything. No one can.

Take for example, I'm playing a duet for the HK competition. DUET.

It's impossible that I can play that song all by myself. I couldn't rely on my own instinct and ignore my partner. This is wrong. I know. And I'm avoiding it.

But, they still says that I'm just playing on my own. Did not bother about what she's playing. Am I really that selfish? I did try. I did my best. But I did not achieve what I aim for. Sometime, it makes me think, what's the purpose of trying.

So, what else is new?

Someone tell me that she doesn't want to let the world to know what she's thinking. She feels her thoughts need not share with others. Sad thoughts are personal and why make others sad? Special occasion or happy thoughts, she wouldn't even want to let the world know as she feel that it is weird. She ask, Why do I need to let everyone know what am I thinking?

It makes me feel so stupid. Why am I writing all these inside my blog? Why am I letting everyone knows what am I thinking? Why do I share my thoughts with the world? Why does I let my personal moods/experience be expose to the world? WHY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes me looks like a fool?


At this moment, I'm even telling to the world about it. It makes me wonder whether am I wrong?

Maybe I am really wrong.

Maybe I should stop?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hong Kong Part 4 - The Peak + Madame Tussauds

When in Hong Kong, how can we miss the Madame Tussauds gallery? It is a must visit place. We went there on our 2nd day first thing in the morning. Fully charge my battery and being the super excited me, we proceed to start our 1st full day in Hong Kong. ^^

This post will only cover the trip to the Peak and inside Madame Tussauds gallery. Too many photos to share so just photos and less words ya! ^.^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


没错!  不要以为我不会华语。。

人生那么复杂,睢能决定我的命运? 可能未来的我是一个很成功的华文老师?或是一位成功的翻译人? 睢能说呢?

ok啦。。 我的华语真的是半痛水而已。。。哈哈。。 笑吧。。 我也觉得很好笑。。 认识我的朋友们。。。也看了我的facebook。。 也笑了一大餐。。我自己也笑到要去厕所笑。。 但,这个笑话真的好好的回忆。。大家也放松了。。那么好! 你们要谢谢我哦。。 哈哈。。

好啦。。 我都不知道还要说什么了。。哈哈。。看来我的华语还要很努力的练习练习。。。


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brand New Leaf

Alrite peoples.. I've finally change my layout AGAIN.. this time with a more greener feel..

Still in the midst of updating the design. So bear with me if anything weird pops up or you see something that's not suppose to be there.. Haha..

I am already very very hardworking. Juggling between my music career and design career.. Just last Saturday, I went for the Chopin competition Open Day to perform a duet with Chee Kwai. And the result is depressing as disaster struck. We played.. I mean, I played badly. Did not synchronize together at all. Partly due to my fault of being stage fright and the GrandPiano soo different feel from my Petrof.. Anyway, we've vow to practice very much harder for July competition when we will be flying to Hong Kong. 2 weeks there and I am aiming to play my best and shop my best!

Oh yes! I am going to shop till I drop. The 1st time there I did not browse many things as winter is approaching and therefore many winter apparels and blah blah.. this time is summer.. so should be many interesting items..! I'm really looking forward towards it. Haha..

And of coz, I'm preparing to sweat. Haha..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Changing of Template again?

I feel that this template doesn't really user friendly. Eventhough I like the design very much.. =.="

I guess I'm aiming to change layout again..however, it is really too much to do to change a layout.. haha.. i remember eveytime I change  a layout, the minimum time I needed is 1 day. Boo me for using such a long time. But what do you expect from me? I am a idiot in computer. Haha.. So I spent the whole day click click and click.

So I have to find a day which I have the WHOLE day with nothing to do only can change the layout. Haizzz....

Wait lor.. What to do wor...


Monday, June 7, 2010

Complicated! Confusing! OMG!!!!

I am in a very very very complicated situation!

Should I just quite?

But after I quit, then what? 

Or should I just continue until I have other options?

But then, I would have to take soooooooo many days of leave which seems so un-logical