Monday, June 28, 2010

It could have been much more better...........

I haven't really blog about my trip to Kenyir recently yet right? But let's forget about that for now as this post is not about the trip. It's more about the quality of memories I collected there.

Over the trip, I bought along my DSLR to capture the beauties of the nature. However, due to the fact that I am surrounded with WATER.. I dare not bring along my DSLR in boating trip to a secluded area for swimming. Furthermore, it is huge. So I left it and brought along my mini digital camera instead. It's kind of old already as I've it for years. Since it is smaller I thought it would be wise to bring it along. How wrong am I!

Once we reach, I'm so excited by the beauties of the lake and start to snap photos.

The view of lake from boat

The scene should look much more greener but I guess it's the camera problems which cause it a bit blurry. Since we are in a shaded area, natural light isn't sufficient and flash make it worse. The water is very clear and clean though.. Just so comfortable looking at the peaceful lake.. Haha..

Btw, I thought of taking a panorama photo of the view but my hand isn't steady enough to capture few pix to combine them.. what more with the boat shaking non-stop.. All I can do i to snap as fast as I can but some pix are also blur.. T.T

It makes me thought of Sony new TX5 which have the ability to capture more clearer pix. Sony DSC-TX5 series! In pink! ^.^

Fall in love with it when I saw it.. So pretty pink don't you think so? Haha...

But what interest me more is the ability to capture panorama picture.. See this example?

How nice if I have it during my Kenyir trip? Then I would be able to get nice panorama pictures.. The scene there is really really nice.. 

Next up, everyone walks into the water.. OOhh..Ahhhsshh... The water is really really cooling, damm nice feeling under the hot sun.. Haha..

We kick back our slippers and kick the water. 

See how my colleagues enjoy themselves.. haha

Feeling the water with hands...

Sorry of the dark shade.. Not enough bright.. haha.. Everyone seems to be feeling soo great with the water surrounding them.. I even saw some mini fishes!

Mini fishes!

It's true! There really are mini fishes bitting our toes.. Can't you see them?! No?

I guess I really should get Sony DSC TX5 to snap underwater for the fishes... There really are many fishes.. Too bad my camera isn't like Sony TX5.

Sony TX5 are capable of taking underwater photos as it is water-proof! How interesting can a compact camera get? You don't need any special equipment to bring your camera underwater. Just hold the camera under the water and SNAP! Done! Nice beautiful pix. 

  If I have the TX5 at that time.. I might look this...>>>>>

Haha... I always wanted to take photo underwater.. Don't you think underwater world is soooooo magical? but too bad, I know I need the water-proof thing to put your camera inside before I can bring it into water.. And that thing is expansive yet bulky. 

But then I found Sony TX5.. This camera can straight jump into water to suicide... haha.. joking joking.. The camera can be thrown into the water as deep as 3m and still be as great as brand new. This is the loveliest feature of all.. 

<<< And look! Isn't the pink colour look pretty? ahahaha.. yes.. I know I am crazy with pink.. but pink is really pretty!!!!!

Can someone get me this as a present? Any occasion will do.. say.. 1st of July day? wahaha...

If you really would want to buy it for me.. look here for further details..>> Sony DSC TX5
(or I might get 1 from Nuffnang if they think I really do need a Sony TX5 for my poooorrr blur pictures..^.^)

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