Saturday, July 19, 2008

these 2 weeks..

hoo boy...

there goes 2 whole week of working life..

and i started to feel like a dump..

i don't like this working life.. or is it the working place?

i don't know and i don't want to know..

all i want is just rest..

i'm tired sick of all this things..

first week.. first day.. started to do wrong things.. end up my boss started to shake his big head..
and me feeling bad..

the 2nd and 3rd and 4th did not go well as well..

i'm poor in photoshop, cad and my manual skills as well..

so what exactly am i good at?

did not really want to elaborate about my work as there's too much to say...

and then most of the day i hav to stay back until AT LEAST 7.30pm..

my working hours is suppose to be on 8.30 till 5.30pm.. and i dun mind if i have to stay late but it's just that i have classes to go on certain days..(violin exam approaching..)

and when i tell them that i hav to go early.. by all means.. around 7pm.. they don't like it..

i just feel like a dump...

the earliest i went back is on friday.. around 6 something.. so special.. aih..

and then the second week is not that good as well, although things seem to be a bit better by having a few other students to talk to while working.. at least got someone that share the same opinion then me..

however, i still feel sooooooooo bad.. i am feeling NOT HAPPY AT ALL.. ALL THE WHILE I AM WORKING.. I FEEL SOOOOOOOOO BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD MOOD AND SAD SAD SAD SAD DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there's 6 more weeks to go..!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

excited? worried? happy? sad?

well.. not really sure what am I feeling rite now..

tomolo will be my 1st day working..

the 1st day of working is all my 20 years!!!!

hmm.. feeling a little bit excited.. but in the same time worried.. coz seems like dunno anything at all, how to work? haha

and also feeling a little happy coz will get new experience.. but also feel sad, coz no more laze around the home lo.. sob sob..

guess I will miss my tv, bed, food... etc etc.

and leh.. starting work means lesser time for me to practise my violin.. and I'm having my exam on the 23rd of THIS month!! and I still haven master what I should have master months ago..!


my teachers going to kill me for it..

and I am also not forgiving myself if I failed.!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Craft

You know what you will do when you are inspired?

You know what make you do what you thought you couldn't do?


i dunno what am i crapping about also..

just a few pix to show what had I been doing this week.. haha...

it's something I really wanted to do but did not have the time..

therefore, now's the opportunity..


I started with this..

The 1st

and 2nd!

this is the 3rd!

4th masterwork!

and 5th is here too!

and then, two cute fruits..

another cake, the 5th cake I've made..!

aaannnndddd finally.. the last.. flower pot

Hoo Haa..

feel like doing more.. but then, lazy adi.. haha...
but after finish, and looking at all those, I feel a kind of success feeling all over me..
I smiled the whole day!
hooo haaaa!!!!