Sunday, July 6, 2008

excited? worried? happy? sad?

well.. not really sure what am I feeling rite now..

tomolo will be my 1st day working..

the 1st day of working is all my 20 years!!!!

hmm.. feeling a little bit excited.. but in the same time worried.. coz seems like dunno anything at all, how to work? haha

and also feeling a little happy coz will get new experience.. but also feel sad, coz no more laze around the home lo.. sob sob..

guess I will miss my tv, bed, food... etc etc.

and leh.. starting work means lesser time for me to practise my violin.. and I'm having my exam on the 23rd of THIS month!! and I still haven master what I should have master months ago..!


my teachers going to kill me for it..

and I am also not forgiving myself if I failed.!

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