Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Craft

You know what you will do when you are inspired?

You know what make you do what you thought you couldn't do?


i dunno what am i crapping about also..

just a few pix to show what had I been doing this week.. haha...

it's something I really wanted to do but did not have the time..

therefore, now's the opportunity..


I started with this..

The 1st

and 2nd!

this is the 3rd!

4th masterwork!

and 5th is here too!

and then, two cute fruits..

another cake, the 5th cake I've made..!

aaannnndddd finally.. the last.. flower pot

Hoo Haa..

feel like doing more.. but then, lazy adi.. haha...
but after finish, and looking at all those, I feel a kind of success feeling all over me..
I smiled the whole day!
hooo haaaa!!!!


belle said...

wow! you're so talented!!

Cassie the Missy said...

thanks! but it's not really tat great la.. there's many more greater out there.. haha..