Sunday, January 20, 2008

Musical enjoyment!

ok... I'm confessing here..

suppose to be doing the detail model that's due in 2 days time


writing essay about the International style that's due in 2 days time as well..


I went to the MPO concert yesterday night!!!!!


thought of going on Sunday for the same performance but then no one can go with me.. (I'm NOT going alone ok?)

then thought of Saturday night lo.. since my dad is free that time.. so my whole family went with me.. hehe..

The song perform was

Mendelssohn's Calm and Prosperous Voyage(op.26) --> 12mins

Robert Schumann's Violin Concerto in D minor --> 27mins

Franz Peter Schubert's Symphony No.1 in D (D82) --> 27mins

Love it.. although to tell the truth.. I don't really understand the whole music..

What I enjoyed is really the players.. especially the violinst.. (u know y.. )

their technique is soooooooooo GREAT!! just see how they shake their head according to their playing.. their musical senses is just soooooo PURRRRRFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The conductor was sweating(i guess..) as he was jumping up and down all thoroughout the performance! He was superb!

Btw, the conductor was Kee Bakels..

He's one of the MPO's conductor.. and had been many different international orchestra principal conductor.. He's just so PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw.. the programme notes for the performance cost RM5..


and I get to wear nice nice.. love the feeling of getting dressed up and also seeing other ppl dressed up nicely as well..

when everyday u wear the exact thing.. u will enjoy once in a blue moon getting dressed up prettily (okay.. mayb not prettily.. but nicely.. formally.. not those in presentation ok.. ), wearing nice heels.. mayb apply some eyeliner.. (thinking of applying eye shadow next time) and also carry youself elegently into the perfoming hall..

hmm.. din take any picture though.. since it is prohibited.. but the hall is sooo really grand.. u should just visit it once.. eventhough u hate music.. u will love the hall..

but again.. u couldn't hate music in that hall... it will turn all music haters into music lover.. and music lover into music anthussiatic.. and music anthusiastic into music crazy...!

you don't need to be musically educated to enjoy the performance.. just closed your eyes.. keep your hand folded.. and relax.. you will listen the music through your opened heart.. keep it open.. wide wide open.. absorb the music.. doesn't matter if you don't understand what the heck is the music all about.. that's not really important.. the point is do you ENJOY the music..

enjoy means different to different ppl..

to me it means I'm feel great after listening to it.. I feel happy.. I feel like I just have to come again... I have the feeling that I need to work harder to improve my technique!

ENJOY is really simple..

lik I said.. just closed ur eyes and relax..

(BUT! DON'T .. PLZ DON'T FALL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :(

Monday, January 14, 2008


Been thinking quite many things lately..

and sometimes thinking of things which had already passed years ago..

thinking of those memories, i wouldn't know whether to smile or cry..

i doesn't even know something i did during those days were right or wrong..

whether i did anything wrong that hurt my friends...

i remember having 1 good friend which have many interest similar with me.. really similar..
we like the same anime, character, song, show, music.. blah..
we play together, sit together in class.. even share some deep thought with each other..

but i'm afraid i did something that might have hurt our friendship... coz after 1 letter which i reply hers, we did not keep in touch anymore..

this kinda trouble me.. coz i'm wondering izzit my respond which hurts her feeling.. causing her to feel that i did not really take her as best friend.

mayb i really did.. and even if it's not my letter that cause us to lost contact.. i know i'm wrong to write that letter.. i should not have writen those things to her.. it's my fault..


Starting Point...

Alright.. remember AGES and AGES ago I mentioned about 1001 fantasie?


nevermind.. that's not the point of this post..

I've finally started my 1st chapter.

plz.. plz.. plz.... support???

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unspeakable Unexpressible Uncontrollable

hmm.. kinda funny.. nowadays i seem to have endless thought..

however i seem like lost for words when i wanted to blog about it..

it's like there's something i couldn't write..

and i dunno y..

i wanted to express myself, to let everything in my heart out..

but there's something that hold me back...

there's something that forbid me to do that..

what's happening?

what's going on?

who am i?

what am i doing?

what am i going to do?

how am i going to continue?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday to ME!

Yea.. ME!!

haha.. it's my birthday.. and quite a memorable one.. thanks to ALL my friends and family!
Receive so many present which pleased me so much!
Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what my mom gives me! A rose quartz crystal pendant! Love u mom!!!

Present from Daddy!

S500i!!! It may not be the best phone but it will be the most beautiful ph to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cake! Birthday cake! From Hooi Ling, Boon San and Yien Ying!!! Made it themselves!!!!!

Really appreciate all the trouble u guys did for me!!! Love u all!! MUakz!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, I really love the cake! Really delicious! U guys really did very WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHANks!!

The Purse and leg bracelet are also from them!!! cool rite?! Many many thanks!!!! MUAKKZZ!!

Pressie for GuaT pENG!!!!! tHANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Dale from Chooi Fei and Cizzy!!!!!! So BIG BIG eyes!!!!!!!! Thanks! REallly love it!!!


It's not about the present which make me so happy.. it's the thought that count! Really glad to have u guys around me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!