Monday, January 14, 2008


Been thinking quite many things lately..

and sometimes thinking of things which had already passed years ago..

thinking of those memories, i wouldn't know whether to smile or cry..

i doesn't even know something i did during those days were right or wrong..

whether i did anything wrong that hurt my friends...

i remember having 1 good friend which have many interest similar with me.. really similar..
we like the same anime, character, song, show, music.. blah..
we play together, sit together in class.. even share some deep thought with each other..

but i'm afraid i did something that might have hurt our friendship... coz after 1 letter which i reply hers, we did not keep in touch anymore..

this kinda trouble me.. coz i'm wondering izzit my respond which hurts her feeling.. causing her to feel that i did not really take her as best friend.

mayb i really did.. and even if it's not my letter that cause us to lost contact.. i know i'm wrong to write that letter.. i should not have writen those things to her.. it's my fault..



kim-chan said...


or maybe you think too much if that's not true?

you can't even contact her anymore?

dun be so sad yeah?...

Cassie the Missy said...

hmm.. i did hav some contact wif her few years back.. and she did not say anything about it.. i just feel guilty.. hope i really think too much..