Wednesday, December 10, 2008


what does music mean to you?
don't get me wrong.. i am not relating ANYTHING to my dissertation or my design project..
it's just that i got this thinking today after my violin lesson..
to most music learners today, music, (no matter which instrument you play) mean passing the exams you are gonna take few months later..
music mean doing well in exams.. passing exams.. practicing and practicing exam pieces..
so? is music really tat simple? tat basic?
come to think of it, for the pass 10 years ++, all i do are only practicing for exams..
not playing for the sake of music!!!
i know this actually, but i don't know what can i do about it.. for as long as i can remember, every year, the only important thing will be to pass the exams..
but, y actually do i need to pass that exams??!
why? if all i can play is only the exams pieces, do i feel proud passing all those exams that thousands people around the world also pass? some with distinction?!
does passing matter the only thing that matter?
does not passing the exams mean i fail?
fail in terms of what? that music piece? or my dignity? or my ability? or my teacher? or the examiner??!
who? what? why?