Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Happy Reunion

Annie went to a JUMBO Sale in Pangsapuri Jaya last month. While she was going in, she heard a very soothing tune. The tune was so sad and full of feelings. Annie can almost feel the sadness in the musician. Annie searched to see where the music came from and she found an old man sitting in a dark corner, playing his fiddle with his eyes closed.  “So that’s where the sad music came from,” Annie said to herself. Everyone walk pass the old man but no one seems to see him.

Annie approached the old man. When she stopped in front of the old man, the old man opened his eyes and stopped playing. He held out a small, empty and rusty tin to Annie. She smiled at the poor fellow and took out her purse. She put twenty dollars into the tin. The old man was so happy. He thanked Annie again and again. Annie introduced herself. She wanted to be friend. “I am Annie. What shall I call you?”

The old man looked at Annie and then said, “Pak Mail. That’s what everyone called me.”

 “Why are you alone here? Where is your family?” Annie asked Pak Mail. “I have a family once. But now, I don’t. My wife died seven years ago because of a deadly disease and my two sons ran away with my money five years ago. I am alone in Kampung Aman, poor and friendless,” Pak Mail explained with a trembling voice. His eyes were teary. Annie felt so sorry for him. She understood now why Pak Mail played such a sad melody. He had expressed all his feelings in his music, all the loneliness and love towards his sons. “I will be your friend,” she said. “You are a kind old man. I am sure your sons will be back one day and beg for forgiveness. Cheer up, Pak Mail.” Pak Mail smiled at her and she smiled back. A special friendship had grown between them.
 “Oh, yes, I will come here again this Friday, will you be here?” Annie asked Pak Mail. Pak Mail nodded his head.
On Friday, Annie went to Pangsapuri Jaya again. Her blue little eyes looked for Pak Mail but he was nowhere to be seen. Annie was disappointed. She thought maybe Pak Mail wanted a day off. “But he wouldn’t forget that I will be meeting him here right?” Annie asked herself. Annie went home feeling queer. She felt that something was wrong. She worried the whole night and couldn’t sleep at all.



ps. This is one of the short stories I wrote many years ago. I found it when I am cleaning my external hard disk. LoL.. The story is not very great and sounds a bit cacat and childish. However, since I wrote it, I thought I would post it here. This is only Part I. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here's a little update on my application for NTU programme.

I've paid my deposit for the programme and waiting for CAS letter so I can go make my visa. I've already been waiting for over 1 week.. and I'm getting impatient already.. Haha.. cause the course starts at 20th September.. Oh.. and just yesterday, the visa application fees had been increased already.. =.="

Just today, I went to make my accommodation application. Went to the bank for bank draft and then to DHL for courier service. I never know DHL cost so much but if it guarantee the delivery date it will be good.. since I'm fighting with time now. They told me that they only left 11 rooms yesterday.. so I'm getting worry.. Haha..

Now, all I have to do is wait for CAS letter and reply from Victoria Hall to make sure I have my accommodation. And then, go get my medical check up. I'm a bit nervous about this part. ^^"

 that's all for now.. ^^

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dirty Toilet?

I'm having a weekend family reunion at home yesterday, and heard this conversation between my mom and aunt.

A: She (referring to my cousin sister) seldom drink water at school. Bring 1 whole bottle go, come back with 3/4 bottle full of water.. how can lah?

M: Yalor.. same la.. this boy (referring to my brother) also same lah.. Not clever to drink water also.. (direct translate from chinese.. ^.^)

A: That's why lah.. Not healthy like that.. She avoid drinking water with the excuse that the toilet is very dirty.. so she don't want to go toilet so frequently.. but how can lah like that..

True hor?

I still remember my school days. The toilet is extremely filthy. I really don't understand why. They have cleaners at school which can always be seen cleaning the toilet. But after cleaning, maybe the toilet will smell of detergent for 5 mins.. and then return to the original state.. How come?

School toilets is the last place I would want to spend my time there..eventhough it is necessary but it is really a tough experience. Later on, in my college years, I would prefer the toilet located at the higher floor instead of the cafeteria floor as it will be the dirtiest cause of the amount of students in and out.. =.=" Sometime I would even found 'unwanted coloured' items inside the cubicle..OMG.. doesn't these girls have conscience? I really don't understand.. “我真的接受不了咯。。”

Shouldn't public toilet be kept clean? Ever went to public toilet? It always smell 'nice'.. Will it affect the image tourist have on Malaysia? They went to a filthy toilet and experience a bad one, and went back to their country and talk about it to their friends who later on talk to another friend.. guess you can continue for me? haha..


oh.. and I just notice no one can comment on my post.. thanks Cleffairy for notifying me.. haha.. I'm trying to solve the problem but the problem is I don't know what happened.. I tried complaining to blogger.. anyone have any idea what to do? Leave me a msg in my chat box if you still can't comment.. T.T


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Demon of the Angel

*Demon of the Angel*

Out of boredom, I did this. But I need to clarify something.. it's not a depiction of me. This is Demon of the Angel. Cheers!

Month of Puasa & Month of Hungry Ghost

Another year have pass since the month of fasting. Now it is another brand new fasting month. Starting 11th August, 2010, we can now see many stalls selling all kinds of foods during the evening hours. I love to buy food from there as it is delicious, and not eaten often. ^.^

I always feel that it is very hard for Muslim who fast. Not eating for hours should be alright but not drinking? That should be quite hard, for me. Especially those working under the damm hot sun and sweating profusely. How can they quench their thirst? I don't understand and doesn't want to try. haha..

However, out of respect to my fellows Muslim colleague, I have refrain from drinking in the office.. so often. Haha.. It's just 10something in the morning and I'm already thirsty. I guess I shouldn't underestimate mind power.  If you think you can, you can. 

Oh.. btw, this is the month of the hungry ghost for Chinese. Adults often says that during this month, try not to go out during the night, especially children. 

Children often said can see 'them' right? How come? And why does they lost this ability when they grows up? And why can animals see 'them'? Is it because they are innocent and pure and their mind are open? So 'these things' are visible to them? Maybe as we grows up, we learn more about 'them' and shut our mind out so we couldn't 'see them' but 'they' are actually just besides? 

OMG! That's a bit scary though.... 

FYI, yours truly would not go inside cinema to watch a ghost story. Neither would I sit at home and watch. I shut my ears and eyes. LoL... Yea.. I'm a scareeedyyyy cat.. but why frightened myself? ^.^

Anyway, like the chinese says, "if we are not guilty, we would not be scared by the knocks on the door during  midnight."

But I will be scare out of my skin. So, does that make me guilty?

On the other hand, who isn't guilty? Who did not ever makes any mistake? That couldn't be. No one is a saint. The thing is, how guilty are you? Telling a lie? Making excuse to skip work/classes/etc? Or poke other people back?

There's so many little things we did daily that isn't right but do we get punished for that? Well, to me, since it isn't a big crime when I make excuse skipping classes, I guess I'm still forgiveable? no? Haha.. But I do believe that it accumulates. So, I try to use my excuse sparingly.. so to not exceed my 'quota'. Haha.. Damm stupid. 

Well, this is just a random rant as I'm now bored to stiff in office. 

PS. my application process if going very slow. I just remember that I had to get a medical check up for the visa. I'm a bit worry. What is the check up isn't so .. good?   T.T 

Monday, August 9, 2010


Based on my previous entry, you can deduce that I am in a dilemma.. Before receiving the offer letter, I'm very impatient. After getting it, I found out that it is offering me another course instead of what I wanted, but the funny part is, I feel relieve that they offer me another instead of my choice. I guess that means me myself is not confident that the choice of course I made is correct.. =.="

Anyway, after the weekend, I've finally decided that I would accept the offer. Afterall, it's just 1 year and who knows what I will learn in that year?

So, I'm expecting a busy month as the semester start 20th September 2010. So damm early.. I need to TT deposit, make visa, accommodation and etc etc. How?? Now, I'm a bit worry I lack of time.

Cheers guys!

Friday, August 6, 2010

No wonder

Rememeber I wrote about Friday blue hours ago? Now I know why.

Reason No 1
No more meeting up with old friend as she have something more important to handle. Besides..

Reason No 2
Weekend is not weekend already. I will be going back to work and that means re-arranging my class to Sunday. Mana ada weekend?

Reason No 3
I finally get the long awaited offer letter from NTU. Now I'm doubting my decision. Should I go or shouldn't I? Part of me wanted to go very much but I foresee I will be homesick very much as well.. T.T

Reason No 4
Due to all the above, I've cancel the yum cha session with my old school friend.

There! No wonder Friday blue. I'm already feeling something is coming. It's just that it have not reach. Now that I know, I don't know what to do.


Feeling a little blue

I shouldn't feel blue today.

No. 1 reason
Today is Friday. Weekend is starting. I'm meeting my old friend tomorrow for lunch and a little shopping. After that, I'm going to meet up with my collegemates whom we did not really have a chance to sit and chat and laugh.. for months.. I'm going to have a good rest this weekend.

No. 2 reason
This post is number 200th post in Cassie The Missy. I never realised it until I saw the 'dashboard'. Time really flies. I still remember I am waiting and celebrating my 100th post. *sigh* Since I have achieved another 100 posts, I should be in cloud nine celebrating.

No. 3 reason
I am going to have a yum cha session with another old schoolmate after my class tonight. We are going to catch up on each other. There's so many things to talk about and I'm looking forward to tonight.

So, why am I feeling blue? I thought only Monday have blue and Friday is suppose to be Pink, or maybe Yellow? Especially when there's so many fun things going on in the weekend, aren't I suppose to be rejoice?

I hope I am.

I still feel a tad of blue in my mood today. I feel like there's something missing which is crucial to make my day Pink. However, I couldn't amend it. I couldn't find the lost 'key'. I couldn't open the door to let the Pink light into this blue room.

At this very moment, after blog-hopping since 1.30pm, I am going to get mouldy. I have no one to talk to and no one seems want to talk to me. I have nothing to do and I don't want to do anything. My mood is thrown into the dump and no one helps me to retrieved it. Me? I'm lazy.

Writing have always help me to release my stress. I will pour everything here. Poor blog, I have burden you with so much trouble. I'm really glad to have you all these while. I still remember the time when you are sick and I couldn't access you. I miss you so much that time. I nearly cry. I have so many 'darling, precious' memory in you that I couldn't accept if I loses you. Thank goodness you recovered. Thanks for continuing to listen to my rants.

On the other note, I've been reading the Time Traveller's Wife these days. I'm really touched by the affection Henry have for his wife. He would go to the extend to make her happy. To make her feel loved. Clare is so fortunate. How many people would sacrifice to have someone like Henry to love and care?

I guess I'm really having a terrible blue. Dark blue. Dear dear.. should just stop ranting here. Writing about the book make think of many things. Dark blue is going to turn Black if I am not careful.

PS. and I notice that Nuffnang will stop putting ad on my blog from time to time, and just show Nuffnang blue banner there..which makes me think.. am I actually doing FREE advertisement for Nuffnang? Afterall, when there isn't any ad, all readers can see is their logo. So, everyone know Nuffnang, but I am not getting paid for advertising FOR nuffnang.. (am I making sense or am I too blue today?)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mix Nuts

*Nuffnang analytic chart*

Since I started blogging about MPYO audition, almost everyweek when I check my Nuffnang analytic chart, at the keyword section, I always saw "mpyo audition" word being connect to my blog. In a way, I am glad as this would increase traffic. I guess all I have to do now is to find more "popular" topic to write.. Haha.

However, when people search for "mpyo audition" and found my blog and come into here to read.. then that means the EVERYONE know how badly I did for my audition. I did not expect that initially. =.=" Forgot the ability of the web. Don't know I ought to be glad or go korek lubang to hide my head. 

Hmm.. time flies. 

Now it's already into August.. day 4. Still a week and half till the last day of my employment. Been feeling a bit confuse. Since I still haven't get my offer letter from NTU, I did not know whether what I would do if I did not get a letter.

Should I concentrate on my music or go looking for another designer firm? 

Part of me wanted to complete my piano diploma and finish up my violin Grade 8. At least, I feel I achieve something after all the years I spent. But working give me so little time to practice. Furthermore, I am teaching a few young kids piano which left me even more less time. I did not regret teaching actually. In a way, it is kind of fun and interesting. The kids are good fun and when they are able to play according to my nagging, I feel happy. Haha.. 

Years ago, I say that I would never become a piano teacher as I know I love to perform more than teaching. But when I started teaching, I grew to love the job. There's still a lot to learn but I'm doing something fun. Something I can do which I would enjoy. (The pay is nice as well........ ^.^")

Oh dear me.. this post become rojak adi. Initially I just wanted to write about Nuffnang analytic about MPYO keywords, but then it become a little personal.. =.="

Nevermind, as I still haven't give this post a name while writing all these, I'll just give the title.. 

Mix Nuts!

Why mix nuts? 

Why not mix fruits, mix drinks or even Rojak?

Erm.. I don't know. 

I this post doesn't sounds like fruits nor drinks. And Rojak is not nice. Besides, nuts can also mean.. crazy. 

Well, that last part mostly explain it right? 


ps.  check this blog! >>> Lil Messy Corner

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MPYO Result

*Letter from MPYO*

Maybe you have already forgotten about the fact that I have auditioned for MPYO a month back. If anyone remembered, I mentioned that before I auditioned, I already know that I would not get in. The only reason I went for the audition is to get an experience. To know how it is really in the real world. Now I know. I am still very ignorant. There's still so much for me to learn and to catch up.

My previous post about my music life is quite negative. I am very unsure about myself. But after my trip back from HK, I seem to be more open. I know I am still very far from success but I know I am working for it and I seems to enjoy the process. I like to know that I am doing something I wold enjoy. I might not play very well but I am always excited to learn something new. Maybe the only thing I have to learn now is to practice more and efficiently. Haha..

*Competition Number*

Anyway, a little update from my competition at Hong Kong. To tell the truth, I am a bit dissapointed as this is my first piano competition but I did not expect it to be held so.. abit.. lousy... =.="

To cut a long story short, there is no audience inside the competition room, neither is there a proper stage for the piano. The judges are seated in a way which reminds me when I am taking my theory exams. However, I admit that it is a good experience for me.

Nope. I did not win if that's what you want to ask. I do not even know the actual result as we did not stay to listen to the announcement. My groupmates wanted to just leave. So I don't know how we fare in the competition. It is really a regret. I wish I could stay but majority wins.

During the competition I am damm nervous. I could feel my hand shaking a little but we play finish the whole song. With mistakes here and there of course. Haha. At least I have a chance to play. I feel really happy actually.

Oh.. a little problem rise during the competition day. I am having diarrhoea that day. I guess I drink some unclean water or eat too much? Not sure but I was really blur that day. However, I did not plan to shy away from playing. Luckily I became better in the evening as the competition time approach. ^>^

The second problem arise. We are not sure whether page turner are allowed or not. All along, we thought that it is allowed but it turn out the other way. After a brief discussion, page turner is allowed but our suppose-to-be-page-turner went for their free practice session (we each get 20mins free practice session before competiting) so there's no one to turn for us. Our teacher are not allowed to do that for us. Luckily, while we are in the waiting area, we chatted with a Hong Kong competitor which turn out to be very friendly. She agree to page turn for us. So last minute arrangement. But she can turn our pages accurately. Bravo. Really grateful but we did not get a chance to properly Thanks her as we did not meet after we finish playing. I hope she do not think we are taking her for granted. *swt*

*After competiting I am relax!*

*four of us playing that day*
*Outside Parson Music which is the venue for the competition*

That's all for the updates. Might elaborate more in future post. I am still a bit blur from my trip. Hehe.. Nite guys. ^.^