Friday, August 6, 2010

Feeling a little blue

I shouldn't feel blue today.

No. 1 reason
Today is Friday. Weekend is starting. I'm meeting my old friend tomorrow for lunch and a little shopping. After that, I'm going to meet up with my collegemates whom we did not really have a chance to sit and chat and laugh.. for months.. I'm going to have a good rest this weekend.

No. 2 reason
This post is number 200th post in Cassie The Missy. I never realised it until I saw the 'dashboard'. Time really flies. I still remember I am waiting and celebrating my 100th post. *sigh* Since I have achieved another 100 posts, I should be in cloud nine celebrating.

No. 3 reason
I am going to have a yum cha session with another old schoolmate after my class tonight. We are going to catch up on each other. There's so many things to talk about and I'm looking forward to tonight.

So, why am I feeling blue? I thought only Monday have blue and Friday is suppose to be Pink, or maybe Yellow? Especially when there's so many fun things going on in the weekend, aren't I suppose to be rejoice?

I hope I am.

I still feel a tad of blue in my mood today. I feel like there's something missing which is crucial to make my day Pink. However, I couldn't amend it. I couldn't find the lost 'key'. I couldn't open the door to let the Pink light into this blue room.

At this very moment, after blog-hopping since 1.30pm, I am going to get mouldy. I have no one to talk to and no one seems want to talk to me. I have nothing to do and I don't want to do anything. My mood is thrown into the dump and no one helps me to retrieved it. Me? I'm lazy.

Writing have always help me to release my stress. I will pour everything here. Poor blog, I have burden you with so much trouble. I'm really glad to have you all these while. I still remember the time when you are sick and I couldn't access you. I miss you so much that time. I nearly cry. I have so many 'darling, precious' memory in you that I couldn't accept if I loses you. Thank goodness you recovered. Thanks for continuing to listen to my rants.

On the other note, I've been reading the Time Traveller's Wife these days. I'm really touched by the affection Henry have for his wife. He would go to the extend to make her happy. To make her feel loved. Clare is so fortunate. How many people would sacrifice to have someone like Henry to love and care?

I guess I'm really having a terrible blue. Dark blue. Dear dear.. should just stop ranting here. Writing about the book make think of many things. Dark blue is going to turn Black if I am not careful.

PS. and I notice that Nuffnang will stop putting ad on my blog from time to time, and just show Nuffnang blue banner there..which makes me think.. am I actually doing FREE advertisement for Nuffnang? Afterall, when there isn't any ad, all readers can see is their logo. So, everyone know Nuffnang, but I am not getting paid for advertising FOR nuffnang.. (am I making sense or am I too blue today?)