Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here's a little update on my application for NTU programme.

I've paid my deposit for the programme and waiting for CAS letter so I can go make my visa. I've already been waiting for over 1 week.. and I'm getting impatient already.. Haha.. cause the course starts at 20th September.. Oh.. and just yesterday, the visa application fees had been increased already.. =.="

Just today, I went to make my accommodation application. Went to the bank for bank draft and then to DHL for courier service. I never know DHL cost so much but if it guarantee the delivery date it will be good.. since I'm fighting with time now. They told me that they only left 11 rooms yesterday.. so I'm getting worry.. Haha..

Now, all I have to do is wait for CAS letter and reply from Victoria Hall to make sure I have my accommodation. And then, go get my medical check up. I'm a bit nervous about this part. ^^"

 that's all for now.. ^^

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