Sunday, August 1, 2010

MPYO Result

*Letter from MPYO*

Maybe you have already forgotten about the fact that I have auditioned for MPYO a month back. If anyone remembered, I mentioned that before I auditioned, I already know that I would not get in. The only reason I went for the audition is to get an experience. To know how it is really in the real world. Now I know. I am still very ignorant. There's still so much for me to learn and to catch up.

My previous post about my music life is quite negative. I am very unsure about myself. But after my trip back from HK, I seem to be more open. I know I am still very far from success but I know I am working for it and I seems to enjoy the process. I like to know that I am doing something I wold enjoy. I might not play very well but I am always excited to learn something new. Maybe the only thing I have to learn now is to practice more and efficiently. Haha..

*Competition Number*

Anyway, a little update from my competition at Hong Kong. To tell the truth, I am a bit dissapointed as this is my first piano competition but I did not expect it to be held so.. abit.. lousy... =.="

To cut a long story short, there is no audience inside the competition room, neither is there a proper stage for the piano. The judges are seated in a way which reminds me when I am taking my theory exams. However, I admit that it is a good experience for me.

Nope. I did not win if that's what you want to ask. I do not even know the actual result as we did not stay to listen to the announcement. My groupmates wanted to just leave. So I don't know how we fare in the competition. It is really a regret. I wish I could stay but majority wins.

During the competition I am damm nervous. I could feel my hand shaking a little but we play finish the whole song. With mistakes here and there of course. Haha. At least I have a chance to play. I feel really happy actually.

Oh.. a little problem rise during the competition day. I am having diarrhoea that day. I guess I drink some unclean water or eat too much? Not sure but I was really blur that day. However, I did not plan to shy away from playing. Luckily I became better in the evening as the competition time approach. ^>^

The second problem arise. We are not sure whether page turner are allowed or not. All along, we thought that it is allowed but it turn out the other way. After a brief discussion, page turner is allowed but our suppose-to-be-page-turner went for their free practice session (we each get 20mins free practice session before competiting) so there's no one to turn for us. Our teacher are not allowed to do that for us. Luckily, while we are in the waiting area, we chatted with a Hong Kong competitor which turn out to be very friendly. She agree to page turn for us. So last minute arrangement. But she can turn our pages accurately. Bravo. Really grateful but we did not get a chance to properly Thanks her as we did not meet after we finish playing. I hope she do not think we are taking her for granted. *swt*

*After competiting I am relax!*

*four of us playing that day*
*Outside Parson Music which is the venue for the competition*

That's all for the updates. Might elaborate more in future post. I am still a bit blur from my trip. Hehe.. Nite guys. ^.^