Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Happy Reunion

Annie went to a JUMBO Sale in Pangsapuri Jaya last month. While she was going in, she heard a very soothing tune. The tune was so sad and full of feelings. Annie can almost feel the sadness in the musician. Annie searched to see where the music came from and she found an old man sitting in a dark corner, playing his fiddle with his eyes closed.  “So that’s where the sad music came from,” Annie said to herself. Everyone walk pass the old man but no one seems to see him.

Annie approached the old man. When she stopped in front of the old man, the old man opened his eyes and stopped playing. He held out a small, empty and rusty tin to Annie. She smiled at the poor fellow and took out her purse. She put twenty dollars into the tin. The old man was so happy. He thanked Annie again and again. Annie introduced herself. She wanted to be friend. “I am Annie. What shall I call you?”

The old man looked at Annie and then said, “Pak Mail. That’s what everyone called me.”

 “Why are you alone here? Where is your family?” Annie asked Pak Mail. “I have a family once. But now, I don’t. My wife died seven years ago because of a deadly disease and my two sons ran away with my money five years ago. I am alone in Kampung Aman, poor and friendless,” Pak Mail explained with a trembling voice. His eyes were teary. Annie felt so sorry for him. She understood now why Pak Mail played such a sad melody. He had expressed all his feelings in his music, all the loneliness and love towards his sons. “I will be your friend,” she said. “You are a kind old man. I am sure your sons will be back one day and beg for forgiveness. Cheer up, Pak Mail.” Pak Mail smiled at her and she smiled back. A special friendship had grown between them.
 “Oh, yes, I will come here again this Friday, will you be here?” Annie asked Pak Mail. Pak Mail nodded his head.
On Friday, Annie went to Pangsapuri Jaya again. Her blue little eyes looked for Pak Mail but he was nowhere to be seen. Annie was disappointed. She thought maybe Pak Mail wanted a day off. “But he wouldn’t forget that I will be meeting him here right?” Annie asked herself. Annie went home feeling queer. She felt that something was wrong. She worried the whole night and couldn’t sleep at all.



ps. This is one of the short stories I wrote many years ago. I found it when I am cleaning my external hard disk. LoL.. The story is not very great and sounds a bit cacat and childish. However, since I wrote it, I thought I would post it here. This is only Part I. 

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